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-- Michael D.
Editor, NY

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Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 6/16/2015: Awesome New Moon in Gemini; Jeb & The Donald on Mars

Alllll-righty then!

A New Moon at 10:05 AM ET in chatterbox Gemini, and into the void it went immediately thereafter. If you’re planting seeds, plant when the Moon enters Cancer at 6:51PM ET tonight (and for the next couple of days). Otherwise enjoy the information buzz and discern which stories are solid and which ones are much ado about nothing. Go with the flow of whatever twists or flakes may detour efforts to move forward in a straight line. Revel in the fresh energy of the New Moon and re-set your intentions for what may well be a dynamic and wish-fulfilling month of action.

Mars is prominent in this New Moon, as it is closely conjunct both the Sun and Moon. Mars is the action hero planet, and you may recall last week’s brief discussion of the driving force it can bring to your life when it transits your horoscope, especially the angles.

We see this drive loud and clear in Jeb Bush’s horoscope, as transiting Mars (and the Sun) hit his Gemini Midheaven  and squared his 23 Virgo Ascendant. He formally declared himself a candidate. How nice for him that transiting Jupiter will enter Virgo later this year and hit those angles in January and August of 2016. Certainly this July should be pleasant, as Venus and Jupiter will make contact with his natal 23 Aquarius Sun-22 Leo Pluto opposition, giving him another opportunity to shine.

We see Mars active in Donald Trump’s horoscope, too. Last week it made contact with his natal 22 Gemini Sun-“here’s my opinion even though you did not ask me for it” 22 Sagittarius Moon. Saturn just squared his regal 29 Leo Ascendant, inspiring an ambitious reach; Jupiter will conjoin his Ascendant in August.  Also in Trump’s chart: authoritative Saturn progressing by solar arc to the Aries Point, suggesting a need for executive authority becoming prominent. Today, during the Moon void in Gemini, Mr. Trump is allegedly announcing his run for office, too. Much ado about nothing? Perhaps, but he’s not going away anytime soon.

In addition to Mars, we see two other patterns in this New Moon that offer the potential for inspiration and reward. One is the third in a series of three trines (easy connections) between cosmic sugar daddy Jupiter and lightning bolt Uranus that began last fall. The other is the third in a series of three squares between mental Mercury and visionary Neptune. The first two bewildering/pixie-dusted challenges happened in May, before and during Mercury’s retrograde. The third happens on June 29th.

What does it all mean for you? I haven’t the foggiest idea….unless I’m looking at your horoscope. Schedule a personal consultation and let’s find out!

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is “winter frost in the woods,” and much of what Sabian Symbol guru Blain Bovee has to say about this image evokes warmth and magic.

Apply this degree pair with a mind for transforming the world, transforming life through inspiration and crystallized standards of integrity…(alternatively)…Ice Queen coldness; casting spells of a prurient nature; a cool social demeanor…burning intensity…branching out to try new talents….

Transforming the world? How wonderful for Pope Francis, who aims to do that later this week…

(Support Blain Bovee’s work. Buy his wonderful book.

Gemini does need to talk. Mars in Gemini energizes a Gemini Sun and Moon.  How fun to see this article about why we talk too much and how we should probably shut up.

You are more personally affected by this potent New Moon if you have a planet or angle at….

Thank you for reading this forecast and sharing it with the rest of the Free World : )

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 5/27/2015: Curiouser and Curiouser…

An exact meet-up between action hero Mars and mental Mercury at 6:37 AM ET suggests an urge to multitask and translate sharp words into fast action. Well guess what? The nitpicky Virgo Moon is void of course and Mercury is retrograde. Be especially mindful in your travels this morning. Chill, check your facts, make sure what you heard is actually what was said — and appreciate that a void Moon suggests crises that crop up are often much ado about nothing.

Moon doesn’t get into gear until 5:42PM ET, when it enters people-pleasing Libra, seeking to restore balance and harmony to any hypercritical situation. Patterns are relatively quiet until Friday, save for the building tension between Mercury and nebulous Neptune, which we last experienced on May 9th. What were you thinking about around then?

And now, the news.

