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I have been sitting with the incredible experience of your gift and knowledge and letting it sift down into my understanding and psyche. It was a powerful time for me. I told a friend, "she is the real deal." I don't say that very often!
--Diana S.
New York

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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 5/9/2012: Bread & Roses

An intriguing mix of seemingly contradictory aspects continues…

Moon in enterprising Capricorn urges us to get down to business, supported by a stabilizing, self-sufficient  connection among resourceful Pluto, energetic Mars and mental Mercury in Earth signs. This pattern may feel like an echo of the Big Giant Earth Grand Trine that dominated March, but maybe not quite so rich.  Disciplined Saturn (business, order, structure)  in an easy connection with Venus (money, women, art, love, beauty) may lean toward conservatism in the management of  resources — and also in the structure of relationships. I’m sure that how North Carolina voters will rationalize their thinking in voting for a formal amendment to ban same-sex marriages.

In other news, optimism and/or idealism are on the rise, as expansive Jupiter and the Sun (life force) approach their annual hook-up — exact on Sunday — in material comfort-loving Taurus — that’s a lot of bread, man.  Meanwhile, nebulous Neptune’s communicative connection with mental Mercury, now also in Taurus, fosters creativity or fantasy based on a need to keep things as they “should” be. A rose-colored world, anyone? Take note of your dreams over the next few days.

Contrast the above “resistance to change” aspects with the disruption of the status quo and power plays suggested by rebel Uranus and ruthless Pluto.  Both will challenge the ambitious Capricorn Moon at 9:32AM and 1:33PM ET, respectively. What surprise, revelation, revolution or other excitement may cross your desk — or the newswires — around those times, hmmm? Maybe it will set you free. If you can find a way to apply it constructively, much can be accomplished at this time.

It just occurred to me that crusading Mars is still in Virgo, which refers to work and workers. And the revolutionary quality of Pluto’s clash with Uranus (which we’ll be experiencing en masse over the next three years), puts another spin on the words  “bread” and “roses”. So here’s a blurb about a revolutionary event in US history: the so-called Bread and Roses Strike of 1912 — that’s a hundred years ago — imagine. And here’s a recording of the song, “Bread and Roses” featuring historical photos and lovely watercolors and vocals by artist Kate Vikstrom.  Amazing how so much has changed…and yet how much remains the same.

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 4/26/2012: The Watery Depths

The reigning need of this day and Friday is emotional/homeland security, suggested by the Moon’s ingress into watery Cancer. That’s a big shift from the information-driven energy of the past few days when Moon was in intellectual Gemini. It doesn’t mean the day will be any less dynamic, however.

Note your dreams upon awakening, courtesy of Moon’s lovely connection with nebulous Neptune. There’s a nice flow to the morning on the East Coast, followed by a flash of insight, a disruption of the status quo, a declaration of independence or some other surprise — as rebel Uranus challenges that security-loving Moon at 2:17PM ET.

Keep on trucking for the next few hours, until ruthless Pluto challenges the Moon at 8:31PM ET, suggesting a power play (which could be in your favor), or a deep emotional catharsis (which could also work to your advantage). We’ll have more of Moon in Cancer on Friday, only without so much activity. It’ll be fun. You’ll love it!

Remember that Big Giant Earth Grand Trine that was exact in mid-March? The one involving the so-called money planets: Jupiter & Venus…trine resourceful Pluto…trine aggressive Mars? The one that led to that Big Giant MegaMillions jackpot? The one that was reflected in the markets as a big surge? We have an echo of that pattern happening now through the weekend, only not quite as dramatic or exact. We saw proactive Mars trine Sun on Monday; resourceful Pluto trines the Sun on Sunday — all three in Earth signs. The suggestion here — loosely — is the projection of material self-sufficiency, and isn’t it interesting that we’re in the middle of corporate earnings season and 80% — or some number close to that — of companies that have reported so far have beat Wall Street estimates. Of course if you’re materially self-sufficient, you don’t need help from anyone else. Which means you’re probably not hiring workers anytime soon — at least not this month.

