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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 8/1/2011

On a day with Uranus (the space program) in pioneering Aries and Jupiter both making prominent connections, how cool is it to see this headline: “Juno to Circle Jupiter for Planetary Recipe”

A busy start to the work week began with a harmonious connection between humanitarian, unconventional Uranus and loving Venus. Can we all be friends? The weirder, the better. That’s the Uranus connection. At 10:43 AM ET Jupiter challenges the Sun, suggesting the potential for the expensive and the expansive, a wildly optimistic idea, general good cheer or ego-aggrandizement and royal pains. You choose!

Moon in perfectionist Virgo will have its plate full sorting out all the details, trying to make everything exactly correct. And this on a day with Mercury, the ruling planet of Virgo, stationary retrograde, suggesting that whatever grand plan is signed, sealed and delivered may have a few glitches upon further review. That’s my take on this debt ceiling agreement, allegedly being presented today.

But getting back to the general good cheer, Mercury retrograde notwithstanding. This week does hold potential for visionary, charismatic types, as suggested by a harmonious connection to Mars from nebulous Neptune. The aggressive nature of Mars is softened by Neptune, which may well aid you in whatever New Moon project you’re launching. It can be downright magical.  It can also tempt you to buy into a con man’s scheme, so do your due diligence if you stumble across something that seems too good to be true.

Moon goes void at 7:38PM ET, not to enter Libra until 6:04AM Wednesday. On Tuesday Mercury officially goes retrograde at 11:50PM ET. Take it slow. Double check for accuracy. Note the probability for twists, flakes, red herrings and communication snafus is increased. When in doubt, chill out.

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 7/5/2011

Tuesday offers the opportunity for an efficient attack on whatever is on your desk. Use the Moon in discerning, perfecting Virgo to organize and refine the more than one big idea that strikes you — or the headlines this morning. But while thinking big, be careful not to overpromise or issue royal edicts,  even though an exuberant aspect between Mercury (mind) in regal Leo and expansive Jupiter in stubborn, material Taurus may tempt you to do so.  That aspect is exact at 2:09PM ET, followed by potentially snippy communique, suggested by a challenge to Moon from willful Mars.

If you can reach a consensus or ship it today, do so. Moon goes void at 8:19PM ET, not to enter Libra until 11:54PM Wednesday. Countering the normal “freefall” quality of the Moon void is an exceptionally efficient connection between energetic Mars and disciplined Saturn is exact tomorrow at 8:17AM ET. While signing on the dotted line or formally launching any project you wish to be of consequence is not recommended, you can still be quite productive. Just be advised that departures from the normal routine and/or efforts to move in a straight line are more vulnerable to unexpected twists and a higher flake factor than usual. Double check your technology and go with the flow.

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 6/7/2011: Congressman Anthony Weiner

Angelenos, you could probably get away with sleeping late today. A self-indulgent challenge to Moon from loving Venus is exact at 8:27AM PDT, at which time Moon goes void in royal Leo until 12:33PM PDT. If you encounter a twist to your morning routine, a crisis of “sound and fury, signifying nothing”; a general feeling of aimless wandering or other lack of focus, blame the void. Or blame yourself for not taking advantage of a natural break in the usual push forward. Voids are a good time to chill, brainstorm or just be present.

New Yorkers, you might enjoy an especially long lunch — how about a picnic in a park?

At 12:33PM PDT/3:33 EDT Moon moves into perfectionist Virgo, where it will spend the next two days trying to get the facts exactly correct and precise. A supportive, practical connection between Mercury (mind, travel, communication) and disciplined Saturn fights to keep us down-to-earth and focused. However, while the mind may strive to be focused, emotions may lean toward expansion and/or escape. Perhaps you can plan logistics for your August vacation (Mercury will be retrograde then).

Meanwhile, a slow news day yesterday, as Congressman Anthony Weiner held a press conference to announce that yes, he did send allegedly lewd pix of himself to a number of women who are not his wife. Weiner, born Sep 4, 1964 in Brooklyn (birth time unknown) is an allegedly discriminating Virgo with Moon in Leo, suggesting an enormous…need to be loved and adored. This need is either running wild in the horoscope, or augmented by an expansive connection to Jupiter in sensual Taurus. But if the Moon isn’t connected to that expansive, sometimes expensive Jupiter, a sexy hook-up between loving Venus and rarin’ to go Mars definitely is.Add to the Virgo Sun a magnetic connection with ruthless Pluto and a brilliant aspect between rebel Uranus and techno-geek Mercury and you’ve got a guy with a lot of pizzazz. You’ve also got a guy who isn’t afraid to take risks, and in fact, arguably needs to do so.

What’s going on in Weiner’s chart now? Nebulous Neptune (unreal) is exactly on Weiner’s Saturn (real), suggesting “depression, losing focus and a sense of being wronged,” according to master astrologer Noel Tyl. Ahhhh…so that’s why Weiner initially stated that his Twitter account had been hacked, eh? Neptune dissolves whatever it touches. If it’s in touch with Saturn, which represents structure, authority, reality and ambition, reality can feel a bit like quicksand. And this aspect will be prominent in Weiner’s life well into 2012. Also of note w/in the past two weeks: rebel Uranus making contact with Venus (women, social expression), suggesting more than a bit of disruptive excitement in those areas. And of course, Uranus refers to technology, including Twitter. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 4/14/2011

Moon enters the discriminating sign of Virgo at 2:40AM EDT, suggesting two days of especially perfect Mercury retrograde energy. Making things perfect, precise and correct is what Virgo loves to do.  Mercury retrograde suggests we REview, REpair and REorganize. REvise. Use the Moon-Mercury combo to get it right!