You know there’s really something to planetary patterns when your astrologer writes about how surreal the headlines might be…and then you read Serious NYT Economist Paul Krugman’s column. Yesterday he referenced one of the wackiest (and wisest) books ever written, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Let’s keep talking about Neptune, because it’s everywhere this week (as noted in yesterday’s forecast). Neptune refers to intangibles and illusions, such as photography, television and film. On Monday famed documentary photographer Mary Ellen Mark passed away. As a photographer, we’d expect Neptune to be strongly emphasized in her horoscope (March 20, 1940 in Philadelphia) — and it is. We see Mercury opposed by Neptune and Venus-Mars-Uranus trine Neptune, suggesting vision, aesthetics and compassion (Venus is in Pisces), the latter of which she was especially known. Here are some of her photographs.

Another photographer making headlines is very much alive and raking in the dough. Richard Prince uses what some might call the sleazier side of Neptune. Is Neptune strong in his horoscope? Mr. Prince was born on Aug 6, 1949. Ooh — look — Neptune is square to Mars and recently supercharged by transiting Uranus and Pluto.  His Capricorn Moon, which knows oh-so-well how to put things and people to good use, might be in touch with Neptune, too — we’d have to have a birth time to know for sure.

Mr. Prince’s latest exhibit consists of photos lifted from Instagram — without permission from the original photographers — and they are selling for up to $90K per print. Which might be a strong argument for posting your pix on Snapchat, where the images will disappear. Snapchat just announced plans for an IPO, btw…

Boundaries — or lack thereof — are another Neptune theme. Neptune dissolves whatever it touches. This is why its influence can be so bewildering. In the material world, we like to have boundaries. They define structure and structure can make us feel secure. Saturn is structure. Where would you be without Saturn? Living a field, for sure – there would be no structure over your head.

Neptune dissolves Saturn — or, on the plus side, can give structure a vision.

Oh geez, Louise. This story just hit the wires:

A federal judge has thrown out evidence collected by FBI agents who posed as Internet repairmen to get into Las Vegas Strip hotel rooms last summer during an investigation into illegal bookmaking…

In this case (which gets weirder with every paragraph), Saturn struck back — giving nebulous Neptune a hard, cold reality smackdown. Got that?

Have I mentioned recently that Mercury retrogrades are an excellent time to REconnect and/or REview your life with your astrologer? Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Thank you for reading this forecast — and sharing it with your friends.



Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 5/26/2015: Weird, Wild Neptune — All Week Long

Good Morning!

Still a lot of pixie dust in the air this week. Could be magical and mystical. Could be a total scam. More likely a little bit of both…with an added touch of the surreal. Why?

Mercury is still in retrograde, encouraging us to slow down, review, reconnect, relax. Mercury is in Gemini, along with the Sun and action hero Mars, so we can expect a need for a bit of buzz.

Mercury meets up with Mars on Wednesday, suggesting tongues may wag ever so sharply. Mercury meets up Neptune on Friday, suggesting a need for vision or a rose-colored fog. Mercury meets up with the Sun on Saturday, reinforcing those idealistic rose-colored glasses. On Sunday the Sun is squared by Neptune.

Dream away — but be advised that your visionary reverie may require a reality check once Mercury turns direct on June 11th. Still, it can be a sublime time to be an artist, musician, healer or some other spiritual type. You’ll understand when I tell you about some of the headlines we saw under the spell of last night’s wiggy Neptune-Mars square.

The Moon is in Virgo, continuing the quest for perfection it started on Monday. We had a First Quarter Moon yesterday, too — suggesting a challenge to the New Moon projects you began last week. Moon goes void at 10:21PM ET…not to enter the next sign, Libra, until 5:42PM ET on WEDNESDAY.  Yet another reason to chill and not verbally shoot from the hip in the foggy potential outlined in the preceding paragraph.

The only other void this week happens between 4:20PM ET on Friday and 5:34 AM ET on Saturday. So what, big deal.

And now, the news.

