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Astrology for News Junkies

This planetary commentary offers advance notice and analysis on the zeitgeist of the day, with an emphasis on what's happening in the headlines. It is presented as a public service for your information, education and enlightenment. If you have ever wondered "why is this happening NOW," these unique astro-logical insights will transform what you see and read in the news, adding new meaning and understanding. So if you're curious to know why the Impossible Burger is trending now...or why efforts to decriminalize marijuana have been so successful in recent years...or why "Woodrow Wilson, Stud Muffin" was a New York Times headline in December 2013, you will find it here. Use the SEARCH function to find your favorite public figure or world event in over a decade's worth of historical research and reporting. Sign up here to receive this forecast by email (with my compliments).

Tuesday 5/28/2019: Sneak Peek at a Short Work Week; Jupiter Makes It BIG

Happy Tuesday!

If you’re adding an extra day to the Memorial Day weekend, good for you. The Moon is in Pisces — and void of course since 12:21 AM ET. It won’t enter Aries — with verve and focus — until 2:32 PM ET. Avid Readers know that Moon voids are apt times to avoid launching an initiative you hope will be of consequence. That includes major purchases. Stick to routine concerns; allow yourself to wander, even if you never make it to the office. Know that crises which crop up are likely much ado about nothing. Roll with the twists and flakes that may disrupt your efforts to move forward in a straight line. One of those flakes could even be you. Today I almost poured cold water over my freshly-ground coffee; my mind was not quite focused.   If you are new to this forecast and unfamiliar with Moon voids, here’s a primer.

Once the Moon enters Aries at 2:32 PM ET, see if you notice the energetic shift. An Aries Moon needs to pick up the pace and charge ahead — possibly even falling down stairs or off a cliff in its rush to get wherever it’s going FIRST. That me-me-me Aries Moon will drive the week until 12:43 AM ET on Friday, when a Taurus Moon demands that we consolidate our great ideas into something establishing a status quo.

And what great ideas we are likely to see in the headlines this week — some of which may not be based on reality! Right now we’re under the influence of a challenging pattern (a square) between Mercury (how we need to think) and Neptune (vision, deception and fog).  That’s exact on WEDNESDAY at 9:23 PM ET. On THURSDAY, a need for idealism in matters of women, art, values and money is reflected by a harmony (sextile) between Venus and Neptune, exact at 12:51 PM ET. Pushing the envelope at 11:12 PM ET is an opposition between Mercury (ideas) and Jupiter (expansion). I anticipate big initiatives involving publishing, sports, courts, foreigners and/or horses, with this caveat: while Mercury and Jupiter are both in signs they rule (Gemini and Sagittarius, respectively), each is also in the sign of the other’s detriment. A traditional astrologer would say that Mercury is not at its best in Sagittarius; Jupiter is not at its best in Gemini. Let’s see what happens.

On THURSDAY we will also have the Moon’s weekly clash with patriarchal Saturn and potent Pluto, at 5:16 AM ET and 11:08 AM ET respectively. An authoritative advance/wet blanket, followed by an emotional catharsis or power play may make headlines.  On FRIDAY, the day begins with the Moon’s weekly clash with rebel Uranus, exact at 9:26 AM ET. That’s followed by a harmony between a high-functioning Venus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn. This pattern supports that day’s Taurus Moon in its efforts to preserve the status quo in matters of of women, money, art and social expression. On SUNDAY Venus will trine Pluto, facilitating depth and potential transformation and/or extremes.

We will have a New Moon in Gemini on MONDAY at 6:02 AM ET.

In other news, here is Tarot Diva Beth Owls Daughter’s Card of the Week. It’s the Five of Cups — same card that was pulled for the week of April 8th-14th. Here are some of the headlines from that week, with corresponding planetary patterns. As with this week, we see Mercury in a challenging relationship with Jupiter. The Five of Cups suggests a potential loss, but Beth’s weekly card pulls are usually spot-on.

And now, the news.

Two major patterns dominated the headlines last week — and will continue to do so. First is the highly toxic austere/patriarchal/authoritarian crush of Saturn, Pluto and the South Node closerthanthis — but not quite exact — in corporate Capricorn. This pattern ruthlessly continues until at least January 12th, 2020, when Saturn and Pluto stop flirting and finally hook up. The second pattern is the second of three squares (a challenging aspect) between Jupiter and Neptune in Sagittarius and Pisces, respectively. To recap Jupiter square Neptune, from  January 6th:

Another dominant pattern for 2019 in this New Moon is the first of three squares between Jupiter and Neptune (exact on January 13th, June 9th and September 21st). Pushing the limits of faith? In Sagittarius, Jupiter refers to expansion and/or excess in matters including, but not limited to: opinion, dogma, horses, liver, pancreas, optimism, bombast, foreigners, media, law. In Pisces, Neptune refers to fish, oceans, drugs, spirits, lies, fog, refugees, victims, gurus, viruses, chemicals, toxins, suicide, etc.  Here’s one of many headlines reflecting this pattern: “Japan’s Sushi King Pays $3 Million for Giant BlueFin Tuna.” That’s one BIG (Jup iter) FISH (Neptune), and it wouldn’t command such a high price if it weren’t so SCARCE (Saturn-Sun-Pluto conjunct in Capricorn).

Isn’t it interesting that with the second Jupiter (big!) – Neptune (fish! lies!) square just days away from being exact, we saw this headline in the NYT: “He Claimed He Caught  a Record-Breaking Fish. Now He’s Being Called a Liar.”

As you know, Jupiter turned retrograde at 24 degrees of Sagittarius in April. It backed up to 22 degrees Sagittarius on May 11th; 21 Sagittarius on May 21 and will hit 20 Sagittarius on May 30th. Why is this signifcant? As you know from prior posts, P45’s Moon and toxic South Node are at 21 and 20 Sagittarius; his Sun is at 22 Gemini (directly opposite 22 Sagittarius). So we were able to anticipate months ago that he would be pushing boundaries yugely during this time.

Also note that transiting Jupiter at 21-22 Sagittarius activates the wiggy Mars-Neptune square in the horoscope of the United States, expanding our national idealism/fixation in matters of cowboys, guns, religion and glamour (to name a few).  After Jupiter turns direct on August 12th at 14 Sagittarius, it will hit 20-22 Sagittarius for the third and last time (in this cycle) in October. That’s when we will see more boundary-pushing action from P45, resulting in headlines similar to these:

Random counterpunch: “Texas secretary of state resigns after botched voter purge that questioned the citizenship of 100,000 people.”

Meanwhile, in VP Land, note that Mike Pence has Mercury at 21 Gemini — tied to the U.S. Mars-Neptune square — and activated by transiting Jupiter:

In other news…

As you know, Neptune refers to drugs and Jupiter is still BIG“Oklahoma takes on drugmakers Johnson & Johnson and Teva in landmark opioid trial”

Meanwhile, you may recall that when Chiron entered Aries back in March for an eight-year stay, one of the themes we could expect to see addressed in the headlines was “toxic masculinity.” Earlier this month I neglected to mention a gripping NYT Sunday magazine cover story on that exact subject. And even though I expected to see it addressed, it was still a “wow!’ when it was published. Astrology is amazing.

In countries that are not the United States:

In other news, with Uranus (upsets) now in Taurus (retail, stuff, food, banks, cows), we expect to see disruption/shocks in those areas over the next seven years:

UPDATE: CNN’s Jim Acosta was discussed back in November. Given patterns observed back then, it is no surprise that he’s just published a book called “The Enemy of the People.” Plus, transiting Jupiter is squaring his Venus at 22 Pisces.

Random boundary-pushing stories with cosmic (Neptune) themes:

And finally, Randy Rainbow’s horoscope is right on schedule. I wrote about it in the Jun/Jul issue of Mountain AstrologerBack in January, Rainbow released his brilliant satirical take on All Things P45, set to “Cell Block Tango” from the musical Chicago. That was when transiting Jupiter was at 22 Sagittarius, triggering his Mars-Neptune opposition at 22 Gemini-Sagittarius. We can expect another creation any minute now — and oh lookie, here it is, hot off the press, and it’s called “Just Impeach Him.” But wait — there’s more! Posted on WaPo just two hours ago: “Randy Rainbow’s witty world: how a musical nerd reinvented political satire for the YouTube age.” 

I have yet to find a more empowering tool for understanding why you are the way you are and why things happen when they do. Have  you? To find out when things are likely to happen in your life, why not consider scheduling a personal consultation to discuss your horoscope. Plan B: if you find this forecast engaging and informative, you may support the work by making a one-time or monthly contribution to the Cosmic Tip Jar.

With gratitude.

Thank you for reading this forecast.








Monday 5/20/2019: Sneak Peek at the Week: Full Moon in Scorpio Fallout

Good Morning!

And how was your Full Moon in Scorpio weekend? Powerful, cathartic and/or intense? If you have a planet or angle around 27 degrees of Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius or Leo, you may have been personally affected by the Scorpio Moon’s need for emotional depth (for the sake of power and control), challenged by the Taurus Sun’s need for material comfort and security. What should have the greater priority: what is mine or what is ours?