Whatever you choose to do today, it may have a more sensitive, intuitive or artistic flair. Why? Moon makes a connection to nebulous Neptune in the early AM (note your dreams), and Venus, planet of social expression, art, beauty and money, is running wild in the ethereal sign of Pisces. Organization turned into an art form? Why not? Enjoy the relative calm in planetary activity; there will be plenty of activity to write about over the weekend.

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 11/2/2010

Vote early. Seriously — if you haven’t voted by mail, get up and get to the polls in the morning; don’t wait until after work. Why? Because this AM we’ve got the Moon in analytical, discriminating Virgo making a supportive aspect with Mercury (mind, communication, travel) and the Moon is not void of course, suggesting that the probability of your vote actually counting is higher; that the your ballot won’t be eaten by the dog or an electronic snafu. As the day progresses, I anticipate a fever pitch of overblown analysis to clog the airwaves (Moon opposing expansive Jupiter), with Moon going void just as it opposes disruptive Uranus at 5:36PM LA time — that’s 8:36PM on the East Coast. You’re more likely to flake out during a void-of-course Moon, which is another reason I encourage you to vote in the morning.

During the void there is a higher potential for “much ado about nothing”, events not going as planned and underdogs triumphing in a surprise twist of fate. The Moon void ends at 1:19AM NY time on Wednesday — that’s when any confusion over outcomes will begin to clear.

We are voting during a Venus retrograde, suggesting that what we find attractive now, especially if it is a sexy, unproven thing, may not be what we find attractive a couple of months from now. Do your own due diligence — and vote. I’m Elisabeth Grace, and I approved this message.

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 11/1/2010

“I’m really happy you guys are here, even if none of us are quite sure why,” quipped Jon Stewart right before his compelling closing speech at Saturday’s Rally to Restore Sanity…but of course you knew he would say that, if you read my forecast for the event (written Thursday; posted Friday 10/29/2010) ; )  If you did not hear or read the aforementioned compelling closing speech, check it out here:

The capacity for civil discourse is America’s birthright, as suggested by the placement of controlling Saturn in diplomacy-minded Libra in the US horoscope.  With Saturn traveling through Libra and about to return to its original position in that horoscope, a Rally to Restore Sanity would seem to be a perfectly timed opportunity to return to the principles upon which this country was founded. Stay tuned…

Monday demands discrimination, thanks to Moon in discerning, perfecting Virgo. I’ll wager you’ve got a lot of information on your plate, possibly including intriguing revelations emerging in relationships — close and/or not-so-close. This is an excellent day for digging deep into research and fact-checking and also for getting your priorities organized. Try not to drown in all the details.

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 10/6/2010

You may wake up  with an expansive burst of excitement this AM  — can you handle it?  So much enthusiasm and then — sighhhhhh, as Moon in Virgo goes void at  12:43 – 3:52 PM NY time.  On the East Coast, there is the possibility of a nice long lunch with nothing of seriousness to discuss and no shopping sprees. Meanwhile, on the West Coast, see if you notice any lack of focus, a high flake factor or a surprise twist in your morning.

The New Moon doesn’t arrive until tomorrow — suggesting this is another good day for getting organized in preparation for the new cycle. More on the New Moon and Venus turning retrograde (on October 8th  — until mid-November) will fill this space tomorrow.

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 10/4/2010

Contact between nebulous Neptune and Moon in playful Leo can produce fanciful, ungrounded results, especially when the Moon is void-of-course. How else to explain pouring cold water over coffee grounds on a rainy Monday morning  : )  Moon-Neptune contact also suggests noting your dreams upon waking and letting your imagination run wild; you’ve got six hours (9:53AM – 4PM NY) before the Moon enters Virgo and demands an accounting, with t’s crossed and i’s dotted, if you please.

At 2AM Tuesday NY/11PM tonight in LA, investigative Pluto challenges Mercury (mind, communication, travel), revealing more news from the underground…likely in these veins: 1) thousands of foreclosures are halted because it is revealed that the paperwork is faulty; 2) hope arises that the trapped miners in Chile may soon be rescued — this came across the wires as I was typing; 3) and this one — a Wellesley College professor uncovers an unsavory medical experiment that happened over 60 years ago, loaded with the symbolism of the weekend’s sexual Mars-Venus hook-up in Scorpio.

Back to Pluto challenging Mercury today and what it means for you: temper your words; pause before you unleash, lest you do damage with sharp insights expressed in cutting remarks. Positive manifestation: a sharp focus that enables you to get to heart of what’s on your plate, especially when the Moon moves into analytical Virgo later today.

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 9/7/2010

Back to work? Maybe, maybe not. The long weekend may be over in the US, but the Moon, even though it’s in analytical, task-oriented, perfection-driven Virgo, is still in the last day of the old cycle, working a bit like a lame duck elected official; the New Moon begins tomorrow at 6:30AM on the East Coast. During these “dead” moons, we might feel listless: a new cycle is about to begin but we may feel “in the dark” about what it is. If you’re at the office, use the day to wrap up old business and clear your desks in preparation for the new agenda that begins tomorrow.

General notes on this short week, which  is chock-full of energetic shifts as several planets will change signs (Venus on Wednesday; Jupiter on Thursday) or direction (Mercury on Sunday; Pluto next Tuesday): stay loose and be patient with yourself and others if you’re finding you have to repeat yourself several times to be understood or you realize that once again, you can’t remember where you put your (glasses/water bottle/parking ticket).