I love the headlines that crop up when rebel Uranus squares off with Venus (social expression, values), which it did last night. In the few days leading up to this “can’t we all get along?” pattern we saw Ireland — yes — Ireland — become the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage by popular vote. And then the president of the Boy Scouts announced that gay scout leaders were A-OK, and perhaps it might be time to stop banning them.  And the Girl Scouts formally welcomed transgendered girls into the club. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Now add the bewildering scam potential of a charged Mars-Neptune contact to the mix, and what is on the NYT home page as I type: “Maligned Study on Gay Marriage is Shaking Trust”.  Fascinating.

My favorite Mars-Neptune pixie dust story is this one: “Five hundred new fairy tales discovered in Germany”.  Spellbinding! Mars-Neptune also refers to Hollywood glamour and movie magic…and along with the “unconventional women” potential of Uranus with Venus, this item about last of the silent movie stars is aptly timed. Find out where she is now! Also aptly timed: a story about the “fairy godmother” who helps out Broadway divas Kelli O’Hara and Kristin Chenoweth — and she’s quite an eccentric character, too.

Seriously, why are these stories making headlines now?

And then there’s this one — just posted on the NYT home page — which begins:

The High Line.

Shake Shack.

The ballet.

Fleet Week is not what it used to be.

Fleet Week is the weekend that New York welcomes hundreds of sailors to town.  Neptune refers to the sea…and things are especially bewildering this year, as the sailors have apparently traded alcohol for other transporting experiences.  Neptune also refers to drugs…and apparently druglords can be tourists in New York, too. And we’re hearing about it now.

Neptune refers to water in general…and charity. Here’s an apt story: “NYC-based investment firm helps Detroit residents pay water bills, avoid shutoff”. Meanwhile….toxins? Poisons? Music? Neptune!Stronger Regulations of Toxic Chemicals” is the headline of Monday’s NYT editorial. Elsewhere, B.B. King’s daughters have alleged that their father, who passed away last week, was poisoned.

Wait — there’s more. Neptune-Mars suggests a potential for scandal. Case in point: Josh Duggar, the eldest son of the Duggar tribe resigned his post at the Family Research Council after he was “forced to acknowledge” that he had been investigated for molesting underage girls when he was a teenager.

Before I glanced at planetary patterns on March 3, 1988 (Duggar’s birthdate), I had a strong hunch we’d find a challenging relationship between Mars and Neptune. Sure enough, they are together. along with Saturn and Uranus. Challenging indeed. Astrology is amazing.

Alrighty, then. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little focus on (mostly) Neptune. We’re likely to see plenty of similarly-themed stories this week — and now you know about the planetary patterns they will reflect. Those born in the first ten days of Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces and Virgo are more likely to be affected than most.

As always, if you’d like to find out how planetary patterns are influencing whatever bewildering state you might be in…and how to successfully chart a course through all that fog…then by all means schedule a personal consultation. Here’s the 411.


Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 2/12/2015: Mercury Direct; Jon Stewart; Pluto & More

Allll-riighty, then!

Big news  is Mercury turning direct yesterday at 9:57AM ET. Patience and focus as you move about and attempt to communicate or work with gizmos that allegedly facilitate communication. On Tuesday I was certain I’d posted the forecast early in the morning, only to discover after 12PM that I had failed to complete the posting process. I started writing this forecast yesterday morning, but kept needing to step away from it until now. You do not want to hear what’s going on with my printer. Patience. Focus. Breathe!

The Scorpio Moon goes void at 12:32AM ET, not to enter Sagittarius until 11:46AM ET. Regular readers know that Moon voids suggest natural breaks in the action, offering opportunities to chill or focus on routine concerns. The flake factor is higher, as efforts to move forward in a straight line are more likely to be subject to unexpected twists and delays. Crises that crop up during voids are often much ado about nothing.

Spirits tend to lift when the Moon leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius — huzzah, huzzah!  It’s an apt time to expand your horizons, go for a gamble or a gambol, take in a foreign film or other entertainment outside your comfort zone.

And now, the news.