The Scorpio Full Moon was exact at 5:11 PM ET on Saturday. Supporting its quest for depth was a daring and disruptive meet-up of Venus and Uranus in Taurus, exact at 12:16 PM ET on Saturday. Earlier that day, a harmony between Mercury (mindset, communication) and Pluto (news from underground) facilitated revelations.  If you watched the SNL season finale, you would have noticed a focus on sensual concerns presented in exceptionally earthy, daring, provocative and definitely unconventional ways. With Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus in Taurus, how could we not? Plus, by the time SNL aired at 11:30 PM ET, the Moon was in Sagittarius, pushing boundaries of opinion to the max. It was a welcome relief — and release — from an intense week.

The Sabian Symbols for the Full Moon are “the king of the fairies approaching his domain” (for the Moon), and “a woman pursued by mature romance” (for the Sun). Sabian Symbol sage Blain Bovee suggests we apply these Symbols with a mind for “…attempting to maintain a mature center while being called to a deep longing; trying not to lose one’s head in love and romance…personal creativity blooming late in life; attentions that seem to come out of another realm; a strange sense of security in never quite returning home; staying with a rigid routine out of fear of mystery.”  For more insights from Bovee, look at the preceding links.

As for “trying not to lose one’s head in love and romance,” note that the 26-27 degree Taurus Sun was conjunct Algol, a fixed star associated with decapitation, demons and the destructive fury of women scorned. Still, there is a positive potential to Algol, which you can read about here. Meanwhile, one of the sketches on SNL involved a Ouija board and a female demon. Coincidence or conspiracy?

As for today and the rest of the week…

  • MONDAY — the Sagittarius Moon squared Neptune at 6:32 AM ET; perhaps your dreams were especially escapist or insightful. Moon meets up with Jupiter at 1:05 PM ET, inflating everyone’s righteous opinion about recent happenings, including not one, but TWO water bottles spotted in the series finale of Game of Thrones. Seriously! But with the weekend’s meet-up between Venus and Uranus against that Sag Moon, we were due for more than one shock involving aesthetics, values, women, money and faraway places. Moon goes void at 1:05 PM ET and won’t enter Capricorn until early Tuesday morning. Give yourself permission to wander this afternoon and evening. Get out in nature; take in a foreign film; think outside the box. Don’t get carried away by a crisis that may turn out to be much ado about nothing.
  • TUESDAYMoon enters Capricorn at 3:56 AM ET, facilitating a hard-nosed need to take care of business. Both the Sun and Mercury leave Taurus for Gemini, facilitating an ability to get the word out in clever, diverse and entertaining ways. And by “getting the word out,” I’m referring to all of the seeds that were planted when the Sun was in Aries that then took form when the Sun was in Taurus. It’s time for the world to hear about your fabulous creation. Caveat: though Mercury (how we need to think) functions brilliantly in Gemini (one of the signs it rules), its proximity to the Sun for the next few days increases potential for idealism; i.e., being blinded by one’s own light.  So you could wait a few days for some perspective (reflected by Mercury’s distance from the Sun) before blindly following that charming cavalier off that cliff. Meanwhile, a face-off between the Moon and Mars at 10:35 AM ET suggests a potential conflict/assertive action, especially if you have a planet or angle around 4 degrees of Capricorn, Cancer, Aries or Libra. The rest of the day and evening offers less resistance, as the proactive drive of the Capricorn Moon is supported by Venus and Uranus.
  • WEDNESDAY — innovative action and technological genius is a strong potential all week, suggested by a cooperative connection (a sextile) between Mars and Uranus exact at 10:46 AM ET. Another sextile between the Moon and Neptune at 3:14 AM ET encourages vision and peaceful resolutions; I can’t say that the evening offers a similar potential. Moon meets up with Saturn and the toxic South Node at 6:22 PM ET, followed by its weekly clash with Pluto at 11:57 PM ET, suggesting an emotional catharsis or power play. Fun Fact: 7 PM ET is the time my co-op board chose for the start of our Annual Shareholders Meeting. The chart is ruled by a cranky Mars in Cancer, sitting in the 8th house (of death). For the first time in decades, two challengers are running against the incumbent board. Clearly the co-op board did not consult with an astrologer before choosing that date and time.
  • THURSDAY — Take it slow in the morning; roll with the twists and flakes. The Capricorn Moon went void right after its clash with Pluto and won’t enter Aquarius until 1:49 PM ET. Around 10:17 PM ET, note the potential for an upset to the status quo, as rebel Uranus challenges the Moon.
  • FRIDAY — the Aquarius Moon sails relatively free and clear. A square from Venus at 12:17 PM ET likely reflects your need to be indulgent and get out of town early for the long Memorial Day weekend.
  • SATURDAY — chill chill chill during the all-day Moon void.
  • SUNDAYMoon enters Pisces at 2:08 AM ET, encouraging us to go with the intuitive flow. If that includes an appointment with your local astrologer, I do have appointments available on Sunday, but not Monday. The Pisces Moon continues through…
  • MONDAY — and goes void on
  • TUESDAY.…at 12:21 AM ET. So if you extend your holiday weekend through Tuesday, you’re likely to get away with it, as the Pisces Moon will be void until 2:32 PM ET.

And now, the news.

Random observation on Game of Thrones: it was THE television series coinciding and reflecting the seven-year series of Uranus-Pluto squares in Aries (which rules iron) and Capricorn (executive authority). At the end of the day, the Iron Throne was destroyed, along with nearly everyone in the cast. But after the apocalypse, the survivors then focused on creating a variety of new democratic systems of governing. We can see how that trend could develop in real life, as in December 2020 Jupiter and Saturn (collective beliefs and structure) will meet up at 0 Aquarius (the people). Looking even further ahead, we see Pluto leaving Capricorn and entering Aquarius in 2023. Power to the people!

In Wednesday’s forecast,  with macho Mars at the Aries Point and leaving Gemini for Cancer (family, women), we anticipated a significant attack in the current war on women. Alabama happily obliged, as 25 white male Republicans voted to ban abortion, with no exception for rape or incest. A doctor who performs an abortion could be imprisoned for 99 years. The vote was 25 – 6, and signed into law by Alabama’s female governor. If you find that news distressing, you’ll find comic relief in Stephen Colbert’s take, as well as SNL’s Leslie Jones.

What’s going on in Alabama’s horoscope?  Here is an awesome write-up, posted in November 2017, when Doug Jones was running against accused sexual predator Roy Moore. Back then, transiting Saturn put the squeeze on Alabama’s renegade Sun-Uranus conjunction in the 8th house (of sex, death and money). Now Alabama’s Sag Sun is feeling the expansive influence of transiting Jupiter, as well as the potential for reckless initiative suggested by transiting Uranus squaring Alabama’s regally entitled Leo Mars. These patterns will continue into early 2020, but that’s not all. Transiting Saturn and Pluto will be sitting right on top of Alabama’s 24 Capricorn Midheaven, which will be eclipsed this July. So when Saturn and Pluto do arrive at 24 Capricorn next year, we may see a rush of action that forever changes Alabama’s status. Adding to the potential for upsets and change: transiting Uranus will cross Alabama’s 8 degree Taurus Ascendant through 2020. Meanwhile, as you would have seen in the 2017 awesome write-up, Alabama was ranked #31 among all states in the category of infrastructure. Two years later, it has slipped to #38. One thing hasn’t changed: Alabama is still rated #50 in the category of education.

In other news, when Venus is in a charged pattern with disruptive Uranus, we often see a record broken in the world of art. Last week that record went to U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s father, who paid $91 million for a sculpture by Jeff Koons. As The Root irreverently reports, this is the highest amount ever paid for the work of a living artist.  Of course Steven Mnuchin would be in the news last week, as transiting Mars opposed his Aries Point Sun.  And of course Barack Obama would be making news too, as Mars was conjunct his Aries Point Venus. Last week he announced the formation of a DNC  “Unity Fund” to back the party nominee.

Speaking of party nominees, at least two new Democratic challengers joined the race: New York Mayor Bill deBlasio and Governor Steve Bullock of Montana. As a New York City resident, I couldn’t be bothered to even look at deBlasio’s horoscope, but Bullock intrigued me. Even without a birth time, patterns in his horoscope (4/11/66 in Missoula, MT) are heating up. His Aries Sun is feeling the empowerment of transiting Pluto through 2019, suggesting he is likely to receive serious attention (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez enjoyed a similar power surge when she won her seat in Congress last year — check out this post from 2018)  I can’t tell you how delighted I am to read — just moments ago — WaPo’s Jennifer Rubin’s latest op-ed:  ‘Steve Bullock might be the best-kept secret in the Democratic race.”   Astrology is amazing.

Also amazing: what’s happening in the Nevada State Legislature, the first and only state legislature where women outnumber the men. How cool and progressive is Nevada? When I googled “Nevada horoscope,” I found three articles written on the subject that were not posted on academic astrology sites. Here is one — a fine analysis — and astrology students can look and appreciate why Nevada will continue to make disruptive headlines into 2020.

