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August 2018
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Welcome to the Daily Forecast.

My daily forecasts offer guidance on what we all can expect from current planetary patterns — and also what we can expect to see in the headlines. When someone makes the news, something is going on in the horoscope! So if you’re curious to know the astro-logical patterns consistent with why George Clooney finally remarried...or why efforts to decriminalize marijuana over the next several years are likely to succeed, you will find it here. Use the SEARCH function to find your favorite public figure or world event; sign up here to receive the daily forecast by email.

If you’d like to know how planetary patterns are currently reflected in your own unique horoscope, please schedule a personal consultation. I guarantee you will find it helpful and enlightening.

Tuesday 8/14/2018: Late Sneak Peek at Another “Anything Goes” Week

Yes, it’s another late start to the sneak peek at the week, as I am still preoccupied with the special project I absolutely, positively had to deal with — stay tuned.

Guess what kind of week this is? A week with no exact aspects among the planets except to the Moon. Not until SATURDAY morning will we have an exact aspect among any other planet — a harmony between Mercury and Venus, which suggests a need for rose-colored glasses, especially since it is followed by the pattern I wrote about in the last forecast: SUNDAY’s third and final harmony between expansive Jupiter and — dare I say it — soulful Neptune. And here I would be thinking about the sad news that Aretha Franklin, “Queen of Soul,” is “gravely ill,” and that a prayer vigil is planned for her on Wednesday.


I’ve found that these planetary lulls are often deceptive. Like I said back in July, it’s like looking at a giant ice shelf on the most sparkling sunny day ever…and then, for no apparent reason, half the shelf crumbles into the ocean. Or you wake up to the news that a motorway bridge in Genoa has suddenly collapsed. So if an “other shoe” drops in the headlines, e.g.,FBI agent Peter Strzok is suddenly fired, despite the “bureau’s Office of Professional Responsibility [recommending] that Mr. Strzok should be suspended for 60 days and demoted,” I will not be surprised, and neither should you.

However, I also sense that more than a few surprises we witness in the next two weeks will be happy ones. It’s not always doom and gloom, and we ourselves can create plenty of simple joys in our daily lives. Let’s do it!

Yesterday’s Moon was in perfection-seeking Virgo, facilitating a need for practical analysis. After a 20-minute void no one noticed, the Moon entered Libra at 12:57 AM ET, driving the next two days with a need for people-pleasing, fairness, balance and perhaps a few airy-fairy ideas. Note the potential for a power play or emotional catharsis around 10 AM ET on WEDNESDAY, as the Moon squares Pluto.

The wee hours on THURSDAY feature another Moon void, but this one happens on a potentially assertive/combative square between the Moon and Mars at 3:56 AM ET. Moon enters depth and power-seeking Scorpio at 4:54 AM ET, perhaps presenting you with a surprise or air-clearing revelation upon waking, as the Moon is opposed by rebel Uranus at 9:27 AM ET. Work it all out on Thursday and FRIDAY, as the Moon traverses the sky without too many bumps.

SATURDAY begins with the First Quarter Moon at 3:48 AM ET, offering a challenge or an advance to your New Moon agenda. After a brief Moon void between 11:07 AM and 12:45 PM ET (no impulse shopping!), Moon soars into Sagittarius, pushing boundaries and lifting spirits (probably all the way to Heaven). On SUNDAY, note that MERCURY WILL TURN DIRECT — so please adjust your travel plans accordingly — and no whinging about potential delays, as it says right here in this aptly-timed article from last Sunday’s NYT, “Don’t Let Trip Advisor Kill Adventure.”


I am hearing plenty of reports that “this Mercury retrograde” feels especially cranky. Well, yes…reflecting the fact that Mars (action, anger, assertion) is also retrograde, suggesting a potential for frustrated energy to feel a need to blow off steam. Plus, as Avid Readers know, Mars has been in a tense pattern with disruptive Uranus since April, increasing the potential for volatility.

Avid Readers also know that an apt way of handling Mars retrogrades is to get a handle on the anger/demons that spring from within, as opposed to striking out at others. Last week my Facebook friend Nancy Tierney posted a useful video on this very subject, aptly arguing that when we feel angry it is because we are saying “NO” to our heart’s desire (“desire” is another Mars keyword). Therefore, use the rest of this month, when Mars and Mercury are REtrograde to REview the blocks you may be imposing on yourself, and be REsolved to REmove them. We’re not talking about a major launch of a project — e.g., suddenly quitting your job, running off with the cute accountant you just met in a bar, etc. — at this time. We’re talking about a heart-centered REview of what you truly desire — and making a practical plan to align yourself with your heart’s desire, as opposed to the alternative.

