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"Her ability to pinpoint exact years of major occurrences was uncanny. And her sensitive insight brought such clarity to the reading."
-- D.H.

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Astro-logical Forecast for Saturday & Sunday 12/31/2011-1/1/2012: Happy New Year!

Saturday began with Moon zipping into feisty Aries at 4:48AM ET, where it soon collided with rebel Uranus at 6:28AM ET. That’s quite a shift from the dreamy, fluid energy of the Moon  in Pisces void we had all day Friday — and I’ve been hearing some wonderful tales of adventure from those who could go with the flow of whatever surprise twists came their way.

Moon voids are excellent for rest and relaxation — and they can be a lot of fun, if you let go of any controlling desire you may have to move in a straight line. My adventures included a surprise free lunch at the office, followed by a magical trip to Nordstrom Rack to return a purse (voids are excellent for making returns). Why magical? Because it turned out that the purse I was returning was exactly what the cashier wanted for Christmas — and there were none to be had at any Nordstrom Rack anywhere!! Isn’t that wild? I couldn’t resist spending two glorious hours in the shoe department (Pisces rules the feet), knowing darn well that whatever impulse purchase I made would also have to be returned, especially the camouflage cowboy boots, which, cool as they may be, are completely impractical and unnecessary (avoid sudden impulse purchases during Moon voids).

Back to Saturday. You may have sensed — and are still sensing — the much more proactive, get-it-done-yesterday charge of the Aries Moon. Very useful for all sorts of initiatives and chores, as well as racing through traffic lights and falling down stairs because it is faster than walking. If you are going out to ring in the New Year, be advised that Mercury in opinionated Sagittarius will be challenged by fiery Mars in stickler Virgo at 1:06AM ET on Sunday, suggesting the potential for sharp words and reckless driving. Not only that, but rebel Uranus is running wild again in the heavens, suggesting a need for risk and other status quo disruptions. Please be mindful if you are on the roads; it would not surprise me at all to see headlines tomorrow reflecting this excitable planetary pattern.

The first challenge to your New Moon agenda is also scheduled to hit early Sunday morning, as the Aries Moon squares the Capricorn Sun. Other than that wild Uranus suggesting news of rebellion, aerospace, technology — and perhaps even astrology, the day offers the potential for a fine time socializing all day long.

Wishing you all a joyous New Year — I will post a forecast for 2012 sometime over the holiday weekend. Stay tuned…and thanks for reading!

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday & Friday 12/29-30/2011: Go With the Flow

Moon entered Pisces yesterday at 6:45PM ET, after a brief void and a hook-up with nebulous Neptune at 4:32PM ET. If yesterday felt a bit dreamy or otherwise unreal, that could explain it. Certainly the NY Times was under the influence of the potential “too good to be true” vibe when eight million subscribers received an email offering a 50% discount on their NY Times subscription at 1:06PM ET. That email turned out to be a mistake — but the 1:06PM NY chart is worth a look, for serious astro buffs reading this forecast.

Moon in Pisces suggests going with the flow. It softens the edge of ruthless, intense, transformational Pluto’s hook-up with the Sun at 7 degrees of Capricorn. If you have a planet or a sensitive point (e.g., Midheaven or Ascendant) at 7 Capricorn, you’ll be personally feeling the intensity. A drive for prominence or change of perspective in whatever area of your horoscope is impacted is suggested. Consult your local astrologer for details.

Tomorrow is a bust: Moon will be void of course all day in Pisces, so get it off your desk today if you can. Moon doesn’t enter the feisty sign of Aries until 4:48AM ET on Saturday, suggesting a New Year’s Eve that is especially RAMbunctious.

Meanwhile, “news from underground” and “power plays” making headlines, as suggested by the Sun-Pluto conjunction, include a volcano eruption , saber rattling over oil in Iran leading to oil prices staying higher  Kim-Jong-un takes over in N. Korea and of course, the new “no holds barred” strategy now happening among those political candidate-types running around Iowa

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 10/10/2011: Moon in Aries

As I write this forecast for Monday, the Moon is still void of course in Pisces, suggesting a collective focus on working with intangibles and getting in touch with our collective soul.  Moon enters Aries at 8:57AM ET, suggesting a slow start for those who must drag themselves out of bed and get to the office on what is for most Americans, a holiday (Columbus Day). But once you’re at the office (or even if you’re not), it’s quite likely you’ll notice the pace picking up, given that Moon in Aries has a pressing need to be “Number One” and get things done, and preferably yesterday.