Are you due for a disruptive streak any time soon? Find out in a personal consultation. Here’s the 411. And here’s a rave from an Avid Reader that made my day last week:

“Thanks for being phenomenally good at your profession, and also for being a fun and comforting friend and confidante.”

I am delighted to be of service. Thank you for reading this forecast.


Monday 5/13/2019: Sneak Peek at the Week; Unconventional Women & Others

Good morning!

  • Moon in Virgo drives this Monday with its need for nailing down the details with exacting perfection. A whole bunch of planets are making easy connections to one another this week — superb for getting things done. Hope you’re on the side of the angels in your quest for world domination. Here’s how it goes:
    • MONDAY Harmony between the Moon and Mercury (how we need to think) facilitates communication. It’s clear sailing up until around 7:15 PM ET, when Moon opposes Neptune. That can fog things up, but it sorts itself out by 10:39 PM ET, when Moon trines Saturn. Humming in the background is another harmony between the Sun and Pluto, suggesting significant news of power and leadership — exact at 11:04 PM ET.
    • TUESDAY — a harmony (sextile) between Venus and Mars suggests cooperative communication between the ying and the yang. Note that Mars is at the verrrry end of Gemini, about to hit the Aries Point late Wednesday night. This suggests prominence in matters of action, aggression, doubletalk and other ways words may be used as weapons. We may read about a special outburst around 1:19 PM ET, when the critical Virgo Moon squares the Gemini Mars. Moon goes void for a brief spell…entering Libra at 1:19 PM ET. The shift from Virgo to Libra suggests an afternoon (and the next two days) focused on people-pleasing, diplomacy, fairness and balance.
    • WEDNESDAYVenus leaves warrior woman Aries for material comfort-seeking TaurusVenus, refers to social expression, women, aesthetics and finance; Taurus is one of the signs Venus rules. For the next few weeks, note how a need for tangible value, comfort and security manifests in the news. If you’re a Taurus, hooray for you; this transit of Venus in your sign may fill up your dance card. Enjoy.
    • WEDNESDAY — Meanwhile, a harmony between Mercury and Neptune permeates the day, exact at 9:21 PM ET. Color it rose and note your dreams this week.  Music, spiritual pursuits, healing and other idealistic escapes are favored.
    • WEDNESDAY — Mars, aforementioned planet of action and aggression, leaves Gemini for Cancer at 11:10 PM ET. Mars in Cancer suggests action for the sake of emotional/homeland security; watch the headlines. Perhaps we’ll see a prominent headline involving the current trend of the current war on women’s health. At 0 Cancer, Mars will be exactly at the Aries Point (thus the prominent potential).
    • THURSDAY — Heavy emotions overnight in the Americas, as the Moon makes its weekly clash with controlling Saturn (at 1 AM ET), followed by Pluto at 5:37 AM ET. Oh what power plays and catharses will we hear about in the early morning Twittersphere? The Libra Moon goes void at 5:37 AM ET — and won’t enter the next sign — Scorpio — until 5:26 PM ET. The long void means stick to routine concerns and roll with the twists and flakes which may disrupt your effort to move forward in a straight line. If you have the luxury of wandering today, please feel free to do so. Whatever you do, don’t make a mountain of crisis out of a molehill. Chill! And note how the focus returns once the Moon is fully engaged in the next sign. Said focus is made more apparent by a harmony between Mercury and Saturn, exact at 7:09 PM ET. If you’re a writer or a drafter of any kind, today’s long void may serve you well.
    • FRIDAY — the Scorpio Moon’s demand for depth and substance may be jolted by the upset of its weekly clash with rebel Uranus, exact at 12:03 AM ET. After that, there are no exact aspects among the planets for the rest of the day. Have fun plumbing the depths — and note that emotions are on the rise, as the Moon waxes full on…
    • SATURDAY — …at 5:11 PM ET. But first, watch for investigative dirt and still more deep thoughts to emerge in the morning, as Mercury trines Pluto at 1:46 AM ET. We should see more headlines than we’re already seeing about gender-benders, unconventional attractions and avant garde women, art, money and values. Why? Venus meets up with Uranus at 12:16 PM ET. That’s a suggestion of notable market volatility. Will fill you in on the Full Moon in Scorpio at the end of the week.

    And now, the news.

  • “Dow plunges 450 points as investors fear escalating trade war threatens economy.”   No kidding, and we are likely to see more of a squeeze on the U.S. sense of self-worth and its finances as transiting Saturn squares the U.S. Saturn twice between now and the end of October.
  • Just in time for the Venus-Uranus (unconventional women) meet-up: a front-page WaPo profile on Danica Roem, the country’s first openly-transgender state legislator.
  • Meanwhile, the NYT interviewed Howard Stern. He was born with Venus opposing Uranus, so we can expect his social expression to be a tad unconventional and shocking. Stern has a new book coming out, and says that some of the shocking things he wrote in past books were “insane.” What could reflect this dramatic change of perspective? Stern is a Capricorn with Sun opposing Uranus; there’s your rebel potential. Transiting Pluto and Saturn are sitting right on top of his Capricorn Sun, Mercury and Venus (and opposing his Uranus), challenging him to break down and compost what no longer serves.
  • Actress Laura Dern is another quirky type with Venus and Uranus strong in her horoscope. She has Sun in humanitarian Aquarius, with Venus on her Pisces Ascendant and Uranus squaring her Midheaven. Her Moon, Mercury and Saturn are also in Pisces; she’s got empathy for all human suffering like nobody’s business. Right now transiting Jupiter is atop her Midheaven (career/public status), suggesting expansion and positive publicity.  She’s going to play Marmee in Little Women, coming to a theater near you on Christmas. “Laura Dern Embraces the Messiness of Human Life” (translation: Aquarius Sun with Moon-Ascendant-Saturn-Mercury in Pisces). Subhead: “Over a 40-year career, the actress has avoided being typecast and found humor in broken places,” as you can see in the NYT Sunday magazine profile. Astrology is amazing.

Random far-out headline: “Apollo rocks showed how moon was made, and now they’re about to solve more mysteries.”

Random tribute to the legendary Doris Day, whose death at 97 was announced just moments ago. Here is her horoscope  — and here is the scene from The Man Who Knew Too Much, where she sings Que Sera, Sera. It’s a song about a woman whose mother obviously never consulted an astrologer.

Psyched to be finishing the next installment of my “Charts in the News” column for The Mountain Astrologer. After I ship it today, I would be delighted to talk to you about your horoscope — because you deserve more than que sera, sera when you have a burning question about your relationships, your career, your purpose on Spaceship Earth — and how you can make the most of it while you’re on it. Right? Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

P.S. Doris Day is an Aries, driven by a Moon in Gemini, fronted by a perfection-seeking, “perpetually chaste”  Virgo Ascendant. Can’t you tell?



Friday 5/10/2019 & the Weekend


Here’s your reminder forecast for the weekend:

  • FRIDAY: Moon entered Leo at 9:14 AM ET. A Leo Moon favors drama kings and queens. Dysfunctional royals can suck up all the air in the room; a functional one — i.e., one who understands that to rule is to serve — makes the whole world shine. Whichever one crosses your path today, know that its mission is to draw lines and consolidate power, for better or for worse. But first, the Leo Moon squares rebel Uranus at 3:19 PM ET, ending the work week with an upset or innovation. After that, you’re free to party, as a Leo Moon loves to do.
  • SATURDAYSun in money money Taurus trines (harmonizes) with Saturn in corporate Capricorn at 5:19 AM ET.   On MONDAY night, Sun trines Pluto, also in Capricorn. See what I mean about regal types looking to draw lines and consolidate power? That’s what I’m expecting in the headlines. If you’re not a tyrant on the loose, you can also use this earthy, practical exercise of will to do some good in your own personal world. Remember last week’s New Moon in Taurus and how apt it was for planting seeds for material security? Getting back to Saturday: Note the potential challenge that may arise on the First Quarter Moon at 9:12 PM ET. In a conflict between Leo and Taurus, the former is the irresistible force; the latter is the immovable object.
  • SUNDAY: the Leo Moon is void between 8:25 AM ET and 12:22 PM ET, but it should be easy to treat Mom like a queen, with early-AM harmonies among the Moon, Jupiter, Venus and Mars. Moon enters Virgo after the void, shifting our focus on sorting, analyzing and getting things right.  It’s an apt afternoon and evening for spring cleaning, if you’re not spending time with Mom.

No sleeping in on Monday, as the Virgo Moon continues to analyze and layout the details of a power-consolidating initiative. Make the most of it.

And now, the news.

