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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 5/12/2014: Sneak Peek at the Week

Good Morning!

As of 8:51PM ET on Sunday, the people-pleasing Libra Moon has been void-of-course, wandering ever so aimlessly until 9:07PM ET this evening. If you slept in late or experienced some other unusual twist, delay or flake this morning, it is par for the course. If your efforts to move forward in a straight line are thwarted, your best strategy is to roll with it, and trust that whatever crisis has everyone in a mild panic is likely much ado about nothing. Take care of routine tasks. Avoid impulse shopping; however, as astrologer Rockie Gardiner liked to advise, it’s a fine time to return items you do not really need.

Pay attention to communications and brainstorming today. Though the Moon is void, there is a harmonious aspect between mental Mercury (in clever Gemini) and action hero Mars (in diplomatic Libra). Perhaps a nugget to be filed away for further development…or a truly dynamic, but really surprising revelation supporting the major planetary pattern of the week.

Said major pattern would be Venus (money, women, social expression, beauty) making contact with the never-ending and disruptive Uranus-Pluto square, a.k.a. The Planetary Pattern Everyone Should Be Talking About. Venus-Uranus-Pluto patterns suggest sudden attractions and alliances with unusual partners; unconventional social expression and sexual orientation; social expression that is intense, witchy-bitchy, and/or emotionally cathartic. We last experienced this pattern in mid-November of last year, and here are some headlines that reflected it back then. Here’s another batch, and in it you’ll note an item about a company called Snapchat. How fascinating that this company made news again last week, on a similar pattern — and it isn’t pretty. Wonder if the owners regret not taking the zillion-dollar offer they received last fall…

In your own personal world, be open to connections and communication with others that break old established patterns and/or clear the air. Letting go of what no longer serves, based on a startling revelation is amplified, given that it’s happening on a Full Moon in intensely emotional Scorpio, exact on Wednesday. You are especially affected by this Venus-Pluto-Uranus tension if you were born between the 2nd and 4th of January, April, July and October…or if you have a planet around 13 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. Don’t know what degrees your planets are at? Order an Astro-Basics Report, available here.

Also of note this week: action hero Mars is fiiiiiiii-nally getting ready to move forward again, as of May 19th. And since May 8th it has been moving ever so slowly backwards at 9 degrees of Libra…and it going to stay at 9 degrees Libra until June 1st. It will stationary — i.e., sitting at an apparent dead stop — from the 18th through the 22nd. So if you were born around the 30th of March, June, September or January…or if you have a planet or angle between 8 and 10 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, you will feel it more than most. And by “it” I mean a drive to take action, for better or for worse; feeling pumped up; feeling easily irritated; attracting or engaging in outbursts of anger/aggression…or having a raging headache. “It” is neither positive nor negative; use it how you will. Doing something physical or heroic would be a positive application…and who doesn’t want to be a hero?

Your Moon voids for the rest of the week: Wednesday right after the Full Moon at 3:16PM ET until 1:44AM ET on Thursday. Friday is a bust: Moon is void from 3:43AM ET until 4:12AM ET on Saturday. Three-day weekend, anyone?

Tonight I’m packing up my bikini and portable printer and heading for the airport. Will try to post a forecast for Tuesday before then. Sad to leave Hawaii behind for now…but also looking forward to spring in New York. I love this time of year when the lilacs and peonies are in bloom….

Thank you for reading this forecast and sharing it with the Rest of  the Free World.

Dear New Yorkers, I’ll be back in the city this week and  will be available for in-person consultations. Dear Rest of the Free World, I am always available for personal consultations via Skype or telephone. Here’s how to contact me.

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 4/16/2014: Accentuate the Positive

This full day of Moon in emotionally intense Scorpio starts off with a feisty and potentially confrontational challenge between mental Mercury and action hero Mars. Watch for outbursts if you’re getting up around 7:15AM ET. Like the crazy cold weather much of the United States is having today, this too shall pass. A couple of hours later, emotional needs for depth and substance are supported and expanded by harmonious connections from loving Venus and jolly Jupiter. By lunchtime you may be feeling quite regenerated.

Get it off your desk today, as the Scorpio Moon will be void of course as of 3:09AM ET on Thursday….not to enter high-flying Sagittarius until 5:44PM ET. For those who are not working on Good Friday, consider taking Thursday off to count your blessings. Or, if you took yesterday’s post about the Tarot Card of the Week to heart, use some of the self-reliant Aries energy that’s in abundance right now…and create some abundance for yourself. Here are 30 nifty suggestions — if you’re short on ideas.