Passions are likely to run high. Inspiration is in the air. The protesters on Wall Street — and in cities all over the country — are likely to attract even more attention over the next two days, especially as the Moon is waxing full (that happens late Tuesday night at 10:06PM). Meanwhile, Pluto and Uranus, the planetary heavies symbolically behind efforts to disrupt the status quo, both make contact with the Moon on Monday. Watch for jolts and strokes of genius around lunchtime ET, followed by an intense power play or catharsis around supper. In the markets, a strong probability of continued volatility.

Overall, there are no Moon voids to distract your plans for world domination during business hours this week. In terms of power days, Wednesday & Thursday stand out, as we process Full Moon “fallout” and the Sun (life force; the energy that drives us) makes its annual hook-up with disciplined, structured, serious Saturn (upside) which can also be the biggest wet blanket in town (downside).

As for replacing my kitchen faucet during today’s Moon void (as noted in Friday’s forecast), you’ll be pleased to know that — yes, as anticipated, a twist did arise. Turned out a couple of parts were missing — some thingy needed to connect two other thingies together. So the operation took longer than it should have, as the handyman had to go down to the basement and fish around (naturally he fished; the Moon was in Pisces), for the parts required. And with a little patience, it all worked out just fine.

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 7/18/2011: Casey Anthony

The best thing I can say about today is that it offers exceptional creative potential. Moon moves into dreamy Pisces at  1:13AM ET and hooks up with nebulous — and yet often visionary — Neptune shortly thereafter. Note where your dreams take you. There could be a fine line between visionary and fantasy/delusion today, suggested by an obsessive connection between Mercury (mind, communication) and Neptune. What did they know and when did they know it — and how long will they deny it until the truth finally comes out? Or…how long will they cling to belief in a fairy tale, until reality smacks them out of their rose-colored confection?

Meanwhile another obsessive connection — between ruthless Pluto and aggressive Mars — suggests the potential for power plays, overt force (and force of will) and perhaps an explosion or two. That’s great for the planet and your own personal world if you’re wearing a white hat; perhaps not so great (for the rest of us) if you’re up to no good. Planetary patterns suggest potential resources; humans decide what to do with them.

Sun (life force) and Venus (social expression) are both in emotional/material security-needing Cancer. Mars (energy applied) is in multi-tasking, cerebral Gemini. Saturn (necessary controls) is in striving-to-be fair and balanced Libra. All four planets are “running wild” today, competing for and demanding attention. Ruthless Pluto and disruptive Uranus are squaring off, determined to tear down a facade or institution somewhere (look no further than today’s headlines — and remember that this aspect is in effect for the next few years).  And yet…today’s Moon in soulful Pisces suggests a need for sensitivity and empathy, augmented by deep insight and enthusiasm. And Pisces is very adaptable — and in fact most humans are adaptable, which is why Los Angeles didn’t fall apart during  the dreaded “Carmaggeddon” over the weekend. Which makes a strong case for not freaking out too much over the changes happening now and in the near future. Which brings me back to the exceptional creative potential suggested by today’s planetary patterns. The only natural break (in the form of a Moon void) comes this Wednesday AM on the East Coast and Friday PM on the West Coast. Arise, go forth and be creative — and of consequence.

Meanwhile, how about that “surprise upset” in yesterday’s Women’s World Cup between the US and Japan  And the Moon was void of course all day, which generally favors the underdog. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Last but not least, a reader asked for commentary on Casey Anthony’s horoscope. Birth data: March 19, 1986 in Warren, OH time (unconfirmed source) 3:10PM.  Sun in Pisces, Moon in Cancer. I did not closely follow this case, so can’t comment on the time line of events or other details. But even without an exact birth time, one thing that strikes me about this horoscope is the strong potential for prominence/fame. Specifically, this horoscope is likely to be known for idealism (vision or fantasy/delusion), charisma (seductive glamor, personal magnetism or a web of deception), creativity and/or sensitivity or a high self-regard.

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 4/27/2011:When Pluto Attacks

Moon entered dreamy Pisces just before 1AM EDT and hooked up with Neptune, ruler of oceans and rose-colored glasses shortly thereafter. Anyone have any especially fantastic dreams? In other news, read yesterday’s forecast for notes on today’s exact connections between Pluto, Sun and Venus, with these additions: first,  Venus-Pluto often coincides with emotional overkill, and sometimes with witchy-bitchy women….or a backlash against women. Perhaps we’ll see a blurb about efforts to defund womens’ health programs, which, as everyone knows, are solely responsible for the 14 trillion dollar debt carried by the taxpayers of the United States. (See? That was an example of emotional overkill).