Meanwhile, look at all the cold, hard facts that hit the fan on yesterday’s exact Pluto-Mercury square! And so much dirt about to be dug up — years after we thought the investigations were over, as in the case of Madeleine McCann, a young girl who presumably was abducted a few years ago In other news, Newt Gingrich has a reality check and is about to end his campaign to become our next President There’s more dirt on an intriguing power play going on in China And here’s an investigation that uncovered actual verbal abuse (one of the downsides of Mercury-Pluto challenges is verbal abuse — amazing)!,0,3544619.story

Finally, if you’d like to see the video of Senator Rob Portman doing his chicken impression (cited in the Gingrich article above), it happened in January on CNBC’s Squawk Box  Chicken impressions on a TV network devoted to corporations and stock markets? Absolutely. Spectacular showmanship and entertainment are strongly suggested in CNBC’s horoscope — yes, of course I had to look it up.



Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 6/17/2011 and the Weekend; Weiner Eclipsed

Less bumpy today. Moon in Capricorn continues to push us to take care of business, but without the fits and starts of yesterday’s harsh contacts from the heavies: Pluto, Saturn and Uranus. And perhaps you’ll find the pressures of the backlog/bottleneck suggested by the lunar eclipse have eased up.

Mind, communication and travel could incline you to the sublime, the optimistic, the escapist or expansive, thanks to supportive contacts to Mercury from rose-colored Neptune and enthusiastic Jupiter. Watch for innovation and possibly genius in your own personal world, as well as the headlines. By Sunday, you may be struck by a profound insight that cuts to the quick or cuts away the fat. It’s all part of this month’s lunar cycle: new ways of thinking that get you out of your comfort zone, so you can progress to the next level. Don’t be afraid to let go.

Your insights may have an especially sober, yet stabilizing effect on a partner or an investment. You can get real without the drama. Moon in humanitarian, independent Aquarius as of Saturday AM cherishes friendship above all else. Perhaps you will be inspired to mix and mingle with your own cherished friends.

Meanwhile, Congressman Anthony Weiner resigned, in what is surely the most important news story of decade. At least for him. Looking at his horoscope (again), it is interesting to note that the New Moon and solar eclipse on June 1st made a challenging square to Weiner’s own Sun, Uranus and Pluto hooked up at 11 to 13 degrees of Virgo. That drive for power; that (apparently) uncontrollable need for risk and excitement; that sense of independence — of being a renegade, an innovator, a ruthless disruptor of the status quo….well? It was suddenly “eclipsed,” wasn’t it? Were you born eleven days into the sign of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces? You may be feeling the effects of this eclipse more than others, too.

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 6/3 and the Weekend: Nebulous Neptune and a Bit of Mitt

Ease into the morning, which begins with a potentially spacey or muddy feel on the East Coast, thanks to nebulous Neptune challenging Mercury, which relates to mind, travel and communication. Take note of your dreams & let me know if yours were especially “out there”. With the Moon now in Cancer, a sign which craves emotional and homeland security, leaving your comfort zone might be difficult, and you may find yourself focused on security concerns. Watch the headlines.

Meanwhile, on the West Coast, the morning may begin with a jolt or a flash of genius, as the security-craving Moon is challenged by disruptive Uranus at 9:04AM LA time/12:04 PM NY time.  The rest of the day you may be challenged by issues involving power and control. Try to respond by seeing the potential for growth offered by the challenge, even if it forces you outside your aforementioned cherished comfort zone.

Big news on Saturday is Jupiter, the cosmic sugar daddy, leaving the pioneering sign of Aries for the stabilizing sign of Taurus at 9:56AM NY time, where it will remain for a year. This is excellent news for Bulls, especially those born in the first ten days of the sign: look back to whatever was going on in your life 12 years ago — what opportunities did you have for expansion and abundance?  The key words for Taurus are I HAVE. Whereas Jupiter in Aries seeks its reward in ego-recognition or the excitement of a newfangled vision (with its accompanying risk), Jupiter in Taurus is can be the one who wants to die with the most toys. Or be the one who digs in his heels and insists that vision be damned, the bottom line is the bottom line.

Sunday dawns with a Moon void from 1:33 AM – 11:03AM NY time (Saturday night hook-ups are likely to be of no consequence), followed by Moon in royal Leo. Today the focus will likely be more on having the most toys than on the bottom line. Leo Moon wants to play, and a square to Moon from expansive Jupiter can be quite grandiose (just ask Charlie Sheen). Have fun!
As for recent headlines in synch with planetary patterns, yesterday Michelle Obama 86ed the Food Pyramid and introduced its replacement, The Food Plate  So now we can all learn to think differently about something we do every single day. How’s that for a radical new mindset, as this month’s New Moon suggests?

