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I have been sitting with the incredible experience of your gift and knowledge and letting it sift down into my understanding and psyche. It was a powerful time for me. I told a friend, "she is the real deal." I don't say that very often!
--Diana S.
New York

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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 3/11/2015: More on Mars & Tom Cotton’s Perfect Timing

Alllllllrighty, then!

Still more of the same from the last two days, at least in the morning and early afternoon hours. Moon is in Scorpio, seeking to consolidate and organize (with depth and substance), for the sake of power and control. Moon goes void at 3:46PM until 7:30PM ET, suggesting you focus on routine tasks, chill and don’t make a mountain out of what may only be a molehill of crisis. Note that the Moon goes void on a challenge to mental Mercury, suggesting a potential clash in communication  — or at least an especially persuasive effort. Avoid arguing just for the sake of arguing.

At 7:30PM ET, we may feel pounds lighter and brighter as the Moon shifts gear and enters high-flying, optimistic Sagittarius, where it will gamble and gambol through the rest of the work week. We will have survived whatever other outbursts and/or courageous acts of heroism that Mars has in store as it conjoins rebel Uranus at 12:06PM ET and squares Pluto at 6:37PM ET. Huzzah!

And now, the news.

As predicted, the markets are volatile.

Last night the headlines were peppered with plenty of Mars in Aries buzzwords, e.g, “Joe Biden Goes Ballistic” and  “James Carville Goes Scorched Earth”.  This morning, I see that a Blackhawk helicopter went down in the Florida panhandle; 11 are missing. Today marks the 4th anniversary of the 9.0 earthquake that crippled the Fukushima nuclear power plant, so of course it makes sense that we would be reading an update today.  Essentially, the battle (Mars) to contain the radiation (Uranus-Pluto) is “never-ending”.

Elsewhere — in breaking news — ISIS has reportedly carried out one of its fiercest attacks, as the US Senate holds hearings on the potential use of force against it. Meanwhile, the NYT has a story about US veterans who have joined other military forces in the Middle East to fight against ISIS. War and more war…and guns, too (also ruled by Mars). Utah just passed a bill that would  allow executions by firing squad. The Obama Administration has “abandoned efforts” to ban a bullet that is capable of piercing police armor.

Meanwhile, the letter to Iran signed by 47 Republicans continues to generate controversy.  Who wrote this letter, anyway? A freshman senator from Arkansas named Tom Cotton. At 37, he’s the youngest member of the Senate. Why the heck is he attracting all this attention now? Avid readers of this forecast will surely have a hunch at what we will find when we look at planets on the day Tom Cotton was born: May 13, 1977 in Dardanelle, AR.

Cotton is a Taurus whom we would expect to have made an ambitious reach last fall when transiting Saturn opposed his Sun. That’s when he won his Senate seat. But what really stands out is an exact meet-up of Venus and Mars at — 12-13 degrees Aries –opposed by Pluto at 11 Libra. It was triggered last week by both Venus and Mars in Aries! This trigger suggests a warrior in action, values and social expression, supercharged by potency and potential overkill.

Note that the natal Venus-Mars-Pluto opposition has been highly stimulated by Uranus and Pluto for the past two years. In fact, Cotton announced his bid for the Senate in August of 2013, on the first hit of Pluto at 11 Capricorn. Isn’t that interesting?

But wait — there’s more. We do not have a birth time for Cotton, but if he was born after 4am, he would also have a me-me-me-first Aries Moon! We’d expect a need for conquest — to be Number One — to always be a winner. Also of interest: his Venus and Mars is conjunct Eris, a minor planet discovered in 2005 and named for the Goddess of Discord. I find it intriguing that the entity currently causing so much destruction in the Middle East also has Moon in Aries, along with Venus, Mars, Eris conjunct in Aries. Its Venus-Mars-Eris alignment will be triggered by Mars next week, along with its Aries Sun.

In other news, Johnny Depp, whose horoscope is also personally affected by this current Mars-Uranus-Pluto transit, injured his hand on a shoot in Australia and will need surgery. He is expected to make a full recovery.