Second, we’re likely to see news from underground, more secrets in government institutions revealed and stories about energy resources hitting the headlines. And, as if on cue, check out this story that just appeared, “Disturbing Revelations in Probe of Possible Gas Price Manipulation” Also noting headlines reporting radiation levels elevated at an Ohio nuclear plant, a volcano spewing ash in Ecuador and a couple of minor (under 6.0) earthquakes.

Depth and smooth, coordinated focus can carry you along until 3:52PM EDT, when Moon goes void — again — for almost 48 hours. If you look at your calendar for March 31 and April 1st, we had a similar pattern in effect: Moon floating along in the sign of Pisces, dreamily embracing whatever is intangible. Plan a short escape between this afternoon and 1:33PM EDT Friday — even if if just for a few hours.

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 2/4/2011: Is Astrology a Science?

You may recall in Wednesday’s forecast a bit about unconventional Uranus challenging Venus, suggesting sudden social encounters of the strange kind. Actually, one of the keywords for Uranus is “shocking”, but I confess I often soften the tone, focus on the positive, etc., so as not to stoke worry or fear. But I wonder…would you have found it shocking if someone close to you discovered that her boyfriend of some years was a registered sex offender? That’s just one of the Uranian “surprises” that came across my desk…

Uranus, ruler of Aquarius (see yesterday’s forecast for thoughts on the New Moon in Aquarius and potential breakthroughs), also rules astrology. How’s this for a “technological breakthrough”:  a high court in India rules that astrology is a science (frankly, I’d argue that astrology is a symbolic language, and interpreting it is an art that relies on truckloads of quantitative data — kind of like what quantum physicists do when they conclude that subatomic particles exist, even though no one has ever seen one). To the reader who wrote “There is absolutely no scientific method that can be applied to astrology,” all I can say is that…well…gosh…that statement reflects a certain lack of understanding. Discuss your horoscope with a skilled astrologer, be blown away by the accuracy, and then let’s have a chat about the methods used to present those insights. You just might revise that statement.  : )

As for today: Moon in soulful Pisces is inclined to go with the flow, but a willful connection between Sun and Mars suggests that a strong drive and/or desire — maybe yours, maybe not yours — will pull focus today. And it may very well flow…but not in the usual dreamy/floaty Pisces way…more like a strong current. Will it be all for one and one for all? Well, the Sun-Mars connection is in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius…

The drive you experience or encounter may require a physical release. Find a constructive outlet for any (the headlines will likely reflect a number of “not constructive” outlets), even as you advance your big plan for the New Moon cycle. You could work the rest of it out at the gym, on the dance floor or under the covers.

Overall, carpe diem! I’ll write later about the action for Saturday and Sunday.

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 10/20/2010

Still more Neptune. You may recall a post a few weeks back in which I took a look at California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman’s birth chart after a former housekeeper alleged that Whitman employed her without checking to see if the housekeeper had a work permit. This was a bit of a problem for Whitman, who apparently has taken a strong position against illegal immigration. Whitman’s chart revealed current challenges from Neptune, suggesting possible idealism, fantasy, escapism, fraud, deception, lies, transcendence, betrayal — you get the idea — and these challenges aren’t going away anytime soon.

Now it has been revealed that when a PR gal (image, illusion) for Whitman announced that the San Diego Sheriff’s Association had endorsed Whitman’s campaign on Monday, there was a typo in her Tweet, thus directing Twitterers to this YouTube video — think tulle, music, alien, intangible, twist, androgyny, rebellious, surreal — in other words a perfect manifestation of nebulous Neptune in the sign of Aquarius trine Mercury in Libra (beauty, balance) on a day with Moon in watery Pisces:   Coincidence or conspiracy? Meanwhile, if any Japanese bass players reading this can tell us what the video is all about, do let us know…

NYers please note that the Moon is void from 6:25- 11:23AM NY time, possibly throwing a wrench into your morning agenda. Let things fall where they may, and definitely go with the flow, chill, brainstorm, focus on the routine; this afternoon the pace ramps up noticeably with the Moon’s entry into “Numero Uno” Aries….followed by Mercury (mind, communication) moving into cuts-like-a-knife Scorpio at 5:19PM NY. WARNING WARNING WARNING — if you are engaged in diplomatic talks, you might do well to choose your words with great care later today, as Moon in impulsive Aries and Venus, Mars — and now Mercury in Scorpio suggest that handling someone with kid gloves is not a top priority. This is also an advisement to restrain your urge to snap back if you happen to be on the receiving end of anyone who has temporarily forgotten their manners or lost their sanity…

Finally, a fabu connection between Mars (action) and expansive Jupiter suggests the potential for boundless enthusiasm (get thee to a gym) or utter bombast.