Funny how the news continues to be The News, as we’d expect with Saturn in Sagittarius suggesting a major reality check in mass communication and belief systems. First, Jon Stewart made headlines Tuesday night when he announced he would leave The Daily Show at the end of the year. Then, NBC announced that Brian Williams would be suspended without pay for six months for saying things that were not true about his experience in Iraq. It didn’t take long for one newspaper to suggest they just switch jobs.

In the linked article, Mr. Stewart notes that he’s been feeling restless, and frankly, we’d expect him to be questioning his purpose in life over the past two years, given that nebulous Neptune has been making contact with so many planets in his horoscope (birth time unknown). His maverick sensibility is clearly evident, as is no small amount of idealism and a need for social expression that reflects substance and artistry. But it’s likely been quite a fog in his quest for new vision. I’m glad he hasn’t set an exact departure date, as the fog is not likely to lift until after March. Whatever projects he pursues next, however, the progress of Saturn through his horoscope in 2015 suggests a pressing need for serious ambition and gravitas is likely to blossom. End of the year seems like an apt time for a separation.

Elsewhere, transiting Pluto is now exactly squaring the U.S. Saturn, suggesting a particularly difficult, anguished exercise. Pluto challenges us to change our perspective. It insists we face the truth. On Tuesday, for example, the Equal Justice Initiative in Montgomery, Alabama, published a report on the history of lynching in America. The report lists close to 4000 names of African Americans who were killed in the South between 1877-1950. Bryan Stevenson, the director of the organization, has proposed that the sites of these brutalities be marked with a plaque. Perhaps raising awareness will foster a greater understanding and healing of racial prejudice and inequality as it exists today.

Meanwhile, reflecting upheaval in matters of power and resources suggested by the Uranus-Pluto square, Apple announced this week that it is going solar — the wave of the future! Elsewhere, more Pluto in Capricorn corruption was exposed at  a financial institution. This time it’s Swiss bank HSBC, which “helped clients dodge taxes and hide millions.” And on Sunday, the NYT published the first of a four-part series, “Towers of Secrecy,” investigating the buyers of multimillion dollar condos, many of whom are foreign and use shell corporations to conceal their identities. What might the NYT have been seeking to discover?

Federal banking guidelines are clear: “Banks should take all reasonable steps to ensure that they do not knowingly or unwittingly assist in hiding or moving the proceeds of corruption.” This means screening customers to determine whether they are “politically exposed people” — foreign officials and their relatives and associates — and filing a “suspicious activity report” if the customers transfer unusually large amounts of money.

But such checks are not required on money flowing into the country through shell companies to purchase high-end real estate….

Finally, some feedback I received from a 13-year-old Scorpio reader, who thought I could have done a better job with Friday’s forecast. Let’s call him Rex, because it means “king” and this boy is nothing if not noble. This isn’t the first time his feelings have been hurt by something I wrote. He’s objected to my use of the word “ruthless” to describe the typical Scorpio, and given certain sensitive and empathic measurements in his horoscope, I can appreciate that.

Truth be told, I use that word partially in jest, as Scorpios are often teased for scaring the bejeebus out of people based on the fact that they exist. But a closer look at my online dictionary defines “ruthless” as “merciless” and “cruel”. That does seem too harsh for all Scorpios in general. Thus I put it out to Scorpios reading this: if there was one word you’d like people to use in describing your awesome Scorpio-ness, what would that word be? Do drop me a line, and I will share the results.

Rex thought “ruthless” would be a more accurate word for ISIL, which he’s discussed in his 7th grade current events class. He objected to my effort to segue between two news items reflecting the fiery illumination suggested by last week’s Full Moon in Leo, opposed by Jupiter. Connecting a story about the inner workings of the Sun with the most recent ISIL atrocity using clever wordplay was “crude,” he thought. Calling the perpetrators “unfeeling” did not go far enough:

“I think America can be unfeeling at times and then not so much sometimes, ’cause we just are who we are – sort of see things in our “American” way, but we always try to “get” what other people feel.  But those people are BARBARIC in the literal meaning. No, worse. They need a new word: Isilisticism…’cause their “way” is to not EVER  see ANYBODY else as equals or human.”