A bundle of joy started the week, as the Duchess and Duke of Sussex announced the arrival of Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. Born May 6th at 5:26 AM (presumably) at Windsor Castle in merry olde England, the newest royal is a Taurus with Moon in Gemini and Taurus rising. Not surprisingly, his mum says Archie has “…the sweetest temperament. He’s really calm.” As we would expect a double Taurus to need to be. But with a blah-blah-blah Gemini Moon and Mercury (how he needs to think) in fast-moving Aries, just wait until he starts talking…

Archie’s birth got far more attention than any other trending topic on social media, including the heavy report released by UN scientists that one eighth of the world’s species are likely on the verge of extinction,  most definitely impacting human life on Spaceship Earth, with humans to blame. One eighth of the world’s species is one million.  Also getting more attention: a Starbucks cup that may or may not have accidentally showed up in last Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones.

In other news, there were plenty of stories reflecting ruthless controls, power plays and exposes involving women and money, as anticipated by Venus (women, money) squared by Saturn (control) and Pluto (ruthless power). Add to that the disruptive element of Mercury (thoughts and information) meeting up with Uranus (surprise; wacky; innovative):

In other news, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos unveiled his plans to help get us back to the moon by 2024 (tech surprise, backed by big power and resource). Elsewhere, “Facebook co-founder says company should be broken up over ‘unprecedented power'” (tech disruption). Uranus refers to aviation; Mercury refers to communication. No wonder Delta Airlines is getting heat for an anti-union campaign in which they told workers to spend money on video games and beer instead of union dues.  Delta is also making headlines today for thinking about offering free wifi, and for stopping a suicidal woman from opening the emergency exit during a flight from Raleigh to New York. Wonder what’s going on in Delta’s horoscope…

Meanwhile, who remembers the Sabian Symbol from last week’s New Moon? Remember how these symbols have a curious way of showing up in the headlines? It was:

“a man muffled up, with a rakish hat.” “Muffled up,” is he? Can’t get the words clearly out of his mouth? And his hat — another part of his cover — is “rakish?” And made of silk — so smooth and rich — and comes from China?

In the U.S., China is all over the news this week — in the form of  trade talks, wars and tariffs. One expression of  “a man muffled up” could reflect Robert Mueller, who was tentatively scheduled to testify in Congress next week; P45 does not want that to happen; so far, Mueller’s appearance has been postponed.

Finally, there’s something apt about Michael Punke reportedly thinking about running to serve as Montana’s next governor or senator. Why? Because Michael Punke wrote The Revenant, the intense survivalist novel which became the intense survivalist film which earned Leonardo DiCaprio his Oscar. If you saw that film, you may recall it as a non-stop exercise in tough tough tough Saturn and Pluto — and it was based on a true story. At the end of the day, Leonardo DiCaprio did survive his ordeal in the wilderness and presumably lived happily ever after. That’s something to remember over the next year or so, as we learn the lessons required by Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. This, too, shall pass.

If you have Saturn and Pluto active in your horoscope, you really should know about it. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Thank you for reading this forecast.



Monday 5/6/2019: Sneak Peek at the Week; Venus in Focus

Good Morning!

The Moon is in Gemini, driving the day with a need to know. Get the facts and talk ’em up, free and clear of interference. Note that at 2:25 PM ET, Mercury — how we need to think — leaves fast-charging, fiery Aries and enters Taurus, where it will stay until May 21st. Mercury in Taurus suggests a need to slooooooow down the flow of information, mulling over an idea as a cow might chew on its cud. Does it satisfy a need for material comfort and security, in earthy and practical terms? Well…ohhhhhKAY then! Mercury in Taurus might buy it.

Whereas Mercury was the star player last week, this week that honor goes to Venus, planet of what/whom we love and how we express our affections. With Venus in Aries, love may be a conquest or a crusade. Watch, as Venus makes the rounds this week, making contact with Saturn (streamlining), Jupiter (expansion) and Pluto (power/catharsis) — with more to come next week. In the news, watch for headlines involving money, women, art and values.  If you have a planet or angle around 20 – 23 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn…or were born around the 10th-14th of January, April, July or October, you’re more affected by this week’s Venus action. If you buy lottery tickets on Wednesday, let me know if you win anything.

Here’s how the week goes:

  • TUESDAY: Note your dreams around 8;15 AM ET, as Moon squares Neptune. At 9:25 AM ET Saturn squares Venus, reflecting a patriarchal cold shoulder or steely matriarchal ambition. Moon opposes Jupiter at 5:10 PM ET, ending the work day on an expansive note; dinner might be disrupted by a focused verbal provocation, as Moon meets up with Mars at 7:50 PM ET. The Gemini Moon then goes void until 5:06 AM ET on …
  • WEDNESDAY: …when the Moon enters Cancer, shifting our focus to emotional/homeland/family security. The buzz in the air is reflecting the 10:22 AM ET meet-up between Mercury (thoughts) and Uranus (surprise!). Could be a tech breakthrough that is truly innovative and inspiring, reflecting a harmony between the Sun and Neptune, exact at 10:53 PM ET. Or it could just be wacky. Regardless, this is a fine day for brainstorming and networking; go for it — especially if you are looking for pleasure, power or financing.
  • THURSDAY: More Moon in Cancer, with an inspiring and powerfully indulgent morning sponsored by Venus. At 12:55 PM, Moon trines Neptune (inspiring/visionary/faith-based). One minute later, Venus trines Jupiter (indulgent; lucky). At 1:18 PM ET, Venus squares Pluto (powerful/cathartic) — and a witchy-bitchy woman may be involved. Still, there is a harmony between the Cancer Moon and the Taurus Sun at 1:57 PM ET, facilitating cooperation and communication. Things may get sticky as we approach 4:44 PM ET, when the sensitive Cancer Moon is opposed by patriarchal control freak Saturn, followed by the Moon’s weekly clash with Pluto at 9:19 PM ET. The evening ends with Venus in me-me-me Aries feeling indulgent or snitty,  squaring off against the Moon at 10:06 PM ET — and then going void for the next 11 hours. Chill — and roll with the twists and flakes that may disrupt your efforts to move forward in a straight line.
  • FRIDAY: East Coasters, your morning routine may be off to a slow start — at least until the void Cancer Moon enters Leo at 9:14 AM ET. A Leo Moon favors drama kings and queens. Dysfunctional royals can suck up all the air in the room; a functional one — i.e., one who understands that to rule is to serve — makes the whole world shine. Whichever one crosses your path today, know that its mission is to draw lines and consolidate power, for better or for worse. But first, the Leo Moon squares rebel Uranus at 3:19 PM ET, ending the work week with an upset or innovation. After that, you’re free to party, as a Leo Moon loves to do.
  • SATURDAY: Sun in money money Taurus trines (harmonizes) with Saturn in corporate Capricorn at 5:19 AM ET.   On MONDAY night, Sun trines Pluto, also in Capricorn. See what I mean about regal types looking to draw lines and consolidate power? That’s what I’m expecting in the headlines. If you’re not a tyrant on the loose, you can also use this earthy, practical exercise of will to do some good in your own personal world. Remember last week’s New Moon in Taurus and how apt it was for planting seeds for material security? Getting back to Saturday: Note the potential challenge that may arise on the First Quarter Moon at 9:12 PM ET. In a conflict between Leo and Taurus, the former is the irresistible force; the latter is the immovable object.
  • SUNDAY: the Leo Moon is void between 8:25 AM ET and 12:22 PM ET, but it should be easy to treat Mom like a queen, with early-AM harmonies among the Moon, Jupiter, Venus and Mars. Moon enters Virgo after the void; you are then free to shop.

And now, the news.

Every byline in Sunday’s NYT could have been: Mars opposing Jupiter and Venus square Saturn-Pluto. So much money; so many women of steel; so much testosterone (Mars) to the max (Jupiter). And horses (Jupiter in Sagittarius)!

Here’s the big horse story:

  • In a First, the Top Finisher at the Kentucky Derby is Disqualified”.  I confess I’m a bit relieved that Maximum Security (Taurus, with steroids added by Saturn-Pluto in authoritarian Capricorn) did not prevail, after he pushed other horses around. The prize went to Country House — which is how I prefer my expression of Taurus comfort and security — don’t you?

Meanwhile, this just in…

What’s going on in your horoscope? I would be delighted to provide you with insights to your burning questions. Here’s the 411 on consultations. We will have a fine discussion together.

Stay tuned to this channel for continuing updates — and thank you for reading this forecast. Please share it with your friends.


Friday 5/3/2019 & the Weekend: New Moon in Taurus; Jupiter Makes It BIG


The me-me-me Aries Moon went void with a long sigh at 4:47 AM ET. Meanwhile, it’s a “dead” Moon — at the end of the cycle. Stick to routine concerns; wrap up projects from last month. Roll with any twists or flakes that may disrupt your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Once the Moon enters Taurus at 4:18 PM ET, you may sense a buzz in the air, adding to the dead Moon’s restlessness. That buzz is Uranus, planet of disruption. It meets up with the Taurus Moon at 10:15 PM ET, jolting the Collective’s need for material comfort and security, for better or for worse. Watch the headlines.