Astrology is amazing — a good thing to know about. It’s a fascinating mix of fate and free will. As my teacher Noel Tyl loves to say, “Planets don’t do anything. People do”.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

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Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 3/10/2015: More on Mars in the News

More intensity, driven by fearless action, as the Scorpio Moon continues on its quest for substance and control, with the help of a supercharged Mars in me-me-me-first Aries. When Jupiter in regal Leo challenges the Moon at 12:31PM ET, expect added optimism or a bigger reach. Power plays may be effectively communicated a few hours later, as Moon aligns with Pluto.

And now, the news.

With Mars about to meet-up with rebel Uranus and square Pluto in “Establishment” Capricorn, we would expect to see a headline about a group of secessionists in the Lone Star State who believe that the Republic of Texas never joined the United States. Thus, they have formed their own government, also known as the Republic of Texas, complete with their own currency and elected representatives. For the past eight years they had been pretty much ignored, until last Valentine’s Day.  I’d like to believe they’re on the NYT home page now, in sync with planetary patterns.

Mars-Uranus contacts suggest innovative technology. Yesterday Apple CEO Tim Cook was front and center, launching Apple Watch and other new-fangled gadgets. Well, that’s pretty good timing….but dear Mr. Cook, do we really need another computerized toy? How about directing your brilliant engineers to come up with a reasonable replacement for the internal combustion engine? Speaking of which (Mars rules cars), GM made a bold move yesterday when it announced it would buy back $5 billion of its stock, “as part of a negotiated settlement with dissident investors led by a former member of the government’s auto task force,” reported the NYT. Meanwhile, the initial leg of an around-the-world plane fueled by solar power went well. Now we’re talking!

Elsewhere, following up on yesterday’s rhetorical question, “How are we doing now?” (regarding civil rights issues that were prominent in the mid-60s and back for further consideration in this decade), the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at the University of Oklahoma has been shuttered and members were suspended after a video showing these tuxedo-clad frat brothers chanting racial slurs was posted online.

Meanwhile, a state judge has been appointed to rule in municipal cases in Ferguson, MO, after last week’s “damning report” documented countless cases of abuse and bias…and also revealed how much the city government relied on its police department as a revenue-generating machine. One wonders what might happen in the next town(s) over, as apparently circumstances are much the same. Do those towns needs a state judge, too?

Mars suggests action…and also action heroes.  So why not stumble across a story about the first Sikh comic book action hero on this home page? Mars suggests “macho” in less heroic displays, too. A video of a Lebanese anchorwoman smacking down a London-based Islamic scholar who would not show her some respect has gone viral.

Triggers to Pluto suggest “news from underground”. In London, archaeologists are excavating the burial ground known as Bedlam to make way for a new train station. They’re digging up the bones of 3000 or so people who lived during the 16th and 17th century…and a few of those are probably astrologers.

Finally, yesterday we were talking about the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of 1965-1966 as the seed-planting point of the cycle we are in now. That conjunction was in Virgo, which refers to labor, work routines, health and diet, as well as food production systems. So that may help you understand why we are seeing so many headlines about labor unions being undermined and/or strengthened, depending on where you live.  It may help you put headlines like this one — about soil conservation in farming — in perspective, too.  The technique is being hailed as “a massive paradigm shift,” and does not require nitrogen fertilizers or fungicide. A massive paradigm shift sound very Uranus square Pluto to me. Good news!

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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 3/9/2015: Sneak Peek at the Week

Happy Monday!

After a 12-hour void, the Moon shifted into gear in Scorpio at 9:10AM ET. East Coasters, if you lingered in bed — perhaps trying to recapture that hour of sleep you lost yesterday thanks to Daylight Savings Time — you likely got away with it.

A Scorpio Moon suggests a need for depth, substance and control. Fluffy it ain’t, especially with action hero Mars pulling focus all week (see Friday’s forecast for details). Forge ahead on those weighty matters. Understand that others may have their own heavy agenda, too. It’s not all about you, even with Mars, Venus and Uranus in me-me-me Aries, challenging efforts to prove otherwise. Self-assertive acts bordering on rebellion may pull focus.