Not being able to see oneself in the eyes of another; i.e., “as equals or human,” is exactly what I was trying to express with the word “unfeeling”. Plenty of thinkers have opined that people who do horrible things lack empathy. They do not see the Divine in others; they do not understand that what they do to other people, they also do to themselves. I agree with those that believe we all come from the same Source; we are all connected. That being said — dear Rex — please know it is never my intention to offend. I thank you very much for sharing your thoughts.

Do you remember what I said about Friday’s Sun-Jupiter opposition offering the potential for recognition or an expanded reach for anyone with a planet or angle around 17 degrees of Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio or Taurus? Rex has Mars at 17 Aquarius and Venus at 16 Scorpio. We’d expect his need for deep social expression, supported by a need for humanitarian action to be expressed — and it was!  Neat, huh?

“But how would I know if I have a planet at one of those degrees?” wrote Mark, another avid reader. Answer: order the Astro-Basics Report for $18, and you will receive a copy of your horoscope, a computer-generated report listing your planets, what signs and houses they are in, and how they relate to other planets. I will include a personal note about the reigning need of your horoscope. When you understand your reigning need, then you can take conscious steps to fulfill it in ways that are productive and satisfying. You’d be amazed at the number of people who do not fully appreciate what they need in order to be happy. Thanks for asking,  Mark!

And thank you for reading this forecast.


Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 5/16/2013: Scandalous

What dour control freak will dare to dampen the enthusiasm of today’s sunny Moon in Leo when it is squared by chilly Saturn at 8:21AM ET, eh? There’s your excuse if you wake up on the wrong side of the bed…or maybe you’ll use the organizational potential of this challenge to move forward on your New Moon agenda. Pull out the charm and words to soothe the savage breast around noontime, when the royal Moon will be happily connected to Venus in glib Gemini. Consider what is innovative or unconventional around 4:39PM ET, when Moon is further supported by eccentric Uranus…and enjoy a jolly good time with your friends and drama queens this evening.

With mental Mercury now in information-junkie Gemini, squaring nebulous Neptune, the airwaves are sure to be abuzz, and we can expect more alleged scandals that disrupt the status quo. With Neptune, however, things may not be as they seem. Best to avoid passing judgement until the facts have been sorted out. Speaking of scandal, that word is flying all over the place this week, especially in Washington, where the Obama administration is under fire — and here is Gail Collins to cheerfully explain three of the scandals in question.

It occurred to me that a quick check of the charts for the 113th Congress and Obama’s second term would be in order, and the first thing that stood out was the Moon in the chart for Obama’s second inauguration. Dear Readers, this Moon is at 19 degrees 35 minutes of Taurus, almost exact to the minute as the degree of last week’s eclipse. Translation: the reigning need of chart’s need to preserve the status quo, establish material security and make things the way they should be — has been eclipsed. And let’s not forget to note aggressive Mars at 20 Aquarius (the rebel with a cause, suggesting a need for action that is socially significant), also eclipsed. And note that Obama’s Ascendant is 18 Aquarius (suggesting a need to see himself as unique and socially significant),  eclipsed, too — i.e., subject to change. And as I am typing this — now at 7:30 AM, while cursing the idiot who thought it would be a great idea if Windows 7 automatically updated whenever it damn well pleased, not caring for a minute if the computer owner would have to recreate three paragraphs of copy once the system rebooted — here’s a headline that just posted, “An Onset of Woes Raises Questions About Obama’s Vision”.

How long do the effects of an eclipse linger? It varies, but this last one will be in effect for three years and about nine months. And speaking of vision, Congress, led by Speaker John Boehner, announced during yesterday’s “much ado about nothing” Moon void, that it will be devoting precious debate time and a vote — for the 37th time — on a repeal of the legislation known as Obamacare. Let the record show that this Congress began its term during a do-nothing void of course Moon in Virgo. In other news, over the weekend, on some lovely Venus transits, Speaker Boehner’s daughter was married — and while the US papers did not appear to pick up the story, here’s a thorough report from the UK’s Daily Mail on Mr. Boehner’s new Jamaican-born son-in-law, complete with wedding photos.