Also of note: Mars, planet of action, is nearing its exact opposition to Jupiter, planet of BIG. Mars is activating one of the dominant patterns of 2019: the Jupiter-Neptune square, discussed in January:

Another dominant pattern for 2019 in this New Moon is the first of three squares between Jupiter and Neptune (exact on January 13th, June 9th and September 21st). Pushing the limits of faith? In Sagittarius, Jupiter refers to expansion and/or excess in matters including, but not limited to: opinion, dogma, horses, liver, pancreas, optimism, bombast, foreigners, media, law. In Pisces, Neptune refers to fish, oceans, drugs, spirits, lies, fog, refugees, victims, gurus, viruses, chemicals, toxins, suicide, etc.  Here’s one of many headlines reflecting this pattern: “Japan’s Sushi King Pays $3 Million for Giant BlueFin Tuna.” That’s one BIG (Jup iter) FISH (Neptune), and it wouldn’t command such a high price if it weren’t so SCARCE (Saturn-Sun-Pluto conjunct in Capricorn)

Add sports and academia to that list of Jupiter matters and scandals, fantasy, film and scams to the Neptune column.  Last week, Mars activated Neptune (by square). As it makes its way to Jupiter, now do you understand why we’ve been seeing so many BIG headlines on Jupiter-Neptune concerns?

The only exact aspect ET on SATURDAY is the New Moon in Taurus. Make a list and set your intentions for what you’d like to accomplish when the new cycle begins at 6:46 PM ET.  A New Moon in Taurus needs to build material stability and security. So what do you need to have? No really, what? That’s the mantra for Taurus: I HAVE. How creative can you get when it comes to acquiring what you need? If Aries is the spark that generates an idea, Taurus takes that idea and gives it form.

Wherever 14 degrees of Taurus falls in your horoscope is the area of your life that is primed for planting those seeds. I challenge you to do the work required to make those seeds grow. Sure, you can spend this time rolling in the meadow, smelling the flowers. But if that’s all you do this month, you could be missing out on a prime opportunity.  Don’t know where 14 Taurus falls in your horoscope? That’s what your astrologer is here to tell you — in a personal consultation or a written report. Here’s the 411.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is “a man muffled up, with a rakish hat.” “Muffled up,” is he? Can’t get the words clearly out of his mouth? And his hat — another part of his cover — is “rakish?” And made of silk — so smooth and rich — and comes from China? Sounds like an intriguing character. How will this image play out in the headlines this month, hmm? As always, we consult Blain Bovee’s wonderful book on Sabian Symbols for details:

“…consider muffled voices, mumbled words; inclined postures; dropping the ball and getting away with it; a playful knack for apparel and appearance; openness to new ideas, new worlds; creating happy sensations; detachment from disintegrating worlds, from social perception, from transient perception.”

In the New Moon chart set in Washington DC, it is interesting to see the Ascendant at 29 Libra — same as last month’s Libra Full Moon. We’re at the end of something for sure. Venus in Aries rules the chart; this is a “warrior woman” expression which is traditionally not well-received: fiery and strident, less concerned with social graces and charm. The values of Venus in Aries have a steely, ruthless focus — for better or worse. In its effort to champion the cause, it may feel as if it’s between a rock and a hard place. Why do I say this? Venus is squaring Saturn, the North/South Node and Pluto.  Its steely ambition, added to the Mars-Jupiter-Neptune Big Thing is reflected here:

With respect to the United States, the New Moon horoscope suggests revelations, shocks and other disruptions of the status quo. Uranus is hitting all angles of this Washington DC chart. The New Moon is in the 7th House — a hopeful sign, perhaps — since this is the house related to the public, and what happens here is usually seen, not hidden. And what will be seen is likely to be BIG, suggested by that aforementioned Mars-Jupiter opposition at 22 Gemini/Sagittarius, activating the U.S. Mars-Neptune square (guns, cowboys, the American Dream, drugs, Hollywood, etc.) and the horoscope of P45 — and scores of public figures associated with U.S. politics/government.    Check out that post from 2017 and you’ll find excellent tidbits on the horoscopes of Russia and Adolf Hitler. The latter’s horoscope has been quite active in recent years — which should surprise no one, given what’s going on in the headlines. The horoscope lives forever, doncha know.

And now, more news.

Mars (weapons) in Gemini (words) — blown up by Jupiter in Sagittarius (publishing, opinion) and fogged up by Neptune (scandal, deception). Add this week’s hyperactive Mercury (words) in Aries (fast, furious, pioneering, out of sync) — and it sums up the latest on the Mueller investigation.

  • On Tuesday it was revealed that Mueller sent a letter to AG William Barr, challenging the accuracy of Barr’s “summary” of Mueller’s report.
  • Barr appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee, where he continued to lie  — here’s the recap from late-night hosts around the country.
  • Kamala Harris was hailed as the smartest kid in the room, no doubt fulfilling the need of her intensely clever Gemini Ascendant (currently being boosted by transiting Jupiter’s expansion). Watch, as she gets Barr to admit that he didn’t bother to personally review all of the underlying evidence referenced in the Mueller Report — because really, why would Barr need evidence when his stubborn Mercury in Taurus is square to ruthless Pluto — and already made up?
  • Today another letter was published — this one from White House counsel Emmett Flood — also to Barr — trashing the Mueller Report. It was written on the Full Moon of April 19th — the one at 29 Libra.
  • Still more words as weapons: “Watergate had the Nixon tapes. Mueller had Annie Donaldson’s notes.”   We don’t even have a birth date for Annie Donaldson (Don McGahn’s then chief of staff), but the reporter feels a need to tell us that she drove a red Corvette, a reflection of the current Mars transit — and a significant Aries signature in Ms. Donaldson’s presumed horoscope (along with a lot of precise and detailed Mercury/Virgo/Gemini).


Random upbeat news: “Maine becomes first state to ban styrofoam.” Huzzah! And as Maine goes, so goes the nation. So they say.

UPDATE: Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO)  announced his presidential run, bringing the total of Democratic contenders to 7, 243.  Bennet’s announcement is no surprise to anyone reading this forecast back in January. 

UPDATE: Rod Rosenstein resigned this week, effective May 11th. Pluto was alllllmost-but-not-quite sitting on his 23 Capricorn Sun, suggesting a dynamic power play/transformation. Something is being held back. Let’s note that his Sun will be eclipsed on July 19th….and triggered in November (by Mars) and in  January 2020, by transiting Pluto and Saturn. The fat lady has not yet sung.

UPDATE: Nicolas Maduro, last written about in January, in which April and May were declared months to watch. Some have been tempted to say that Maduro is going to get thrown out any minute now — and millions have taken to the streets, as transiting Saturn squared his Midheaven a few weeks ago. Today, what was supposed to be the “largest” protest march in Venezuela, called by opposition leader Juan Guaido, appears to have petered out. During a nearly all-day Moon void? Dead, no less? No surprise here. Saturn will hit the Midheaven again on May 11th — but there’s more bang for the bucks in July, when transiting Uranus shakes up Maduro’s Saturn (structure/authority) and transiting Pluto opposes his Ascendant for the second time.

What’s going on in your horoscope?

Thank you for reading this forecast.

Tuesday 4/30/2019: Late Sneak Peek at the Week; Mercury in Focus

…and we’re back in NYC. Happy Tuesday!

The start of the work week is driven by the Moon in Pisces, seeking to work with impressions, ideals and empathy. Note your dreams this AM, as the Moon meets up with inspirational Neptune at 6:33 AM ET. Feelings may be in flux, as the Moon then makes contact with four more planets — Mars (action/assertion), Saturn (structure/control), Pluto (power/resources) and Jupiter (expansion/exuberance). Moon goes void at 5:57 PM ET; stick to routine concerns and roll with the twists and flakes which may disrupt your efforts to move forward in a straight line.

Mercury is the star player this week. The planet symbolizing how we need to think/communicate is zooming through Aries, suggesting a speedy flow of information that may be ahead of its time. It goes like this:

  • WEDNESDAY — At 2:38 AM ET, Mercury makes a cooperative alignment with Mars, good for walking and talking. At 4:50 AM ET, Mercury squares Saturn, suggesting heavy mindsets and communication. These patterns are in effect a few days before they are exact. Meanwhile, Moon enters Aries at 6:24 AM ET, rarin’ to get things started. Aries, go forth and conquer.
  • THURSDAY — more Moon in me-me-me Aries, boldly meeting up with an equally bold Venus at 10:39 AM ET. Watch the headlines for pioneering warrior women. Also keep an eye out for investigative dirt and mental power plays, as Mercury squares Pluto at 5:49 PM ET.  At 10:16 PM ET Moon squares Saturn, adding gravitas to the evening. A trine between Mercury and Jupiter at 11:59 PM ET lightens the mood. If that all seems a bit bi-polar, I understand. And we haven’t even gotten to the overnight catharsis, suggested by…
  • FRIDAY — Moon makes its weekly clash with Pluto at 3:17 AM ET, followed by an easy aspect between the Moon and Jupiter at 4:06 AM ET. The final word happens at 4:47 AM ET, when the daring Aries Moon meets up with Mercury — and then goes void for the next twelve hours. By then we will be in the last days of the lunar cycle, perhaps feeling listless or restless. sensing that something new is around the corner. If you are working on Friday, you may need a push to get started. It may feel as if time is moving more slowly. Moon enters Taurus at 4:18 PM ET — West Coasters are more likely to notice the energetic shift, as the Taurus Moon seeks to build and maintain material comfort and security. Said security may be somewhat jolted around 10:15 PM ET by the Moon’s weekly charge from rebel Uranus.
  • SATURDAY — the only exact aspect is the New Moon in Taurus, which happens at 6:46 PM ET. I’ll write more about that for the weekend.
  • SUNDAY —  Moon goes void at 11:10 AM ET and enters Gemini at 11:40 PM ET. In between we’ll have a rush of energy reflected by an opposition between Mars (in fast-talking, multi-tasking Gemini) and Jupiter (in opinionated, boundary-pushing Sagittarius). A constructive physical outlet is advised.  If you were born around the 14th of June, September, December or March, you are more personally affected by this provocative and expansive pattern. That includes P45, or as George Conway has dubbed him, “Deranged Donald.” I’m expecting big news involving courts, sports, horses, foreign affairs and publishing — to name a few.