Your push for advancement may be especially aided and abetted if you have a planet or angle around 15 degrees of just about every sign — but especially Cancer, Libra, Capricorn…and super-especially for Aries. Dear readers, your horoscope is much more complex than your Sun Sign.  This is why I do not write daily forecasts for each sign; I believe it does everyone a disservice.  Say you’re a Scorpio with a 14 degree Libra Ascendant and Moon at 15 Aries. Your life might be on fire right about now — for better or for worse — and no general forecast for Scorpio would give you the faintest clue as to why. Get to know your whole horoscope — or hire a trained professional to explain it to you in plain English. It will serve you for life.

But I digress. The energy boost and buzz this week comes courtesy of Mars, as it aligns (tomorrow) with expansive Jupiter. Then it is supercharged by rebel Uranus and potent Pluto on Wednesday. Other patterns of significance include mental Mercury leaving Aquarius for Pisces on Thursday, and Saturn turning retrograde on Saturday until early August.More on that later this week.

The 800 pound gorilla in the room is the buzz of the seventh Uranus-Pluto square, exact next Monday at 9:50PM ET. Will the world end? No, but pay close attention to the headlines this week, because those are the issues to be faced and dealt with for the rest of this decade and beyond. Is it a coincidence that Naomi Klein’s new book, This Changes Everything is being excerpted now by The Guardian? Heck no, and if you’re an avid reader of this forecast, you’ll remember that on the fifth exact Uranus-Pluto square last April, the Big News was a huge shift in awareness that climate change was real. That, and a Princeton study concluding that the United States was no longer a democracy, but an oligarchy.

Unlike the past two weeks, there aren’t many Moon voids to detour your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Moon will be void Wednesday from 3:46PM until 7:30PM ET…and then on Friday from 7:11PM ET until 2:40AM on Saturday. That’s it. So get to work — with depth, intensity and substance.

And now, the news.

With Mars pulling focus, we’d anticipate  more than the usual headlines about aggression, e.g., “UN Report Cites Alarming Level of Attacks Against Women“; or, “Who Spewed That Abuse? Anonymous Yik Yak Isn’t Telling“.  Yik Yak is a free app that is popular among students. At its worst, it’s like a slam book on steroids. Like we need another slam book in cyberspace.

Meanwhile, the Uranus-Pluto square, as I have noted before, presents us with an opportunity to advance initiatives that were started at the beginning of the Uranus-Pluto cycle. That would be the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of 1965-1966. Think of it as equal to a New Moon. The square is like a First Quarter Moon.

Thus it is no coincidence that matters of civil rights have been demanding attention during the past few years. Over the weekend, tens of thousands of people marched in Selma, Alabama, 50 years after 600 civil rights activists attempted to march from Selma to Montgomery  to raise awareness of voting rights inequality.  They were stopped, tear-gassed and beaten by Alabama police. The brutality was televised. Awareness was raised. In August of 1965, Congress passed the Voting Rights Act, prohibiting racial discrimination in voting. How are we doing now?

When Uranus and Pluto make contact, the status quo is disrupted. Consider gender equality, another hotbed issue in the 1960s. I find it fascinating to see how that cause has been re-ignited and re-defined. The issue is now not just one of women’s rights; it’s about rights for transgendered people, too…and rights and recognition for people whose gender identity might even be “none of the above”.

Two final stories. The first reflects a pioneering Venus in Aries, combined with Mars challenging technogeek Uranus (also in Aries) and Pluto (power, transformation). The Facebook page “I F***ing Love Science” posted tributes to sixteen pioneering women scientists — for International Women’s Day. These women deserve to be known.

Second, a follow-up to an article I linked here last week from the NYT about “things we can’t explain” — you know, “woo-woo stuff”  that is rarely discussed in Serious News Publications. You may have heard that over the weekend, a toddler in Utah was rescued from a car that had plunged into a river. It is believed she was trapped for up to 14 hours. Her mother did not survive.  A story published in the Deseret News (“the first news organization and the longest continuously-operating business in the state of Utah — owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints”), reports that the four police officers who rescued the child say they heard a voice crying for help. But when they finally found her, she was unconscious. Where did that voice come from? The Guardian makes no mention of the voice. Raw Story picked it up, though. Haven’t read other versions yet.

Cue “Twilight Zone” music now, please….