Can’t get to the rest of the news just yet — have consultations to joyfully prepare. Would you like to have a discussion about your horoscope that leaves you feeling confident that your life is not a random series of events? That when you become aware of the cycles to which all living things respond, you will have greater understanding and make more fulfilling choices? Then why not seize the day so we can have that discussion about why you are the way you are, why things happen when they do, and what you need in order to be happy, as suggested by your horoscope. Here is how to contact me.

Thank you for reading this forecast.


Saturday & Sunday 8/11-12/2018: New Moon in Leo/Eclipse; Catching Up on a Jam-Packed Week

Alll-righty then!

I’ve been writing  this forecast since Thursday. It started like this:

Sometimes you just have to drop everything and tend to your own personal garden. More on that in a minute.

Today (Thursday) is driven by the Moon in Cancer, a sign focused on building and maintaining emotional/family/home security. It went void at 7:20 AM ET, not to enter the next sign — Leo — until 12:18 AM ET on FRIDAY. Note your dreams and the potential for an emotionally intense start to the  morning, as the Moon was opposed by power broker Pluto when it went void. At 9:34 PM ET, Venus will be squared by Saturn, suggesting an opportunity to structure values (financial and aesthetic). Will the structure be felt as an advance or a cut? Saturn can go either way. Past Venus-Saturn contacts have featured no-nonsense stories of women, art, money and social expression. Remember the “resting bitch face”? It jumped into the news a few years ago on a hard aspect between Venus and Saturn. Coincidence or conspiracy?

On FRIDAY, the Leo Moon facilitates a need to party on, dude. Moon squares Uranus at 4:21 AM ET, suggesting a disruptive flash to the start of the day. Big ideas — regally pronounced and possibly half-baked — may infest the headlines, as Mercury (how we need to think) and Jupiter (expansion) square off at 2:32 AM ET. This is the second of a series of three Mercury-Jupiter squares. The first was on July 9th; the third happens on August 28th, when Mercury will be direct and likely demanding a rethink.

We are in the balsamic phase of the Moon, an apt time for wrapping up projects started at the beginning of the cycle. This would also be a time to fly under the radar, if it suits your purpose. During these “dead Moons” we may feel listless or restless, sensing that something new is around the corner, but we don’t know what it will be.

At 5:58 AM ET on SATURDAY we’ll have a New Moon in Leo, along with a partial solar eclipse — the final one of the summer eclipse season. This happens at 18 degrees of Leo, which happens to fall exactly on Barack Obama‘s Descendant, activating significant others and his relationship with the public. I expect we’ll see him pull focus in the headlines soon, especially when transiting Mars hits his 18 Aquarius Ascendant around October 26th. Other famous people whose horoscopes are affected: Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Beth Henley, Billy Joel, Candice Bergen, Mark Knopfler.  You are personally affected if you have a planet or angle around 18 degrees of Leo, Aquarius, Taurus or Scorpio. Consult your local astrologer for details

ThSabian Symbol for the New Moon  is “a houseboat party.” It’s fascinating to note that its opposing Symbol is “a forest fire quenched” — which would be a true relief  in many parts of the world. Sabian Symbol guru Blaine Bovee has written that we are wise to consider the opposition when considering a particular Symbol. So mote be….and so mote was on the Full Moon of August 2014.

Bovee observes that a houseboat is a place for social gatherings. It does not have a keel and is thus challenging to navigate in turbulent waters. “Forest,” he notes, is “derived from the word ‘foreign’ — meaning outside one’s own country; a forest fire is a wild, uncontrollable conflagration…imagine a flaming left-wing liberal finding himself at a conservative right-wing party on a houseboat. It’s a difficult situation, calling for diplomacy and delicate matters so as not to rock the boat.” Yep, he really wrote that, and this book was published in 2004.

Bovee also wrote that we should apply this pair of Symbols “with a mind to the challenge of controlling the burning passions of belief in light social circumstances divided along party lines; stewarding combustible situations; keeping an even keel in potentially interesting times.” Here is the link to his wonderful book.

So far, so good. Right?

This New Moon is more potent because it is also an eclipse. What does that mean?

A Solar Eclipse can act like a “bottleneck” of energy. Light flowing from the Sun is temporarily interrupted, focusing attention on that interrupted point, allowing something new and possibly fragile to enter the picture and grow. And here I would be thinking of Michael, the kindhearted policeman in the storybook Make Way for Ducklings, who stopped the flow of traffic on Beacon Street so Mr. and Mrs. Mallard and their brood of eight could safely make their way to the Boston Public Garden. Got that?