And now, the news.

The weekend’s sensational square between macho Mars and not-so-fast Neptune suggested a scandal, and NYT’s Sunday magazine delivered. Add a big dose of patriarchal focus reflected by Saturn turning retrograde in corporate Capricorn, and you might find:

Other wiggy Mars-Neptune headlines:

Also happening in Japan — patriarchal, pixie-dusted and perhaps somewhat surreal:  Crown Prince Naruhito will become Emperor. According to WaPo:

Historians say that the first leader of Japan’s imperial family took power more than 1,400 years ago, when Empress Suiko ascended to the Chrysanthemum Throne in 592 AD. Suiko would hold her position for 35 years, during which time she spread Buddhism and instituted Japan’s first constitution…

…It was a desire to be more Westernized that prompted Japan to formally block female heirs in the late 19th century.

The NYT reports:

The ascension ceremony in a state room at the imperial palace will make history in another way: For the first time in the modern era, a woman will be present. Satsuki Katayama, the sole woman in the cabinet of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, will be on hand to witness this first step in Naruhito’s enthronement.

[Read “Survival of the Throne,” a five-episode series on Japan’s royal family.]

But the new empress, Masako, Naruhito’s wife of 26 years, will not be allowed to attend — another illustration of the diminished status of women in the imperial family, and of the challenges women face more broadly in Japanese society.

It makes sense for the Crown Prince to become Emperor at this time, as he’s having his second Saturn return. He’s due for a new lease on life. His father has just completed his Uranus return — a time of liberation. This concludes the history portion of today’s forecast.

In other news…

…let’s look at the horoscope of Ron Reagan, Jr. Sun in Taurus, driven by a Gemini Moon: he needs to be the smartest kid in the room. In 1976, planetary patterns in his horoscope suggested a need for an identity-transforming break/separation, likely involving creative self-expression, ultimately leading to empowerment (transiting Pluto and Saturn on the angles of his chart). That’s when he dropped out of Yale to pursue his dream of becoming a ballet dancer. His horoscope experienced similar patterns in 2014 (add Uranus), when his wife passed away after a long illness. In 2019, Reagan’s horoscope suggests a need for innovative/righteous thinking, possibly involving publishing. On Sunday, WaPo published Spring Cleaning 2019: Eight Things to Toss. Ron Reagan nominated astrology, calling it “pseudoscientific piffle.” OK, whatever. Did I mention that when Ron Reagan was 12, he declared himself an atheist? (Pluto and Uranus on the angles).  I would not be surprised to hear more from Ron Reagan on matters of vision, belief and faith (and lack thereof) as the year progresses — with more to come in 2020.

What’s going on in your horoscope? When are you scheduled to make an empowering break? Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Thank you for reading this forecast — and sharing it with your friends.



Friday 4/26/2019 & the Weekend: Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered; Saturn Turns Retrograde

TGIF in Colorado, where your faithful astrologer is working with fabulous colleagues on the planning of a fabulous conference happening in September 2020. Lots of work accomplished; plenty more left to do over the next 18 months. Will be back in NY on Monday.


Moon entered Aquarius at 5:27 AM ET, infusing today and most of the weekend with a need for social significance. Aquarius needs to be appreciated for what is unique, while at the same time arguing that all should be treated as equals. Hang with you friends and other social networks, appreciate what each brings to the table. We may see a jolt or other flash of recognition around 10:57 AM ET, as the Moon makes its weekly clash with rebel Uranus. Another point of release may occur around 6:18 PM ET, on the Third Quarter Moon. This month, it’s the freedom-seeking Aquarius Moon challenging the “mine-mine-MINE” Sun in Taurus. Find an innovative way to share your toys.

On SATURDAY at 9:04 AM ET,  Mars — planet of action, courage and aggression squares Neptune — planet of faith, oil, deception, scandal. With Mars in Gemini, the weapon in this battle may be words. Don’t believe everything you hear. Mars with Neptune can be seductive, charismatic, razzle-dazzling and/or fanatical.

SUNDAY — Moon goes void at 5:44 AM ET — enters Pisces at 6:11 PM ET. Yippee — a whole day of rest and relaxation — but no impulse shopping, if you please. Do that on Saturday. No sleeping in on MONDAY. The Pisces Moon won’t be void.

Now and through the weekend, Saturn is in the process of changing direction about to turn retrograde on MONDAY at 5:55 PM ET. From our perspective on Spaceship Earth, Saturn is slowing to a virtual dead stop. The image that comes to mind is one of focus — in the way an impatient driver sits on his or her horn while stuck in traffic. The focus is on matters related to corporate/executive authority (Saturn in Capricorn), adding to the focus on corporate power suggested by Pluto turning retrograde last Wednesday.  Who has power over whom? Exhibit A:  White House to Congress: top immigration aide won’t testify. Exhibit B: Treasury’s Mnuchin misses deadline to hand over Trump tax returns.   Exhibit C: [Congressman] “threatens to jail White House officials who won’t comply.”

Retrograde planets suggest a time to look inward for authority in whatever matters ruled by that planet. They also suggest delays, reconsideration or revisions.    Saturn refers to plans structure, discipline and ambition. Saturn turns retrograde at 20 degrees of Capricorn and will back up to 13 degrees before turning direct on September  18th. It will take until December 25th for Saturn to return to where it is right now. You’re more personally affected by this Saturn retrograde  if you were born between the 4th and 11th of January, April, July and October or if you have planets around  13-20 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. I imagine you’re feeling quite a need for a streamlined focus in 2019. Many clients are, too. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations. 

And now, the news.

UPDATE: Joe Biden declared his presidential run via a video posted yesterday at 4 AM ET. His officially start is driven by Moon in Capricorn, meeting up with Saturn and Pluto — positively screaming “old guard!” That’s likely an asset in an election year dominated by Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn. Planetary patterns look expansive and regenerative through 2019. 2020 is more challenging, with patterns involving Neptune on multiple levels.  Could be visionary; could be bewildering; time will tell if he navigates through the potential fog and ends up on solid ground.

UPDATE: William Weld declared his run for the Republican presidential nomination, as anticipated. How apt that the announcement was made during a week with the Sun conjunct rebel Uranus, especially since Weld is experiencing non-stop transits to his Leo Sun and Taurus Moon through 2020. The former governor of Massachusetts isn’t wasting any time hurling Uranian thunderbolts and lightning at his opponent, calling him “a one-man crime wave.” One can only hope there will be televised debates in advance of the Republican primaries….

UPDATE: Hillary Clinton marked the third square or transiting Uranus to her Scorpio Sun by writing this op-ed for WaPo: “Mueller documented a serious crime against all Americans. Here’s how to respond.”  On the second square in September 2018, she wrote a headline-grabbing piece for The Atlantic. Makes perfect sense, given that the Sun and Uranus rule the areas of her horoscope which refer to publishing and communication. Coincidence or conspiracy?


I’ve often written about the square between Mars and Neptune in the U.S. horoscope, reflecting our need for “the American Dream,” and also our idealism (Neptune) of firearms (Mars). Matters symbolized by this square can’t help but be BIG right now, as transiting Jupiter (expansion) has gotten involved. Add the power plays of Saturn and Pluto  to the scheming potential of of the Mars- Neptune square happening this weekend: “In NRA Power Struggle, Insurgents Hope to Oust Wayne LaPierre.,”  and this one — that came in five minutes before this forecast shipped: “Trump Pulls Out of Arms Treaty During Speech at NRA Convention.” How’s that’s for bewildering? Meanwhile, Neptune is associated with the unknown and all things Navy; ergo: “How Frustrated Pilots Got the Navy to Stop Dismissing UFO Sightings.”   Elsewhere, the NYT has this: “Her ‘Prince Charming’ turned out to be a crazed hit man on the run.” 

Finally, Uranus in Taurus suggests disruption and innovation in matters related to cows, bulls and food. If you haven’t heard about the Impossible Burger , now is the time! Looks like a burger; tastes like a burger — but no bull (which you should be watching out for, on a weekend with Mars square Neptune).