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 10/19/2010

More of the same from yesterday. Here it is again (slightly modified), in case you missed it:

Today Moon is in the watery sign of Pisces, where it needs to work with the intangible: music, spirit, feeling, art. As I type this the Sun (life force) in balance-seeking Libra is approaching a lovely connection to Neptune, which happens to rule Pisces. And look for sublime inspiration — in art, music and spirit, including the spirit of service, faith, hope and charity — that’s the plus side. Even waspish Venus retrograde in Scorpio can be softened under these Neptunian vibes — did anyone see the gubernatorial debate in NYC last night? Not much in the way of fireworks there — who would have thought it?

Meanwhile, we still have a potential downside of delusional spin —  especially as we get closer to aggressive Mars challenged by — Neptune — on Friday’s Full Moon, so do rely on your own efforts to double check what you’re seeing and hearing.

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 10/18/2010

Creative, inspirational, mystical, healing, transcendental…or bewildering, delusional, escapist, martyred? What will you encounter this week when a Neptunian fog rolls in? Looking at all the action from Neptune this week makes me think of movie CATFISH, which I saw over the weekend. Angela, one of the key players in the movie, seems to be an extraordinary expression of Neptunian energy (see first sentence of this paragraph). I don’t know when Angela was born (CATFISH is a documentary), but I would bet Neptune is very strong in her chart — and she embodies the very best and the very worst possible manifestations of Neptune in our daily lives. CATFISH is not a perfect film, but it’s one of those experiences that likely will stay with you after you leave the theater.

Neptune dissolves whatever it touches. Tangible boundaries vanish into the ether. Under the influence of a strong Neptune transit, we can sometimes feel lost or untethered. Making commitments becomes quite a challenge; going with the flow is often preferable (read the forecast for 10/13/2010 to see if you’re having a Neptune transit to your Sun Sign).When Neptune entered the mental, humanitarian, technology-oriented sign of Aquarius back in 1998, joining revolutionary Uranus, which had entered its home sign in 1995, I thought to myself, “the catch phrase for the next fifteen years is going to be ‘we are all connected'”. Unlike internet, cell phone and GPS tech pioneers like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, however, I never thought much about how to make a fortune exploiting that deductive intuition. We have one more year of Neptune in Aquarius — then we’ll be on to a new catch phrase — stay tuned for updates.

Today Moon is in the watery sign of Pisces, where it needs to work with the intangible: music, spirit, feeling, art. As I type this Mercury (mind, communication, travel) is approaching a lovely connection to — Neptune, which happens to rule Pisces. And Tuesday, the Sun will make that same easy connection. Look for sublime inspiration — in art, music and spirit today, including the spirit of service, faith, hope and charity — that’s the plus side. Even waspish Venus retrograde in Scorpio can be softened under these Neptunian vibes. On the downside — there’s the potential for delusional spin — lies, lies and more lies — watch the headlines, listen to the political debates oh-so-carefully and rely on your own efforts to double check the facts — the media, alas, is likely to be part of the spin.

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 9/20/2010

9:09AM NY/6:09 AM LA starts off with a meet-up between  nebulous Neptune and the Moon (our reigning need), which then goes void until 4:15PM NY/ 1:15PM. Take note of your dreams. A morning meditation could be transporting — as could other forms of connected bliss. If you have trouble getting out of bed (especially on the West Coast) and otherwise dealing with reality, know that others may be having similar experiences — the “flake factor” is high during these periods — so be patient  and flexible — especially with scheduled meetings and set agendas. Doublecheck your calendar and confirm your appointments. If you’re an artist relying on inspiration for a living, today is a good day for brainstorming. For more details on Moon Voids, please see the bonus forecast posted after 8/4/2010 — if you haven’t read it already.

After the Void, Moon will be in watery Pisces, a sign which needs, to quote my teacher, “to identify the ideal, understand impressions and work with the intangible”. Sounds like the afternoon and evening will bring more of the same texture as the morning, only with a mindset and intention that’s actually in gear.