Finally, another headline reflecting the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square — again from a UK paper, “Climate Change Will Make Hundreds of Millions Homeless” — and this on the heels of a milestone report noting that carbon dioxide levels are at the highest they’ve been in human history (I don’t think Congress, currently controlled by the Party of Styrofoam, has scheduled any time to debate or vote on this particular concern). Regardless, Uranus-Pluto challenges are game changers. This current square will happen seven times in just over three years. A shout-out to astrologer Bill Herbst for noting that Uranus and Pluto squared nine times from 1496-1500. Can anyone recall what had recently been discovered? A little something called The New World. Here’s what America looked like before it was known as America. How things have changed; how things will have changed again once the dust from this latest series of squares has settled.

Such a fascinating E-Ticket ride we have all signed up for by choosing to be on the planet during these exciting times. A helpful companion in all this upheaval is the latest from the Amercian Buddhist nun, Pema Chodron. — Living Beautifully With Uncertainty and Change. I just started reading it on the subway yesterday. Filled with wisdom and calming perspectives…

Have a great, fun-filled Moon in Leo day. Do something nice for yourself. And look for ways to be helpful to others. Peace out.


Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 5/22/2012: Magical Mystery Tour

First, a bit of housekeeping — and gratitude to the reader who called my attention to the non-functioning links in recent forecasts. They are now all functioning, and by special request, here is an encore presentation of the link to the Joan Armatrading song, “I’m Lucky” from yesterday’s forecast. There are worse ways to start the day, especially in the beginning days of new lunar cycle.

Moon is still running strong in chatterbox Gemini, focusing the day on information and communication — especially really big ideas and worldly viewpoints. Anyone up for a philosophical discussion? Depth and substance in social interactions of a most congenial kind are favored around 5-7PM ET.

Magic, spirit, healing, film, music, art and other intangibles; confusion, delusion, dissolution — these themes may run strong in your world for the rest of the week, as nebulous Neptune challenges both the Sun (on Wednesday at 4:57PM ET) and mental Mercury (on Friday at 5:38PM ET). In the language of astrology, Neptune refers to things that may not be as they seem…or a force which dissolves whatever it touches. It suggests spiritual highs and the rosiest of dreams. It seeps through boundaries. It can cast a veil of illusion over a person, thing or idea — not a bad to have if you’re an actor on a stage…a wizard…a mystic…or a snake oil salesman. With Venus retrograde, you can enjoy the pixie dust and mirrors…without worrying about making a commitment to the show at this time.

Oh — one more thing — the Moon goes void at 6:51PM ET, giving you 12 1/2 hours to cast a few spells without consequence until Moon enters Cancer at 7:31AM ET on Wednesday and demands a focus on emotional security.

More anon…



Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 6/3 and the Weekend: Nebulous Neptune and a Bit of Mitt

Ease into the morning, which begins with a potentially spacey or muddy feel on the East Coast, thanks to nebulous Neptune challenging Mercury, which relates to mind, travel and communication. Take note of your dreams & let me know if yours were especially “out there”. With the Moon now in Cancer, a sign which craves emotional and homeland security, leaving your comfort zone might be difficult, and you may find yourself focused on security concerns. Watch the headlines.

Meanwhile, on the West Coast, the morning may begin with a jolt or a flash of genius, as the security-craving Moon is challenged by disruptive Uranus at 9:04AM LA time/12:04 PM NY time.  The rest of the day you may be challenged by issues involving power and control. Try to respond by seeing the potential for growth offered by the challenge, even if it forces you outside your aforementioned cherished comfort zone.

Big news on Saturday is Jupiter, the cosmic sugar daddy, leaving the pioneering sign of Aries for the stabilizing sign of Taurus at 9:56AM NY time, where it will remain for a year. This is excellent news for Bulls, especially those born in the first ten days of the sign: look back to whatever was going on in your life 12 years ago — what opportunities did you have for expansion and abundance?  The key words for Taurus are I HAVE. Whereas Jupiter in Aries seeks its reward in ego-recognition or the excitement of a newfangled vision (with its accompanying risk), Jupiter in Taurus is can be the one who wants to die with the most toys. Or be the one who digs in his heels and insists that vision be damned, the bottom line is the bottom line.