Thank you for reading this forecast. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations. I look forward to a fun and productive discussion with you soon!



Monday 4/22/2019: Sneak Peek at the Week; Surprise, Surprise; Resistance is Futile

Hello from 38,000 feet – Denver, here I come!

The start of the work week is driven by the Moon in Sagittarius, seeking to push boundaries. Whether it’s taste, opinion or actual physical borders, Sagittarius aims for the above and beyond. Over the next two days consider ways to expand your usual database. Take in a foreign film or get out in nature. You’ll be glad you did.

The electric buzz of the Sun’s annual meet-up with rebel Uranus (at 7:05 PM ET) permeates the day. Shake-ups, shocks, seismic action, tech breakthroughs and other bolts from the blue are to be expected. Be advised that this meet-up takes place in Taurus, an Earth Sign not known for adaptability. The changes demanded by this Sun-Uranus conjunction  are more likely to be resisted, even though resistance is futile. If you were born between April 21 – 26, you’re feeling the push for a break-out more personally than most. Are you having fun yet? Would you like to talk about it?

Today’s electric buzz is further revved by a face-off between the boundless Moon and action hero Mars (in double-talking Gemini), exact at 2:35 PM ET. If you have a planet around 15 degrees of Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo or Pisces, you may be called upon to take a stand. Around 8 PM ET, Moon squares dreamy Neptune, setting the stage for a far-out escape. Just make sure you double check the directions, as Moon-Neptune patterns have been known to facilitate confusion, as well as inspiration. The rest of the week looks like this:

  • TUESDAYMoon goes void at 7:43 AM ET on an exuberant meet-up with Jupiter. Whose righteous opinion will carry away the rest of the day, during the nearly 12-hour void? Hopefully you got it off your desk on Monday; otherwise be advised that crises which crop up during Moon voids are often much ado about nothing. Stick to routine; roll with the twists that disrupt your efforts to move forward in a straight line, for better or for worse. And I mean it when I say “for better.” My Moon-void twist on my flight to Denver was an unexpected upgrade. Too often we can get caught up in worry that “something bad” will happen. Consider the positive! At 6:50 PM ET, Moon enters Capricorn, needing to “take care of business” until early Friday.
  • WEDNESDAY — the big event today — in effect for several days now — is Pluto turning retrograde at 2:45 PM ET. Retrograde planets suggest a time to look inward for authority in whatever matters are ruled by that planet. Pluto is power, control, regeneration, transformation — the kind a phoenix experiences after bursting into flames and rising from its own ashes. With that energetic intensity turned inward, stop trying to control the world around you. Work on controlling (mastering) your own inner world — and then the world around you will start to reflect your newly-masterful self.  Y’know? You’ll feel the potential for a change of perspective more personally if you have a planet or angle around 23 degrees of Aries, Libra, Cancer — and especially Capricorn. That includes people born around the 12th – 14th of January, April, July and October — have you checked in with your astrologer this year?
  • THURSDAYMoon continues in Capricorn, meeting up with Saturn at 10:33 AM ET and with Pluto at 3:48 PM ET. The usual wet blankets, authoritarian advances, catharses and power plays apply, as items on the day’s agenda may feel as if there’s just soooo much at stake. Moon goes void at 3:48 PM ET; chill for the rest of the day and into the evening.
  • FRIDAYMoon enters Aquarius at 5:27 AM ET, infusing the day and most of the weekend with a need for social significance. Aquarius needs to be appreciated for what is unique, while at the same time arguing that all should be treated as equals. Hang with you friends and other social networks, appreciate what each brings to the table. We may see a jolt or other flash of recognition around 10:57 AM ET, as the Moon makes its weekly clash with rebel Uranus. Another point of release may occur around 6:18 PM ET, on the Third Quarter Moon. This month, it’s the freedom-seeking Aquarius Moon challenging the “mine-mine-MINE” Sun in Taurus. Find an innovative way to share your toys.
  • SATURDAY — the other pattern dominating this week’s news happens at 9:04 AM ET. Mars — planet of action, courage and aggression will square Neptune — planet of faith, oil, deception, scandal. With Mars in Gemini, the weapon in this battle may be words. Don’t believe everything you hear. Mars with Neptune can be seductive, charismatic, razzle-dazzling and/or fanatical. I’m sure the headlines will reflect this potential, adding new information to ongoing seedy affairs.
  • SUNDAYMoon goes void at 5:44 AM ET — enters Pisces at 6:11 PM ET. Yippee — a whole day of rest and relaxation — but no impulse shopping, if you please. Do that on Saturday.

And now, the news.

Signs Pluto may be about to turn retrograde in corporate Capricorn: “Capitalism in crisis: U.S. billionaires worry about the survival of the system that made them rich.” Companion piece: “Make America Pay Again! How the Trump Administration took apart the agency built to protect consumers from predatory lenders.”

Signs Pluto may be about to turn retrograde almost exactly opposite P45’s Saturn: “Trump and his business sue House Oversight chairman to block congressional subpoena of financial records.”  Let’s see where we’re at with this in February, when Pluto will be back to where it is now (after going retrograde and turning direct on October 3rd).

Sign the Sun (leaders) may have just met up with Uranus (shock, weird, wacky): “Comedian Volodymyr Zelensky wins Ukrainian presidency in landslide”. Volodymyr — is he related to Voldemort? Surely I jest, because I haven’t taken the time to actually learn about the political situation in the Ukraine or even look at Volodymyr’s horoscope. Don’t try this at home!

Another sign of the Sun (leaders) with disruptive Uranus: “Peru ex-president leaves cadaver as sign of “contempt” for his enemies: suicide note”. Frankly, the crafting of that headline alone fits the pattern — a bizarre choice of words to convey information. The suicide of Peru’s ex-president happened last week, with Mercury and Venus (how we think and what we value) at the verrrrry end of Pisces. Planets at the end of Pisces do seem to reflect a sense of despair, seeking or believing in an inevitable exit.

The potentially fanatic Mars-Neptune square was strong in the chart for the first three of the eight mind-numbing terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, which claimed the lives of almost 300 people. This event reflects the brutal disruption hinted at in Friday’s Full Moon forecast. Terrorists targeted families gathered in churches and five-star hotels, disrupting lives associated with Plutonian power and resources; e.g. the wealthiest man in Denmark.

Uranus also refers to astrology. Against the backdrop of Pluto (power and resources) retrograde, plus last week’s Mercury and Venus entering Aries, several Avid Readers brought this one to my attention: “Venture Capital is Putting Its Money in Astrology.”  Yes, and what kind of venture capitalists? The kind that know just enough about astrology to be dangerous, would be my guess. The kind that would launch the app for its services during a Mercury retrograde (in Pisces, no less) suggesting a high probability of tech glitches and snafus. And in fact that particular app is riddled with glitches, as it cheerfully informed me that my rising sign is Virgo (not even close). But who among the masses would even know? Still, with a launch date of 3/20/2019, this particular app did capture the attention-getting potential of launching with the Sun at the Aries Point; ergo,  the article in the prominent NYT. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Uranus refers to aviation, and now we are hearing that Boeing — whose horoscope looks extremely daunting over the next year or so — is now facing claims of shoddy manufacturing involving its much-ballyhooed Dreamliner. I am going to write in-depth about Boeing for my next column in Mountain Astrologer — stay tuned.

Other stories in sync with planetary patterns appeared in the NYT Sunday Magazine. Add a deeply compassionate Venus in Pisces, made even deeper by a square to Jupiter in Sagittarius, and you might read about:

  • Is Prison Necessary? This is a profile on Ruth Wilson Gilmore, an abolitionist who has “helped transform how activists think about criminal justice.”
  • Melinda Gates on the culpability of the wealthy. When asked what keeps her up at night (in terms of  her philanthropic work), she replied, “Contraceptives. Reproductive health.” (She’s pushing back against the iron-fisted, patriarchal control reflected by Saturn, Pluto and the South Node together in Capricorn. This battle for control is likely to continue at least until Saturn enters Aquarius in 2021. Pluto enters Aquarius in 2023.)
  • “We Had No Power” — about women at the Salk Institute talking about “marginalization and hostility” they faced at “elite scientific institutions.”

In other news, Mars also refers to inflammation, rashes and the color red. Neptune refers to viruses. Therefore, “U.S. measles cases surge as officials scramble to stop near-record outbreak.” It doesn’t help that Neptune is in Pisces, the sign it rules. Neptune functions with high efficiency in Pisces, a.k.a. “we’re all in this together.”

Hmm…looking for some lighter news fare…

Here’s one a fun one for Sun conjunct Uranus meets Mars square Neptune: “How a non-believer found solace in the strange world of psychics.”

Here’s another — for when human affairs feel oh-so-overwhelming: a link to The Dodo, which is all animals, all the time. Guaranteed to warm your heart — as this recent NYT article explains.

Thank you for reading this forecast.





Friday 4/19/2019 & the Weekend: Full Moon in Libra; Notre Dame de Paris


Before we get to the forecast, please note that my website will be updated before the end of the month. Pretty much the same design, but the font will be different and it will be easier to read on a smartphone.  Hopefully you will like it. Huzzah!