Sometimes what is brought into focus is a secret suddenly brought to light. Once out, there’s no going back. In this eclipse set in Washington DC, Mercury retrograde in Leo and right on the Ascendant, squared by bigly Jupiter. I expect a lot of big news to erupt in this lunar cycle, and the fact checkers should have a field day. Some of the fog and magical thinking will reflect the last of three trines (a harmonious pattern) between Jupiter and Neptune, exact on August 19th.

Jupiter-Neptune contacts suggest: blood, charity, empathy, film, photography, suffering, oceans. refugees, drugs, oil, scandal, spirits of all kinds, faith. The contact with Jupiter suggests expansion. Have you heard about Tallequah, the grieving killer whale, who has been carrying her stillborn calf through the waters off the coast of Washington state for the past EIGHTEEN DAYS? Big. Ocean. Empathy. Suffering. When we will ever learn? The first Jupiter-Neptune trine happened in December 2017; the second was on May 25th. You’re affected if you have a planet or angle around 14 degrees of Leo, Aquarius, Taurus or Scorpio.

Bringing us up to today….

…where the Leo Moon goes void immediately after the eclipse…not to enter Virgo until 11:59 PM ET. No impulse shopping during the void! On SUNDAY, the urge to sort and prune sails free and clear…taking on an even more earthy, “get down to business” drive at 10:13 PM ET, when Mars moves back into Capricorn. More of the same is scheduled for Monday — no sleeping in.

Meanwhile, here are the patterns that made the past week extra special:

Venus entered Libra on Monday evening, at the exact same moment as a big, bold outburst between the Leo Sun and expansive Jupiter. Venus functions with great efficiency in Libra, sign of sweetness, balance, diplomacy and partnership. On Tuesday Venus was trine Mars, offering an opportunity to soften the cranky edginess of Mars being retrograde (i.e., frustrating desires and delaying action), and arrive at an accord. Also on Tuesday, Uranus turned retrograde, suggesting we tune in and connect with our inner rebel. Are the chains that bind you self-created? How can you set yourself free? Idealism — or being blinded by the light — was suggested by Wednesday’s meet-up between the Leo Sun and retrograde Mercury.

And now, the news…reflecting the patterns above:

As predicted, airplanes are making big news (with added confusion/changes of course courtesy of Mars/Mercury retrograde):

In other news:

Because this post is so jam-packed, I will wait until the next forecast to tell you about my “garden adventure.” As Beth Owl’s Daughter observed when I posted about it on my personal Facebook page , it’s an apt microcosm of our current macrocosm, with many teachable moments I hope you will find helpful and inspiring.

Meanwhile, I would love to provide you with insights about your own personal horoscope. Here is the 411 on consultations.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

Friday 8/3/2018 & the Weekend: Mooooon in Taurus; Big Indulgences; Venus in Focus


The me-me-me Aries Moon has been void since 10:52 PM ET last night…not to enter Taurus until 3:51 PM ET.  You know how much I love a weekend driven by the Taurus Moon’s need for material comfort and security. Raise a glass; get thee to the spa; indulge in sensual pleasures with your sweetie….and yes, some may go overboard over the next few days. Why? Because on Monday, the Leo Sun squares Jupiter, planet of wretched excess. If you liked February 9th and May 8th, you’ll love August 6th. Watch the headlines for bloated consumption and bombastic egos. That’s the downside. The upside would be a jolly good time. Cheers!

Meanwhile, women, art, money and social expression will become prominent in the headlines. Why? Because Venus is fast approaching the Aries Point as it traverses the last couple of degrees of Virgo and hits 0 Libra — also on Monday. Ooh — and look at this: Venus hits the Aries Point and Jupiter squares the Sun at exactly the same time — 7:28 PM ET. Hmm. An excuse to buy a few lottery tickets, perhaps? Ya never know….especially if you have a planet or angle around 14 degrees of Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius or Taurus. Don’t know if that’s you? Well, good heavens, book an appointment with your astrologer and find out. That’s what I’m here for. Sheesh!

Oh, but I got ahead of myself.

There is no void on Saturday to deter your shopping sprees. On Sunday, the Moon will be void for only two hours — between 7:46 PM ET and 9:32 PM ET — no biggie. Then it enters Gemini, looking to be witty and clever with the latest rumor. I say “rumor” because Mercury is still retrograde. Don’t believe everything you hear! When in doubt, be silent!

No sleeping in on Monday. There is no Moon void to use as an excuse, and blaming it on Mercury retrograde is a tired cliche. In addition to the big story the Sun-Jupiter square suggests we’ll be reading about,  we’ll have the buzzzzzzz of rebel Uranus at a standstill, about to turn retrograde on TUESDAY at 12:49 PM ET. Watch for more stories of aviation, technology, innovation, geniuses, madmen, rebels, seismic activity and other shocks to the status quo.