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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 3/6/2015 & The Weekend: Mars in the Hot Seat

Go with your organizational flow or chill and take a snow day (if you’re on the East Coast). The Virgo Moon continues to wander aimlessly until 7:52PM ET, when it will shift gears into Libra, sign of diplomacy and relationship. Express your appreciation accordingly.

Saturday is relatively quiet. There’s a constructive connection between Moon and Saturn  early in the morning that may aid your efforts to tackle chores and weekend shopping. The hours between oh – say — 8-ish PM ET and 6AM ET on Sunday may be feisty, combative or otherwise volatile, as Moon is rattled by face-offs to aggressive Mars and rebel Uranus, followed by a square to power-monger Pluto.

Another face-off between Venus in me-me-me Aries and the peace-keeping Libra Moon may try one’s patience around noon ET. How indulgent would you like to be? The weekend ends on a cooperative note between communicative Mercury and the Moon at 9:24PM ET. Just before that time would be fine to talk about whatever upsets you may have had with your partner during the past 24 hours. After 9:24PM ET the Moon will be void until 9:10AM ET on Monday — avoid making mountains out of molehills during the void. Chill instead, and get ready for another rollicking week.

If you have a planet or angle around 14 degrees — or days into — Aries, Cancer, Capricorn and Libra, you are feeling the buzz and drive of current planetary patterns most personally. You’re feeling the lift of potential expansion if you have a planet or point at 14 Aries, Leo or Sagittarius — really 14 degrees of any sign. If you do not know where your planets are, book a consultation or splurge on the $18 Astro Basics Report, so you can follow along with these forecasts. Such a deal!

Mars will pull focus in a big way next week, as it makes contact with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto  — on Tuesday and Wednesday. Mars is in Aries, the sign it rules. It functions verrrrry well in Aries, where it is fearless and pioneering, for better or for worse. It is the crusader. It is the warrior. Mars in alignment with Jupiter favors expansive action. Mars with Uranus favors the reckless and the rash, along with the high-flying tech. Mars with Pluto is some powerful stuff — again, for better or for worse.

Startling revelations about Mars are making headlines right now — check out the big blue ocean scientists say once covered a big chunk of the Red Planet. Other cosmic news: the discovery that astronomers have been watching the same supernova explode over and over again — as Bill Murray’s character might have done in Groundhog Day (one of the best movies ever — a must-watch).

Mars with Uranus can refer to accidents, especially involving aviation. Already a Delta flight made headlines Thursday when it skidded on a runway at LaGuardia Airport and crashed into a fence. Harrison Ford was seriously injured in a plane crash in Venice, California. I don’t know about you, but I am not ready to lose another sci-fi icon just yet  — I don’t care how cosmic the planetary patterns are or how much action there is in his own personal horoscope. Hang in there, Mr. Ford!

Also startling: a “this just in” headline blaming a “rogue” pilot for the disappearance of MH370 almost a year ago — on March 8th.  To be precise, it is being presented as “the most plausible” theory by some. Of course I immediately pulled out the horoscope for the flight’s departure to see what transits were active in that chart. And yes, there are a few triggers that suggest potential action. And I can see in that horoscope why a “rogue pilot” is being talked about as “plausible”. Horoscopes live forever. Perhaps we will have more news on this story around March 12th…or on March 17-18th.

Mars refers to the masculine. In a ground-breaking month, we can thus all appreciate a ground-breaking study revealing for once and for all, the average penis size.  But watch where you point that thing — at least in Hamburg, Germany — which has devised a novel way to deter a certain public nuisance. I see this week’s empowered contacts among Venus, Uranus and Pluto in that last item, too….

…and speaking of an empowered Venus…did you know that in the language of astrology, Venus refers to kidneys? As I type, there’s a “rare, six-way kidney transplant” going on now in San Francisco. And though it did not make the NYT or any other major media outlet, on Wednesday afternoon, Wellesley College (my alma mater) issued a press release “reaffirming its mission dedicated to the education of women“. What timing.