Man, is there a lot of upheaval in the headlines. How many times we will see the word “fiery” on the front page? Plenty, suggested by planetary patterns — so I’ll leave you with a positive application of a ginormous ball of fire. This just in: solar power is getting cheaper and cheaper by the day…and it’s only a matter of time before it becomes “a dominant force in the energy markets”. One can only hope…

…and now, here to sing the subheading of today’s forecast — please give a warm welcome to Miss Bette Midler & Mr. Bing Crosby…or if you prefer your optimism to be sung by an Aries — here’s Miss Aretha Franklin. Have a fabulous day!

What’s going on in YOUR horoscope? If you’re feeling a need for clarity and guidance, consider making an appointment for a personal astro-logical consultation. Thank you for reading this forecast — and sharing it with the Entire Free World :)


Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 4/7/2014: Mercury in Aries; George W. Bush & the Cardinal Grand Cross

Good Morning!

Energies are likely running high this AM, courtesy of two dynamic aspects. A square between the willful Aries Sun and Cancer Moon (a.k.a. the First Quarter Moon) at 4:34AM ET may raise a challenge to last week’s New Moon agenda. A squabble or a push for greater decorum that facilitates emotional security may manifest upon waking or on your way to the office, courtesy of another square to the Moon from retrograde Mars. A double agenda is always a possibility when a planet is retrograde, and in the case of Mars, which refers to action, outbursts may come from the most unexpected sources.

To use the energetic boost to your advantage, get to work early and take care of business, preferably before 2:14PM ET, when the Moon goes void-of-course on a helpful connection to disciplined Saturn. You’re free to wander for the rest of the day — or focus on taking care of routine matters if you are tethered to a desk. Roll with whatever twists and flakes you may encounter while the Moon idles in neutral (i.e., is void), making your efforts to move forward in a straight line often feel like you are herding cats. The Moon won’t be fully engaged in the next sign — Leo — until 5:50AM ET on Tuesday.

Your other Moon voids for the week — not recommended for signing contracts, important meetings and anything you wish to be of consequence are as follows: Thursday 2:26AM ET until 6:08PM ET (East Coasters especially need to chill during business hours); Saturday 1:12PM ET until 4:33AM ET Sunday (no impulse shopping or major purchases all day for West Coasters).

Meanwhile — today at 11:35AM ET mental Mercury leaves intuitive Pisces and charges into impatient Aries. This quickens the pace of thoughts and communication, so give yourself a couple of days to adjust to this planetary “wobble”. We may see some breakthrough ideas hit the headlines today and tomorrow, as the beginning of Aries adds prominence to any planet. Oh wait — here’s one that hit the wires: about how skimming the internet is messing up the brain’s ability to read long, complicated sentences such as one might find in a copy of Middlemarch. Did you know that there are no genes for reading, as there are with language and vision? And thus we are able to read only because our brains adapted to a need to do so?


When we last checked in on George W. Bush’s horoscope in February of 2013,  he had just been outed as a budding artist, suggested by planetary patterns (last three paragraphs of the post).  We anticipated that:

Patterns in the horoscope suggest that 2014-2016 will be an extremely significant period of life development for Mr. Bush, with themes of emancipation, empowerment and expansion being the potential upsides. Changes are absolutely, positively guaranteed.

Mr. Bush has his Sun at 13 degrees of Cancer — OMG –like, totally impacted by this month’s Cardinal Grand Cross; his Moon is at 16 degrees of Libra, which means that his need for appreciation in relationships is going to be supercharged by Uranus and Pluto after these two heavies are finished with his Sun. And isn’t it just fascinating that for the past three days, news of an exhibition of his portraits of world leaders has been everywhere; here’s a review of the work by a presumed professional art critic.

There will be much more in store for Mr. Bush, professionally and personally, over the next two years. And there will be much more in store for you, too, if you have planets around 11 to 16 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn — or were born around the 1st to 6th of April, July, October and January. Get the 411 in a personal astro-logical consultation — or consider giving a consultation as a gift to anyone you know who was born on those dates — including your children.

Thank you for reading this forecast and sharing it with all of your friends!