Sunday dawns with a Moon void from 1:33 AM – 11:03AM NY time (Saturday night hook-ups are likely to be of no consequence), followed by Moon in royal Leo. Today the focus will likely be more on having the most toys than on the bottom line. Leo Moon wants to play, and a square to Moon from expansive Jupiter can be quite grandiose (just ask Charlie Sheen). Have fun!
As for recent headlines in synch with planetary patterns, yesterday Michelle Obama 86ed the Food Pyramid and introduced its replacement, The Food Plate  So now we can all learn to think differently about something we do every single day. How’s that for a radical new mindset, as this month’s New Moon suggests?

Other headlines in synch with nebulous Neptune in Pisces pulling focus (review the New Moon forecast for details), include toxic chemicals (Neptune) in the Mississippi (Pisces) ; email fraud known as spear phishing  (Neptune refers to deception) and a seemingly complete non-news story about a “mysterious” shipwreck on Malibu Beach that really isn’t a mystery at all — go figure. If it’s not a slow news day, blame this on Neptune stationary retrograde in Pisces — I mean honestly, New York Times — you put this on the home page????

Last but not least, Mitt Romney, a Pisces ruled by Neptune, officially declared himself in the running to be the next President of the United States. Yes, I know I still need to talk about Tim Pawlenty, so I won’t go into too much detail here — and I’ll get around to Pawlenty one day soon, I promise. But here’s what’s interesting about Mitt. Pisces, Moon in Scorpio — this is a man who needs to be seen as someone of depth and substance, who acquires knowledge for the sake of power and control. He knows people. And people like him.

What’s interesting to me is Romney’s Gemini Ascendant is currently being squared by — nebulous Neptune. And Donald Trump’s Leo Ascendant is being challenged by — nebulous Neptune. And Barack Obama’s Midheaven (the other important angle in a horoscope, referring to career and status) is being squared by — nebulous Neptune. What an interesting pattern! Glamor, intrigue, masks, mystery, confusion, delusion, deception, fantasy — or sublime spiritual sacrifice, artistic success (especially in intangible media) — these are keywords for potential manifestations of Neptune in a horoscope.

To be continued…

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 6/2/2011

No major aspects among the planets today, and yet there’s a lot going on. How can this be? First, Moon is running wild in information junkie Gemini, possibly spreading news — or rumors — like a virus or some other infection. I say this, noting Moon in Gemini running wild, combined with Mercury’s (mind, information, communication) challenge from nebulous Neptune in Pisces. Fact check what you hear, especially if it’s on the news.  The challenge between Mercury and Neptune is exact early Friday AM. You can best apply it to exalted spiritual practices, music, fine art and healing modalities. Excesses of alcohol and other drugs may be tempting, but best avoided. Your brain may be foggy enough as it is.

But wait — there’s more! Mercury is leaving the steady sign of Taurus for the glib, multi-tasking, clever but often scattered sign of Gemini at 4:03PM EDT. That “wobble” could take a day of adjustment as our brains adapt to the quickened pace. Neptune is at a halt in the sky, about to turn retrograde early Saturday morning at zero degrees of Pisces, the sign it rules. Neptune refers to viruses and infections. Could news of a particularly potent strain of E coli spreading across Germany be a corollary to this planet pulling focus? Another Neptune in Pisces theme:  water — and the lack thereof — this time in the Nile:

Rumor and scandal also relate to Neptune, and there seems to be all sorts of stories running amok, from media (Neptune) websites being hacked; twitter feeds belonging to a certain congressman allegedly hacked and used as a conduit for a mysterious photo; and rumors about the origin of a mysterious wildfire in Arizona raging out of control. It may take until Monday to get clarity on much of this mishegosh, and Friday is likely to be edgy, even with a bit of Neptunian fog. Take your time!

A note on the phenomenon of retrograde planets. They do not actually slow down to a halt, move backward and then forward. It just appears that they do from our point of view on spaceship Earth. Here is a groovy animation which explains it all for you:  Any questions?

Many thanks for the recent referrals, btw. I am glad to be of service.