Finally, reflecting another pattern humming in the background that I have not mentioned in a while. With “get real” Saturn in “collective beliefs” Sagittarius challenging intangible Neptune in “have faith” Pisces, it’s nice to see the paper of record publishing a serious piece called “When Things Happen You Can’t Explain.”  Much nicer than reading about how some states are pushing for legislation that would make “religious beliefs” a legal justification for denying services to gay people…but you knew they would make that effort, with Saturn (law) in Sagittarius (religion).

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 3/5/2015: Full Moon in Virgo

Get it done early today. The Virgo Moon waxes to fullness at 1:05PM ET, then goes void with a long, deep sigh as it makes an easy connection to potent Pluto at 1:36PM ET. The Virgo faculties of organizing, sorting and perfecting may feel as if they are running wild over the next 24+ hours…or they may take you off on a wandering adventure as you uncover the unexpected. Go with the flow and take some time to chill if you can.

Depth, perspective, power, transformation and regeneration are emphasized by a cooperative connection between the intuitive Pisces Sun and Pluto, exact at 7:18PM ET. There are no exact planetary patterns tomorrow, though the Moon will engage in the next sign — Libra — at 7:52PM ET. That’ll give some focus and intention to your Friday night date.

The Full Moon sheds light on the New Moon projects launched two weeks ago. The Sabian Symbol for that lunation at the last degree of Aquarius suggested a focus on “ancient civilizations”. How interesting  on this Full Moon to see in the headlines that a jawbone found two years ago has now been analyzed and now “pushes human evolution back 400,000 years”.  With Uranus and Pluto so prominent this month, watch for plenty more “news from underground,” literally and figuratively.

The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are — for the Sun: “an officer preparing to drill his men”; and for the Moon: “an ornamental handkerchief”. Sabian Symbol guru Blain Bovee writes that the latter is “an image of power and rank embellished by beauty and refinement”. He reminds us of the chivalric code of the Knights of the Round Table, where a fearsome knight might earn the handkerchief of a noble lady, which he would prominently display. His fighting energies would thus be sworn to serve her presumably gentler, kinder and more refined qualities. It is an interesting symbol for this lunation, given the current potency of macho Mars in equally macho Aries, about to shake things up as it makes contact with Uranus and Pluto next week.  Both symbols suggest a discipline, courtesy and more refined expression of raw physical power. Up for the challenge?

As if on cue, the NYT just posted an op-ed on why gender equality is better for men, too. I haven’t read the whole piece yet, but did note this benefit: “have more sex”. Coincidence or conspiracy?

And now, more news.

With the Moon in Virgo yesterday, the Supreme Court heard a case challenging the Affordable Care Act, and  it all boiled down to arguments about four little words. It occurs to me to wonder why they can’t just take a poll of every member of Congress who voted for the law and ask them what they thought they were voting for: tax credits only for people enrolled in state-run health exchanges, or tax credits for state-run and federal-run. Yeah, I know: because the Justice Branch of our government is charged with interpreting the law, as I recall from my elementary school civics classes. And this is what happens when legislators vote for bills they haven’t actually read.

Anyway, the NYT thought Justice Kennedy said something telling. Mother Jones was intrigued by what Ruth Bader Ginsburg had to say. And the New York Post quoted Justice Scalia. In the end, the dress was ruled to be either white/gold or black/blue, depending upon how your eyes are physically equipped to perceive it.

Elsewhere in the world of excruciating Virgo detail, the federal investigation of the Ferguson police department released its findings, and they are an absolute page-turner — a “damning report” on racial bias and abuse. I encourage you to read it.

Another stark reality exposed in the report is this (as you can read on page 9):

City officials have consistently set maximizing revenue as the priority for Ferguson’s law enforcement activity. Ferguson generates a significant and increasing amount of revenue from the enforcement of code provisions. The City has budgeted for, and achieved, significant increases in revenue from municipal code enforcement over the last several years, and these increases are projected to continue…

In other words, with Venus — money issues — becoming supercharged by Uranus and Pluto yesterday, we are invited to realize that cities are cash-strapped. Tax revenues are not enough to fund municipal services. Instead of raising taxes, cities then plan to cover expenses by directing law enforcement departments to make up the difference by collecting fines from its citizens. Law enforcement complies….ruthlessly. It becomes THE priority.  In a related story, six police officers in Whittier, California are suing that city, saying they were forced to meet certain quotas that would generate revenue.