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 4/4/2014 & The Weekend: David Letterman, Right on Schedule

Ready for a break from this week’s intensity? You got it! Today’s Moon in pixie chatterbox Gemini is light and airy. It starts off the day in a cooperative connection to innovative Uranus at 7:42AM ET, followed by an equally cooperative connection to the Aries Sun at 11:57AM ET. Make those calls and pitches. Think outside the box. An energetic connection between Mars and the Moon at 10:45PM ET could have you dancing all night….

Saturday, the Gemini Moon is void of course from 10:55AM ET until 5:40PM ET. Chill out; avoid the malls and yard sales during the void. Better to engage in friendly debate (the void begins on a challenge between Moon and mental Mercury) about the latest news. Or stick your nose in a book.

At 4:31PM ET, loving Venus leaves “I love you, but don’t take it personally” Aquarius for “I feel your pain” Pisces. Tender, soulful — albeit sometimes unrequited — Venus expresses itself beautifully in this sign. And tonight, Venus makes a lovely connection to the Moon, freshly ingressed into Cancer, at 5:46PM ET. Let your feelings flow. Sweet.

Note your dreams upon waking on Sunday, as the Moon trines nebulous Neptune at 6:38AM ET. Now you can take care of your shopping expeditions: hit the farmers markets for glorious spring veggies and flowers; tend to chores around the home; call Mom. An exuberant connection to Jupiter at 5:33PM ET suggests a gourmet Sunday supper; note the potential for shake-ups and power plays a few hours later, as the emotional security-loving Cancer Moon makes contact with the never-ending Uranus-Pluto square.

Get to the office early on Monday; the Moon goes void at 2:14PM ET for the rest of that business day. If you live in Hawaii, take the day off ; )

And now, the news.

We were expecting a number of power plays likely involving resources in the aftermath of this week’s Sun-Pluto square. Check out this happening in Montana, as the city of Missoula files for an eminent domain takeover of its water system because, the city argues, the private owners are more interested in their own profit than in safeguarding the city’s water for the benefit of those who actually use it. The private owners are The Carlyle Group. Fascinating.

Here’s another power play, to be discussed at the water cooler using today’s chatty Moon in Gemini energy. It was discovered that the recently-hired CEO of Mozilla (the folks who gave us Firefox) once made a $1000 contribution in support of California’s Prop 8 (the measure that sought to ban same-sex marriage). Controversy ensued. Last week, the CEO said he would not resign his post. Yesterday, he resigned. Some suggested the reason might be to deflect  negative impact on Mozilla’s bottom line. Which compels me to share this link to a list of companies owned by the Koch Brothers, including a helpful shopping app you can download and use at the grocery store. This will help you make a truly informed choice between Brawny paper towels and Bounty. Consider this your own personal power play involving resources, a.k.a. your money. Today’s Moon in Gemini encourages you to become informed!

Meanwhile, David Letterman was right on schedule when he announced he would be retiring sometime in 2015. Mr. Letterman is an Aries with Moon at 9 degrees of “make it happen” Capricorn; he also has Neptune at 9 Libra and Venus at 14 Aries. All three planets have been supercharged by the Uranus-Pluto square, and his Moon-Neptune square was directly impacted by the New Moon in Aries on March 30th. Point is, actions are taken and things happen when planetary patterns are triggered in the horoscope. When you know what’s going on in your horoscope, you can plan accordingly.

But wait — there’s more. The next New Moon on April 29th happens at 8 degrees of Taurus, exactly on Letterman’s Ascendant, suggesting a focus on his personal projection/identity. This potent New Moon is also an eclipse, raising the stakes and drawing even greater attention to this area of his life. We’d expect a change of direction in his career  to develop in mid-2015 through 2016, when rebel Uranus squares his 21 degree Capricorn Midheaven and conjoins his Aries Sun. Freedom!

Finally, news from underground that also happens to be from the cosmos. Evidence suggests there’s a large body of water under the surface of one of Saturn’s moons. The moon is called Encedalus, and its association with seismic activity (in mythology) is remarkable, given this week’s planetary patterns….

Have a great weekend. I’ll see you at the beach….


Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 3/25/2014: Mind the Void; MH370 Update

East Coasters, you may leap out of bed this morning ready to tackle the world, courtesy of a constructive connection between the practical Capricorn Moon and disciplined Saturn (exact at 6:47AM ET) and an energetic boost from action hero Mars, exact at 8:35AM ET. Be advised that your efforts to move forward in a straight line may be subject to odd twists, flakes and detours, as the Moon goes void-of-course right on that feisty Mars connection. D’oh! Roll with the twists; keep calm and carry on…preferably with tasks that are merely routine.