Also, I will be in Denver next week — still have a few appointments available for in-person consultations — here’s how to contact me. Otherwise I’ll be working with my esteemed colleagues at ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research) to plan our next super-fabulous conference — be there or be square — in Denver, September 10-14 2020.


The Moon waxed to fullness at 7:12 AM ET — at the verrrrrry end of Libra — all that is fair, courteous and aiming to please. Enjoy it while it lasts.  Opposing the Aries Sun, the challenge of the Libra Moon is balance all that is “we” with all that is “me-me-me.” Yes — and good luck with that challenge — as this Full Moon is buzzing with the energy for revelation and disruption, suggested by the close connection of rebel Uranus with this Sun-Moon opposition. You may have experienced the first jolt around 12:25 PM ET, when the Moon (now in the moody bastard depths of Scorpio, where it seeks depth and substance for the sake of power and control) and Uranus are exactly opposed. The other shoe drops on Monday around 7:05 PM ET, when Uranus meets up with the Sun.

The chart for the Full Moon set in Washington DC has — OMG — the same Midheaven and same Ascendant as the chart for the 2017 inauguration: ASC 14 Taurus and MC 26 Capricorn. Most all of the planets in the Full Moon chart are hidden from obvious view, suggesting a lot of action going on behind the scenes. What is front and center is Mars, planet of action, in blah-blah-blah Gemini. Two-faced? Double-talk? Sure — in an effort to prove oneself the cleverest, most entertaining self in the room. Actions taken over the next week may have a zealous, faith-based or deceptive spin, courtesy of Neptune. The planet referring to fantasy and drugs will square Mars on April 27th.

The Sabian Symbols for this lunation are “three mounds of knowledge on a philosopher’s head” (for the Libra Moon) and “a duck pond and its brood” (for the Aries Sun.  Sabian Symbol guru Blain Bovee suggests we apply these images with a mind to “the genius of being at home with all elements of wisdom and understanding…the genius of tending to domestic matters as if they were sacred…brooding over weighty matters…putting one’s ducks in a row” — to name a few. In the news, we’re sure to see plenty of brooding over knowledge that was released this week…

On SATURDAY at 4:55 AM ET, the Sun leaves Aries and enters Taurus. Happy birthday to the cows and the bulls! The Taurus mantra is I HAVE and it is here to give form and function to all of the seeds planted by Aries inspiration. Stop and smell those roses, will you? Meanwhile, at 12:11 PM ET, Venus leaves Pisces for me-me-me Aries, replacing any Pisces need for accommodation with forthright demand. You got a problem with that? Let’s not waste any more time! In other news, the Scorpio Moon continues on its quest for depth and control until 11:59 PM ET; it goes  void until SUNDAY at 11:59 AM ET.

With the Moon now in Sagittarius (from noon ET onward), SUNDAY is apt for pushing boundaries, righteous opinions and exuberance. The Moon’s harmony with Venus and Mercury that afternoon and evening makes for good times.

No sleeping in on MONDAY. The Sag Moon won’t be void and the Sun’s meet-up with Uranus at 7:05 PM ET charges the air.

And now, the news.

Recalling Monday’s post for this week:

Between TUESDAY and next MONDAY there are no exact aspects among the planets, except to the Moon — but this does not mean it’s likely to be an uneventful week. Quite the contrary, experience has shown.  These apparent lulls are often deceptive. It’s like looking at a giant ice shelf on the most sparkling sunny day ever…and then, for no apparent reason, half the shelf crumbles into the ocean. So if an “other shoe” drops in the headlines, I will not be surprised, and neither should you.

I’d put the fire at Notre Dame in this category of events. Now you see it; now you don’t. A huge exhale after last week’s super-stressed patterns involving the fiery Aries Sun and harsh Saturn, South Node, Pluto — and that “hell hath no fury” of an asteroid called Eris. Did you know that Notre Dame was built on the site of a temple honoring Jupiter? So interesting, given that Jupiter turned retrograde on April 10th. And why was I so drawn to include “Tyger, Tyger, burning bright” in the title for Monday’s forecast?

The chart for the reported start of the fire (it’s now believed to have been caused by an electrical short) does not look so catastrophic. It’s interesting to see the Saturn/Pluto midpoint in touch with the North and South Nodes, suggesting mourning. It’s interesting to see the Midheaven of that chart (4/15/2019 6:50 PM Paris, FR) conjunct the Jupiter/Pluto midpoint, suggesting massive power and resources (billionaires are pledging millions of euros to rebuild). This echoes the square between Venus and Jupiter (a double dose of protection generosity and compassion), exact that day at 7:15 PM ET.

Did you know that Venus refers to bees and copper? Did you know that sixteen copper statues were removed from Notre Dame’s spire on April 11th? And that the 180,000 bees living on the roof survived? So did many relics, the rose windows and the organ. And no one died in the fire. And the two bell towers survived, too! What was destroyed? The spire — and you can ponder what that spire might symbolize, in the wake of two hard aspects to the Aries Sun and patriarchal Saturn and rot-exposing Pluto. Many churches — not just the Catholic Church — are having to face the reality of rot and corruption among their Powers That Be. And did you know that at the same time of the Notre Dame fire, there was a fire in the mosque at Jerusalem’s Temple on the Mount?  And that here in New York, a philosophy professor was arrested in St. Patrick’s Cathedral with the obvious intent of burning it down? And that his next stop was Rome?

I have precious memories of Notre Dame — Our Lady of Paris.  I lived in Paris after graduating college. I spent many an afternoon gazing at the flying buttresses from a bridge over the Seine. It is a truly magical and inspiring scene. It was horrifying to see it in flames. But…they will rebuild, rebuild! Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, as the aforementioned millions of euros are pouring in  — just like that! Which leaves me pondering, “What would [insert name of preferred deity/savior/prophet] do?” Rebuild the structure — or find another purpose for such largesse — one that might directly impact the health and well-being of humans and other living creatures on Planet Earth? It’s a rhetorical question; I don’t expect an answer.

With Mercury and Venus at the end of Pisces — the end of the entire zodiac — it can feel like the end of the world, and certainly a world. Did you see the videos of Parisiens who gathered to mourn the damage to their cherished Lady? They sang hymns — I dare you to watch and not weep — here and here. The potential for loss and catharsis is clearly seen in France’s horoscope. As I wrote back in December:

Countries have horoscopes. Exhibit A: France, which has experienced three weeks of violent protest over a fuel tax that is supposed to combat climate change (the tax has apparently been withdrawn). We can appreciate why the French are on emotional overkill. In modern France’s horoscope, transiting Pluto is squaring its me-me-me Aries Ascendant and opposing its emotional-security seeking Cancer Moon. Next month it will need to face a sobering reality check when transiting Saturn squares its Libra Sun and Mercury. Right now, Saturn is atop France’s Capricorn Midheaven, suggesting it may be seen as being at the top of its game. It does seem that France’s authoritative stature has increased on the world stage. At the G-20 summit in Argentina, it was Emmanuel Macron who was overheard allegedly “warning” the Saudi Crown Prince M.B.S.

Now transiting Saturn has moved past its squeeze on France’s Libra Sun-Mercury and is now applying pressure for a potential cut on France’s Aries Ascendant. Despite the potential purge/catharsis, patterns in France’s horoscope do suggest continued growth and empowerment on the world stage over the next year or so. Cue La Marseillaise now, please. And note that Pluto and Saturn were highly active in the horoscope of the U.S. on 9/11. Coincidence or conspiracy?

In other news….

The redacted Mueller Report was released yesterday, right on schedule — as anticipated in prior posts. Mercury (how we need to think) was out of Pisces — in Aries, demanding prominence at the Aries Point — and absolutely, positively not messing around — none of this “if I believe it, it must be so” Pisces prattle. The challenge for Mercury in Aries is that it is usually wayyyyyyyyy ahead of everyone else (I speak from personal experience) — and it’s gonna take a while for the masses to catch up. As predicted back in March, P45’s Attorney General William Barr did in fact misrepresent Mueller’s findings — and here’s Stephen Colbert to spell it out for you here and here.   You can read the whole report (redacted) here — and that’s what I’ll be doing on my upcoming flight to Denver.

UPDATE: George Conway, husband of Kellyanne Conway and declared windmill cancer survivor (per his Twitter profile)  penned an op-ed calling for P45’s impeachment yesterday: “Trump is a cancer on the presidency. Congress should remove him.”  With transiting Mars (assertion; action) exactly square his Pluto (power) of course he did. I will be interested to see what Mr. Conway is up to next February. Whatever it is, it should be quite persuasive.

And….that’s a wrap. With Monday’s meet-up between the Sun and daredevil Uranus is in effect now and through the weekend, just remember that if at first you don’t succeed, skydiving’s not for you.

I wish I could take credit for that pithy remark. Saw it somewhere on Facebook in 2016.

Thank you for reading this forecast. Now let’s talk about what it all means…for you! Here’s the 411 on consultations.