The opposite of Virgo is Pisces, which is intuitive, sensitive and compassionate. “Their Dying Wishes” is an NYT op-ed written by a woman who volunteers in hospice centers and seeks to fulfill the last wishes of people in their final days. These wishes may seem mundane in their simplicity; the stories are tender and kind.  Pisces also refers to endings.

In other news, there will be no more elephant acts at Ringling Brothers’ Circus as of 2018. And in Southern California, stricter emission controls aimed at reducing smog has resulted in healthier lungs for SoCal children. Finally, a man who tried to end it all by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge two years ago says his life was saved — by (an empathic?) sea lion. The man now works as a mental health advocate. Good news.

What’s going on your horoscope?  Find out in a personal astro-logical consultation. We will have an excellent discussion together.








Astro-logical Forecast For Wednesday 3/4/2015: Netanyahu, Hillary & Other Happenings

OK, campers. Time to clean up the beer cans and confetti strewn about the house in the throes of Tuesday’s all-day Moon void in party-hearty Leo. Whatever it was you were up to, it may well turn out to be of no consequence — but I trust you enjoyed it. As of 6:58AM ET, the Moon finally engages the clutch and shifts into discerning Virgo, eager to sort, analyze and criticize, in its effort to make things right.

If it feels like critical faculties are functioning in overdrive, be advised that the Moon is waxing to fullness, exact at 1:08PM ET on Thursday. Until then, we have a few other significant exact patterns today, as noted on Monday. Three of them supercharge matters related to Venus (women, money, aesthetics, social expression) in me-me-me Aries. At 10:14AM ET, Venus aligns beautifully with expansive Jupiter — and some may take that abundant energy straight to the bank. At 1:46PM ET and 10:46PM ET, Venus is challenged by rebel Uranus and then by potent Pluto, setting the stage for upsets and power plays. Look for more pioneering, fearless and/or daring women in the headlines (a few were noted yesterday).

I’d use the early part of the day to initiate, surfing the wave of optimism suggested by Venus and Jupiter. By 4:48PM ET, the hypercritical Virgo Moon will be challenged by Saturn in Sagittarius, perhaps throwing a wet blanket or a brick wall into the mix.  At 10:14PM ET, just before Venus is squared by resourceful Pluto, Moon is shrouded in the rose-colored or delusional fog of visionary Neptune. Could be dreamy…or just plain wiggy.

Overall, a day ripe with potential. Remember that tomorrow, the Moon goes void at 1:08PM ET, not to enter the next sign until 7:52PM ET on FRIDAY. Get it off your desk today. Onward!

And now, the news.

During yesterday’s long Moon in Leo void, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered an address to Congress.  Jon Stewart has the story. There was plenty of pomp and applause, easily supported by the royal Leo Moon. Mr. Netanyahu was worried about Iran. In 2002, he was worried about Iraq, and said before Congress (thank you, C-span), “If you take out Saddam, I guarantee you it will have enormous, positive reverberations in the region.”

Immediately one wonders, “where is the idealism in his horoscope?” How about Venus in high-flying Sagittarius (right on his Ascendant — of course he’d be well-liked), in a cooperative connection with mental Mercury and Neptune? That’s a giveaway.  And what about that “enormous, positive” outlook? How about a Libra Sun in an expansive connection with Jupiter? Sun-Jupiter aspects can be larger than life — sometimes generous; sometimes bombastic. That need to act with drama (and a sense of regal entitlement, perhaps)? Mars in Leo, together with resourceful Pluto. Astrologer Grant Lewi says Mars in Leo can easily “get away with murder”. And it’s supercharged by Pluto. Wow.

Mr. Netanyahu’s horoscope is looking further supercharged this year and next, as his Libra Moon will be contacted by Uranus, and Jupiter will be at the top of his horoscope. The latter usually coincides with a career boost.

Other dramas making headlines: Hillary Clinton. Yesterday, the NYT was stunned to discover that she is a secretive Scorpio. Why else would she have conducted all of her email correspondence on her own personal account, and not on by an official gov address? Given that this story was running wild during yesterday’s Moon void, we’ll have to wait to see if there is really anything of consequence here.