This natural cosmic rest period continues until 6:39PM ET, when the Moon finally gets into gear in the sign of Aquarius.  West Coasters, that’s when your work day may finally feel focused…and when you might consider pitching the big ideas you’ve dreamed up, suggested by an exact connection between mental Mercury and expansive Jupiter at 9:11AM ET on Wednesday. Mercury-Jupiter aspects suggest headlines about “big picture” belief and communication systems: publishing, broadcasting, law, religion, travel. Oh look — here’s a ginormous seven-figure advance being paid to the lucky writer who will pen Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner‘s biography. The book will be published in 2017, right when empowering Pluto conjoins Wenner’s Sun at 16 Capricorn. Comme c’est bizarre et quelle coincidence….except it’s astro-logical, where there is no such thing as coincidence. We are still in the rosy glow of the weekend’s Mercury-Neptune hook-up in Pisces, which ofter refers to music…

On Monday the Malaysian prime minister confirmed what many have been suspecting: that MH370 is presumed to lost — with no survivors — and its last known position suggests the flight ended in the South Indian Ocean. Two weeks ago I wrote that we might expect some significant developments around the 21st, noting a number of transits to the angles of the event chart for the flight’s departure. The transits involved Mercury (news) and the Moon (an event marker); Mercury, Moon and the Ascendant (an angle of the chart) were also active yesterday (24th), when the official announcement was made. RIP.

Two eclipses. The fifth of the seven Uranus-Pluto squares — in a Cardinal Grand Cross. April is going to be a power-packed month!  How will your horoscope be affected? Book a personal astro-logical consultation and maximize opportunities for growth and change.  Here’s the 411.

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 3/17/2014: Sneak Peek at the Week

Good Morning!

Emotional fallout from Sunday’s Full Moon notwithstanding, planetary patterns in the early part of the day are free from too much interference, so use the morning and early afternoon productively. Happy hour on the East Coast is marked by two aspects of exceptional good cheer, as the people-pleasing Libra Moon gets an exuberant lift from Jupiter and Venus around 5PM ET.  Who’s going out for a green beer in honor of St Patricks Day?

Ninety minutes later, the Moon is scheduled for its weekly clash with the never-ending Uranus-Pluto square, as it first opposes rebel Uranus at 6:50PM ET, and then squares Pluto at 10:11PM ET.  This sets the stage for potential upsets and power plays, especially for those with planets or angles between 10 and 14 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. But wait — there’s more! Mental Mercury leaves rocket scientist Aquarius for the emotional, flow of watery Pisces at 6:24PM ET.  This suggests a need for a more intuitive, compassionate and/or martyred mindset from now until April 8th. The good news is that as of March 20th, Mercury will be out of its “shadow” stage, i.e., back to where it started when it turned retrograde at 3 Pisces on February 7th, suggesting projects that have been under review or snafued since then may finally be free of kinks.

Coming up later this week: the beginning of the astro-logical New Year! And this would be the Vernal Equinox, a.k.a. the first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, as the Sun charges ahead in pioneering Aries. That’ll happen on Thursday at 12:57PM ET.

If you live in the Americas, business hours are nearly Moon-void free, suggesting little time for space outs and wandering drifts. This is not the case for those living in Tokyo, for example, which is 13 hours ahead of New York….or those in Malaysia, which is 12 hours ahead. This week’s voids are: Tuesday 9:37PM ET until 5:13AM ET; Thursday 11:11PM ET until Friday 11:39AM ET. Moon voids often feel like you are herding cats, as efforts to move forward in a straight line are subject to twists, delays and crises that turn out to be “much ado about nothing”. Something to keep in mind regarding any news related to the search for the missing plane — MH370 — that comes up during these times.

And now, the news.

Shake-ups and break-ups from the Established Order are an ongoing theme of the never-ending Uranus-Pluto square, which has been under ever-increasing pressure from expansive Jupiter for some weeks….and likely to crest April 21st-23rd with the Cardinal Grand Cross astrologers have been talking about for months. Think emancipation and empowerment, as Crimea broke away from the Ukraine and declared itself a separate republic. Did you know that Scotland is also considering declaring its independence from the United Kingdom, and will vote on the issue in September? Meanwhile, in Sunday’s New York Times, columnist Ross Douthat appears to bemoan a current climate of “individualism” in America, which I’d argue is an apt reflection of rebel Uranus traveling through pioneering, self-reliant, me-me-me Aries. One theme of Uranus is freedom. One theme of Aries is the individual. Put the two together and you get lots of individuals becoming self-reliant (and self-employed), because they wish to be free from the System or because the System is breaking down (Pluto in Capricorn).