Other headlines in synch with nebulous Neptune in Pisces pulling focus (review the New Moon forecast for details), include toxic chemicals (Neptune) in the Mississippi (Pisces) ; email fraud known as spear phishing  (Neptune refers to deception) and a seemingly complete non-news story about a “mysterious” shipwreck on Malibu Beach that really isn’t a mystery at all — go figure. If it’s not a slow news day, blame this on Neptune stationary retrograde in Pisces — I mean honestly, New York Times — you put this on the home page????

Last but not least, Mitt Romney, a Pisces ruled by Neptune, officially declared himself in the running to be the next President of the United States. Yes, I know I still need to talk about Tim Pawlenty, so I won’t go into too much detail here — and I’ll get around to Pawlenty one day soon, I promise. But here’s what’s interesting about Mitt. Pisces, Moon in Scorpio — this is a man who needs to be seen as someone of depth and substance, who acquires knowledge for the sake of power and control. He knows people. And people like him.

What’s interesting to me is Romney’s Gemini Ascendant is currently being squared by — nebulous Neptune. And Donald Trump’s Leo Ascendant is being challenged by — nebulous Neptune. And Barack Obama’s Midheaven (the other important angle in a horoscope, referring to career and status) is being squared by — nebulous Neptune. What an interesting pattern! Glamor, intrigue, masks, mystery, confusion, delusion, deception, fantasy — or sublime spiritual sacrifice, artistic success (especially in intangible media) — these are keywords for potential manifestations of Neptune in a horoscope.

To be continued…

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 5/18/2011: More Sex, Lies & Horoscopes

I glanced briefly at the horoscopes of Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger on May 10th, noting current patterns in their horoscopes suggesting bewilderment (possible deception) and upsets for Maria, and bewilderment/deception, upsets and “change or die” influences from ruthless Pluto, in the case of Arnold. Would it surprise you to know that disruptive Uranus in Arnold’s chart is making a tough challenge to the Moon (emotions, driving force of the horoscope), much like the challenge Uranus is making in the chart on the another man who’s making headlines, Dominique Strauss-Kahn? And would it surprise you to note that ruthless Pluto, which rules the areas of the chart related to love affairs and children for both men, is also making strong statements in their horoscopes right now? Similar patterns reflecting similar life events.

An astrologer could have anticipated these times for both men well in advance. “Governor Schwarzenegger, patterns in your horoscope suggest the potential for emotional upsets, affecting your image and likely involving women and creative affairs. Why does your horoscope suggest that things may not be quite as they seem in your home life?” We could have also asked him about an intensely emotional time in 2000, coupled with a sense of “ego wipeout” (astrologer Noel Tyl’s term for a challenging aspect from nebulous Neptune), perhaps affecting his sense of self-worth, that could have lasted from 2000-2001. And we would definitely asked him about the major upheaval (likely as a result of acting as if he could do whatever he liked and get away with it), that would have occurred during the summer of 1997 (it is reported that the child he fathered out-of-wedlock is around 14 years old). Planets at work here again: rebel Uranus and ruthless Pluto.Wouldn’t you like to know if such forces might be at work in your horoscope one day?

Meanwhile, Anne Sinclair, the wife of Strauss-Kahn, is standing by her man She doesn’t believe the allegations against him for a minute. And of course he is presumed innocent until proven otherwise. But before I looked at her horoscope, I expected to see a planetary pattern suggesting “rose-colored glasses”. And yes, it’s there. Nebulous Neptune runs wild in the chart, suggesting that ideals can run away with the persona. Astrology buffs would be interested to note a hook-up between Mercury (mind), unconventional Uranus and Venus (social expression), which also suggests a case of idealism.  Oh, but what glamor, power and talent with the written word. That’s in her horoscope, too.

Only one aspect of note on Wednesday: a constructive, sobering connection between Moon in Sagittarius and Saturn, planet of necessary controls. That should help you give practical form to your big ideas. Ship it today or Friday, because the Moon will be void from 10:17 AM NY – 4:16PM NY. Not that Thursday won’t be productive. Watch the headlines for more revelations from underground, as you dig up your own dirt and put a strategy into action.