In fact, Hillary Clinton is such a secretive Scorpio that we do not have a confirmed birth time (she might even be a double Scorpio — doubly secretive and controlling). She definitely has Mars in Leo, however. Hmmm.

In other riveting Moon-void headlines, a baby weasel was photographed clinging to the back of a woodpecker. It looked so cute, until people realized the weasel thought he’d just caught lunch. Still, the photo is amazing.

In news more befitting the empowered feminine potential and/or power plays and upsets involving women (Venus-Uranus-Pluto), yet another woman has come forward to accuse Bill Cosby of rape. We can anticipate a serious disruption of his status quo when Uranus hits his Ascendant. Elsewhere, Sweet Briar — a women’s college — announced it will close, stunning students and its alums.

Meanwhile, former General David Petraeus (and former head of the CIA), is pleading guilty to a misdemeanor (he leaked classified information to his mistress, Paula Broadwell), just as it was announced that Edward Snowden’s lawyers are seeking a way for Snowden to return home and presumably face trial.

Finally, one more item from yesterday’s Moon in Leo void: a Japanese island where orange cats outnumber humans 6 to 1. Yep, they’re running wild…just like yesterday’s Leo (the lion) Moon….

Thank you for reading this forecast.

What’s going on your horoscope?  Find out in a personal astro-logical consultation. We will have an excellent discussion together.



Astro-logical Forecast for Monday & Tuesday 3/2-3/2015: That Dress; Leonard Nimoy & More

Good afternoon!

I hope your week is off to a productive start. Moon entered Leo Sunday at 6:34PM ET, infusing the air with fiery, playful and dramatic energy seeking to shine. A Leo Moon favors drama kings and queens, and today it benefits from an easy flow of energy to five other fiery planets: Saturn in Sagittarius; Mars, Venus & Uranus in Aries; and Jupiter in Leo. Feeling abundantly creative and/or impassioned? Leo rules gold, doncha know…how curious to see this item about $4 million in gold stolen last night from an armored truck in North Carolina.

Get it off your desk today if you can, as the Moon goes void Tuesday at 3:47AM ET on a verbally confrontational face-off with mental Mercury. It doesn’t enter Virgo until 6:58AM ET on WEDNESDAY. Thus, stick to routine concerns tomorrow and roll with any twists that detour your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Remember that crises that crop up during voids often turn out to be much ado about nothing. Projects initiated tend to be of little or no consequence. You could sleep in or flake out and probably get away with it.  I’m already thinking how interesting it is that Benjamin Netanyahu’s controversial speech to Congress tomorrow was rescheduled for an all-day Moon in Leo void. Chill!!

Other voids this week:  Thursday 1:36PM ET until Friday 7:52PM ET — so today, Wednesday and Thursday morning ET are looking like your optimal dates for focused, productive advancement.

We have extraordinary patterns this month. As noted last week, tomorrow we’ll have the second of three mind-expanding, potentially windfall-producing trines between optimistic Jupiter and humanitarian rebel Uranus. You’ll feel the innovative lift most personally if you have a planet or angle around 14 degrees of Leo or Aries…or if you were born 14 days into those signs…though it could be argued that anyone with any planet or angle at 14 degrees of any sign is receptive to a little bit of the buzz. If you do not know where your planets are, consider ordering my Astro-Basics report.

On Wednesday, Venus in me-me-me Aries pulls focus, as it meets up with Uranus,  is squared by Pluto and trines Jupiter. Look for empowering and emancipating headlines about women, aesthetics and social expression to be prominent, not to mention headlines about values and finance. In the past we’ve seen volatility in the markets under these conditions.  Here are some headlines reflected by Venus’s engagement with Uranus and Pluto last October; here’s a NY subway etiquette campaign that launched when Venus made contact with Uranus and Pluto last December, seeking freedom from the tyrannical reach of “manspreaders”.

Ooh, look…already Maggie Smith — an empowered woman — is setting herself free from “Downton Abbey”. And Senator Barbara Mikulski just announced her retirement — after her term ends in 2017.  Next week, action hero Mars will engage with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto — so we can expect volatility to continue…

And now, the news.