Here’s another headline reflecting Uranus (rocket science) in Aries (individual): How Billionaires With Big Ideas Are Privatizing Science. Plenty of food for thought…I’d write more, but then you wouldn’t get this forecast until suppertime….


Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 3/13/2014: Good Vibes & Good Business

While Moon continues its sojourn through drama queen Leo, the Sun makes an easy connection to disciplined Saturn. A good day to get down to business in ways that allow you to shine — the earlier, the better. The Sun-Saturn trine is exact at 5:16pm ET; after that, the Moon is challenged by a “wet blanket” square from Saturn, exact at 8:48PM ET. Get it off your desk today or ship it after 10:17AM ET Friday, as the Moon will be void of course from 3:24AM – 10:17AM ET on Friday.

So. Moon is in Leo, craving love, love, love… in the most personal, adoring way. Yet Venus, which refers to social expression and affection, is in “I love you, but don’t take it personally” Aquarius. And what is trending all over the web? This little video about strangers paired up and asked to kiss for the very first time. Oh, who cares if they’re “models”?  Charmed, I’m sure. “Play it, Sam…”

Oh, and if you’re thinking of booking a personal astro-logical consultation, now is a good time to do it, as I will be traveling off and on over the next couple of weeks…

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 3/5/2014: Venus in Aquarius

Steady as she goes. Moon is still Taurus, seeking to build material security and is well-supported by resources, optimism and a sense of balance…so perhaps tending to your checkbook is in order. Or your tax returns?

At 4:03PM ET, Venus leaves social-climbing Capricorn for eccentric, egalitarian Aquarius. Venus refers to how we need to express ourselves socially. It also refers to women, art, beauty and money; in health matters Venus refers to the belt line area of the body (and internal organs at the belt line, as well as the thyroid and the throat.  Venus also rules copper, which is an important indicator of economic growth in the commodities markets.

Aquarius is a airy (mental), fixed (organizing) energy. Keywords for Aquarius include innovation, eccentricity, friendship, humanitarian, unconventional, rocket scientist and/or mad genius. If you were born with the Sun in Aquarius, you have the energy to innovate and intellectualize with others. If your Moon is in Aquarius, you need to be socially significant — and dare I say appreciated for it. You probably need the freedom to be your own unusual self. I learned these nifty, pithy expressions of solar energy and lunar needs from my mentor, Noel Tyl. “I love you, but don’t take it personally” is another nifty, pithy Aquarian  expression — and I came up with that one all by myself. If you have Venus in Aquarius, chances are you especially know what I’m talking about.

A good example of a celebrity born with Venus in Aquarius is Ellen DeGeneres, as mentioned in Monday’s forecast. Don’t you feel like she’s everybody’s friend? Friendship is key with Venus in Aquarius — and so many other signs just don’t get it. I once knew a man with Venus in Scorpio who was dying to seduce a woman with Venus in Aquarius. He even knew something about astrology, too — but still had no idea how to reel in the quirky, electric spark that he so wanted to experience with depth, power and control. Since he did not ask for my advice, I did not offer it, but if he had, I would have said, “be her friend.”

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 2/26/2014: Dark Side of the Moon

East Coasters and super-early risers on the West Coast: remember that the Capricorn Moon is void for four hours this AM, not to become fully engaged in the next sign, Aquarius, until 9:55AM ET. A twist or detour in your morning routine/commute is suggested, as Moon voids often challenge efforts to move forward in a straight line.

The potential for twists and snafus spills over into the next couple of days, exacerbated by the super-charged buoyancy of jolly Jupiter’s contact with electric Uranus and the Sun…combined with the slooooooooow moving drag of FOUR planets about to change direction: Mercury (mind, travel, communication), Mars (action), Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (contraction).  What was I writing earlier this week about not knowing if we were coming or going? If in doubt, chill out. Corollary (as seen on my Facebook newsfeed): “A wise man once said nothing”.  Word!

We are in the dark side of the Moon, the end of the lunar cycle. Appropriate actions include wrapping up projects from the past few weeks. There are no exact aspects to the Moon during business hours today, even when it does engage in cerebral, detached, “who’s yer buddy?” Aquarius. The lack of input from other planets, along with the dark Moon, can suggest a listless, restless energy. The New Moon happens at 2:59AM ET on Sunday. Patience, patience, patience….

And now, the news.

Pie-in-the-sky stories reflecting the stunning magic of Jupiter (cosmic sugar daddy) squared by Uranus (lightning bolt), as anticipated? You bet. Here’s a quote from one of them:

“I don’t like to say once-in-a-lifetime for anything, but you don’t get an opportunity to handle this kind of material, a treasure like this, ever,” said veteran numismatist Don Kagin, who is representing the finders. “It’s like they found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.”

What a nice middle-aged couple in California couple actually found was $10 million in gold coins buried on their property. OMG, don’t you wish?

Here’s another:

By any measure, it is a lightning reversal of events…

…in which the National Enquirer was obligated to establish and fund a generous play writing competition as a settlement for publishing outrageous fiction about a friend of actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Well, in this planetary weather pattern of heavy nebulous Neptune influences and Mercury retrograde muddling of facts, we expected more than one stunning communication misfire — remember?

Meanwhile, is it a coincidence or conspiracy that when Jupiter was engaged with the Uranus-Pluto square in August 2013, Elon Musk, the man behind the Tesla electric car and other “the future is now” productions, was making headlines? And now today, with Jupiter square Uranus again, Tesla’s stock is soaring

From yesterday: Alec Baldwin was the talk of the town when he penned a lengthy piece in New York Magazine stating that he was retiring from public life. Mr. Baldwin has the Sun at 13 degrees of me-me-me Aries, which will soon (in April) be supercharged by the Cardinal Grand Cross, suggesting a need for emancipation and empowerment.   I suspect that Cross has also been rattling his Libra Moon, which truly needs peace, balance and appreciation from others. This is in spite of a defensive “I do not need anything material from you” posture suggested by a natal Grand Trine among mental Mercury, Saturn and Pluto. Well, horoscopes with seemingly contradictory patterns do make the most fascinating people. Mr. Baldwin’s horoscope suggests he is verrry resourceful, with a mind and communication style that demands and presents substance, is highly imaginative, potentially earthy, bombastic and likely somewhat bewildering (Mercury in Taurus opposing Jupiter-Neptune). A hair-trigger temper is suggested by a volatile Mars-Uranus opposition. Not to mention a need for unconventional social expression that can be way over the top (Venus in humanitarian Aquarius opposing ruthless Pluto).  Cue the Animals, now please

Finally, not at all pleased to note actor/writer/director Harold Ramis passed away yesterday. Three planets in Mr. Ramis’ horoscope have been under pressure from the Uranus-Pluto square, and one of those planets is his natal Saturn. That can be heavy, especially when transiting Saturn is also active. Mr. Ramis starred in Ghostbusters and he directed Groundhog Day, an absolutely must-see film. It’s just so darn witty and wise, and if you pay close attention, you’ll remember exactly what to do in order to have a happy, fulfilling, meaningful life. Seriously.

If that doesn’t work, consider consulting your local astrologer…


Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 2/25/2014: Jupiter Square Uranus

Plenty of planetary excitement in the wee hours this morning — at least in the Americas — as the enterprising Capricorn Moon makes contact with the disruptive Uranus-Pluto square. Make that a T-square, actually….with rebel Uranus supercharged by ruthless Pluto on one side and expansive Jupiter on the other. We’re looking at weeks of big headlines about energy, power, resources, the Establishment, rebellion, technology, aviation, etc., etc., as that’s how long this T-square will be hanging around. Here’s a big headline: “Pope Revolutionizes Vatican by Opening Finances to Scrutiny”.  And check this out — as of minutes ago, “Apparent Theft at Mt. Gox Shakes Bitcoin World” Whoa!

Jupiter and Uranus will make an exact connection at 2:33AM ET on Wednesday; you’re personally affected if you were born around the 1st of January, April, July and October…or if you have a planet or angle at around 10-11 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. The effects of this transit can be quite spectacular. If you don’t know what degrees your planets are at, consider getting this nifty Astro-Basics Report.

After 6:20AM ET is when the Moon starts to settle down…and continues its proactive journey without interference, aided only very late in the day (11:20PM ET) by a grounded connection from stern Saturn. Ship it today or wait until after 10AM ET on Wednesday, as the Moon will be void of course for four hours starting at 5:51AM ET.

I’d love to write about Alec Baldwin and Harold Ramis, both of whom made headlines yesterday. Of course there is plenty going on in both horoscopes. If I can, I’ll post something later today on the website…