I have to talk about That Dress. I was away from my computer during last Thursday’s all-day Moon void in information-junkie Gemini, which is when this story captivated attention all around the globe, finally landing on the NYT homepage on Friday morning. Really, arguing about what color a dress is — blue/black or white/gold — would hardly seem to be of consequence, and I noted many FB postings questioning why it was such a “crisis”. Bwahahahahaha (Moon void in trivial Gemini)…bwahahahahah!

But add in last week’s bewildering/deceptive Sun-Neptune meet-up, and the ground-breaking potential of other big planetary patterns, and we have an opportunity to appreciate how it is possible for two people to view the same factual data (in this case, a dress with actual, seemingly-concrete physical properties), and come up with two different conclusions. And here’s how that is possible, explains this helpful blurb from Wired.

More ground-breaking related news followed. For example, when was the last time we had an opportunity to collectively realize that only 25% of us are actually physically capable of perceiving the 39 colors in this photograph? How might this change the way we discuss and strive to solve the pressing issues of our time? Could this be related to renowned climate scientist Senator James Inhofe’s decision to hurl a snowball on the Senate floor on Friday, as proof that global warming is a hoax, despite soaring temperatures recorded (again) last month in Australia? Is Senator Inhofe physically incapable of seeing the color red? Hmm.

In other ground-breaking news, light has been photographed — for the first time — acting like a wave and as a particle. There is so much about this world that we do not understand…

Elsewhere, Friday’s Moon in homeland security-focused Cancer made me suspect that Congress would not shutdown the Homeland Security Department, as some members of Congress had threatened. That afternoon, the Senate voted to fund the department for another year. The House, however, which cast a vote around the time of a combative Moon-Mars aspect, did not concur. Ten minutes before funding was to expire, and in the aftermath of a more peaceful alignment between Moon and Neptune, funding was extended for seven days — as NYT columnist Gail Collins cheerfully explains.

Meanwhile, the brutal pressure of Pluto’s exact square to the U.S. Saturn was reflected in a number of “get real” stories some might not want to face. And yet, by facing them, we gain the potential to transform and heal (regeneration is a Pluto theme, as well as “resistance is futile”). For example, there was an in-depth story about the nation’s first slavery museum. It opened last year in Louisiana — check out the driving force behind it. Elsewhere, a Marine explains how he learned to kill.  Meanwhile, a Norwegian hired to report his impressions while traveling through North America does not paint a pretty picture. NYT readers were also given an in-depth backstory about a violent incident at Attica State Prison a couple of years ago, in which three prison guards were charged with beating an inmate. The trial — a first for this type of charge in New York State —  was to begin today; minutes ago it was reported that the guards pled guilty — to avoid jail time, presumably.

On Friday, actor Leonard Nimoy — a.k.a. Star Trek’s Mr. Spock —  passed away from complications caused by pulmonary disease. We do not have an exact birth time for Mr. Nimoy, but without taking time to do the actual math, I’m inclined to believe he was an Aries with Moon in Gemini, and thus naturally equipped to portray a character who eschewed emotions in favor of logic. Ask a Moon in Gemini person how they feel, and they will likely respond, “let me think about it”.

Barack Obama also has Moon in Gemini, and I find it fascinating that NYT columnist Maureen Dowd constantly refers to him as “Spock”. Mr Nimoy has Venus in “I love you, but don’t take it personally” Aquarius. This is an offbeat, quirky, humanitarian placement. President Obama does not have Venus in Aquarius, but he does have an Aquarius Ascendant. Fascinating, eh?

Gemini also refers to the lungs, and Mr. Nimoy’s Mercury (ruler of Gemini and thus also refers to lungs) was in a tight alignment with electric, erratic Uranus, as well at Jupiter (expansion) and Pluto. We’d expect the potential for high intelligence and innovation, and for all Mercury-related concerns to perhaps be of strong significance. This configuration in Mr. Nimoy’s horoscope has been under pressure from transiting Uranus and Pluto for some time.

President Obama issued a statement paying tribute to Mr. Nimoy, which you can read here. I loved Spock, too. LL&P.

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