Astrologers are like dentists. It’s good to check in with one every six months to a year. Plus, Mercury retrogrades are excellent times for REviewing your life with your astrologer.  Here’s the 411 on consultations.

And now, the news.

The pattern of the week — Mars in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus — is everywhere in the headlines. Fires, firearms, tech breakthroughs, reckless actions, cars, airplanes, even an astrology story or two:

Reflecting the extravagance of the upcoming Sun-Jupiter square: details of Paul Manafort’s spending habits, as his trial gets underway. Here’s another: “At P45’s hotel in New York, revenue went up this spring — thanks to a visit from big-spending Saudis”

Also big — and adding the prominence of Venus (art) approaching the Aries Point, with the REcovery potential of Mercury retrograde: “A small-town couple left behind a stolen painting worth over $100 million — and a big mystery,” reports WaPo….although the story of the recovered De Kooning in question was reported way back in the fall of 2017. Meanwhile,

UPDATE: on P45. Just in time for a measurement exact on August 19th between Mercury (mindset) and Uranus (disruption), Omarosa Manigault’s tell-all tome will be released on August 14th. The title: “Unhinged” — an apt reflection of the downside potential of Mercury-Uranus connections. Why else would P45 tell an audience (last night), that he was 15 minutes early for tea with Queen Elizabeth…when all the world saw it live on tape that he was the one who kept Her Majesty waiting?  When was the last time you read George Orwell’s 1984?

UPDATE: Marianne Williamson, whose horoscope I haven’t written about since 2012. She’s apparently “exploring a run for president in 2020.” With transiting Uranus supercharging her Capricorn Moon this year, we can appreciate why she’d be fired up about making something happen — whatever it takes.  Ms. Williamson was certainly on to something in her open letter to Hillary Clinton, published before Mrs. Clinton announced her presidential run. And we see other patterns in her horoscope reflecting a need to expand on a vision and get the message out there in 2019. We also see patterns requiring no small amount of discipline and focus.

Well? What pleasantries will you allow yourself to indulge in this weekend, hmm?

Thank you for reading this forecast.

Tuesday 7/31/2018: Late Sneak Peek at the Week; Shakin’ and Bakin’ with Mars Square Uranus; News, News & More News

….and how did you survive the weekend’s total lunar eclipse? I don’t know about you, but I was grateful for Sunday’s all-day Moon void, suggesting an apt time to chill, process and try not to bite someone’s head off. If you have a planet or angle in your horoscope around 4 degrees of Leo, Scorpio, Taurus or Aquarius, my money says you’ve been feeling a bit piqued, for better or for worse.  That energy can be productively channeled into a Mercury/Mars retrograde REorganization or REsearch project. Onward! — as they say, even with so many planets appearing to move backwards above.

The work week began with the Moon in Pisces. An empathetic flow was exuberantly supported by a harmony from Jupiter in depth-seeking Scorpio. My day was booked to the gills with clients taking advantage of all this retrograde energy to review their lives and plan ahead for the next six months to a year. Astrologers are like dentists. If you’re going to work with one, check in once or twice a year. I guarantee that patterns in your horoscope have changed since the last time we spoke. Knowledge is power!

Moon continues in Pisces today (Tuesday), seeking to work with impressions and ideals. Did you note your dreams this morning? Moon met up with Neptune in the wee hours, perhaps taking you on an especially sublime trip. Depth of feeling is supported this morning, courtesy of a harmony with Pluto. Moon goes void on at 6:42 PM ET, on an opposition with hypercritical Venus in Virgo. Your feelings vs. someone’s else critical analysis?

Chill during the 12-hour void. The pace picks up noticeably when the Moon charges into me-me-me Aries at 6:54 AM ET on WEDNESDAY. It gathers steam on an harmony with Mars around 12 PM ET…then crashes through or into a brick wall around 1:45 PM ET, suggested by a square to authoritarian Saturn. It’s all prep work for this week’s BIG FAT ASPECT: the second of three squares between action/assertion Mars in Aquarius and rebel Uranus in Taurus, exact at 10:41 PM ET.  The first Mars-Uranus square happened on May 16th, and here’s what was written back then:

The really big buzz is as follows:

  • … rebel Uranus ditches Aries for Taurus. Over the next seven years, look for innovation, liberation and disruption is all Taurus-ruled concerns: banking, currency, food, pleasures of the senses, agriculture, the whole concept of possession (vs. renting or vs. community ownership). Perhaps we’ll see innovation and advances in the treatment of thyroid and throat disorders, too. Taurus is an Earth sign, so I would not be surprised if earth-shaking incidents demand our attention.
  • Mars leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius. I hope you like the idea of Mars being in Aquarius, because except for a few weeks starting on August 13th (when Mars returns to Capricorn), we’re stuck with Mars in Aquarius until November 16th. One of my teachers calls Mars in Aquarius the “rebel with a cause.”  So we can expect action in the headlines involving rebellious and/or humanitarian concerns, some of which will have a technogeeky (Aquarius) or “on the fringe” flavor. Think aviation, circuitry, freedom, astrology, outer space, uranium, what’s allegedly “best for everyone”.  Those sorts of things.
  • These two planets changing signs starts off with a likely bang. Why? Because two hours after Mars enters Aquarius, it makes the first of three squares to Uranus, suggesting a release of tension. What kind of tension? Possibly explosive, seismic, disruptive, ground-breaking, seismic, innovative, genius or mutating. When do the other two squares happen? On August 1st and September 18th. So let’s see how events happening this week are reported in the news around those two dates.

There are no other exact aspects among the planets — except to the Moon — between Thursday and Sunday. Moon will be void in Aries at 10:52 PM ET on THURSDAY — entering Taurus on FRIDAY at 3:51 PM ET. Sounds like a three-day weekend to me. We’ll have a Third Quarter Moon on SATURDAY between the Taurus Moon and the Leo Sun, suggesting a stubborn insistence on keeping things as they are supposed to be, according to whoever is doing the supposing.

You are more personally affected by the buzz/outburst potential of the Mars-Uranus square if you have a planet or angle around 2 degrees of Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus or Leo. The “Uranus component” of this second square is intensified by the fact that Uranus is slowing down, about to turn retrograde on August 7th. Avid Readers know that planets about to change direction bring the issues symbolized by that planet into focus. Horoscopes of famous people affected include: Hillary Clinton, Monica Lewinsky, Elisabeth Moss. Mrs. Clinton has been making a lot of news this week, breaking out and taking action.  Monica Lewinsky was belting it out at a gay bar last week.

Meanwhile, today WaPo ran an interview with Linda Tripp a.k.a. Grandiose Ambitious Blabbermouth, a.k.a. Sun-Ascendant in Sagittarius, driven by Moon-Jupiter exactly conjunct at 28 Capricorn. Ms. Tripp may be on quite as assertive tear at the end of August/early September, when transiting Mars stations exactly on that Moon-Jupiter conjunction. What’s bringing her into focus now is reflected by transiting Pluto on her Venus (empowering/transforming social expression) and transiting Saturn square her Midheaven (ambitious effort involving public status).


And now, more news.

Headlines have been plastered with almost nothing but reflections of Mars, Uranus and the Leo Sun. Translation: a focus on shocking news about leaders, guns, automobiles, violence, gender-benders, aviation, testosterone, #MeToo, the planet Mars, technology, fires, rebels.  Well, last week there were a few beautiful love stories  reflecting last week’s deep and mystical alignments among Venus, Neptune and Pluto — my favorite being this one from WaPo about a female crane in love with her human keeper.

Otherwise it’s been:


Have you checked your voter registration status recently? Do it NOW!

More news as it happens in sync with planetary patterns. Stay tuned!

Thank you for reading this forecast and thank you for the client referrals. Your friends are amazing. You?

Thursday 7/26/2018: Mercury is Retrograde!

The Capricorn Moon was going full speed ahead yesterday on its never-ending mission: to get things done! As of 9:41 AM ET, it may feel as if the wind has been taken out of the sails. Yes, we may feel an intense power play or catharsis, as the Moon just met up with ruthless Pluto. However, the Moon is now void until 6:41 AM ET tomorrow (FRIDAY). Roll with the twists and flakes that may derail your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Try to remember what day it is, challenging as it may be, given that Mercury is now officially RETROGRADE.  If you are not at liberty to chill or wander, then you may need to make an extra effort to FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS…or suffer the consequences.

Meanwhile, with the Moon waxing to fullness and the Leo Sun caught between an upset (Uranus) and an assertion/attack (Mars), physical and emotional energies are high. Upside potential: dazzling breakthroughs and exceptional courage, as we’re seeing in the news. I’m putting together a recap of stunning stories — stay tuned. Meanwhile, here’s your Mercury retrograde survival guide:

Even if you know nothing else about astrology, you may have heard the term “Mercury retrograde” before. Often it’s accompanied by curses and groans, and that’s a shame. Yes, all of the flights on American Airlines might be grounded because of a computer glitch. Or the entire country of Finland might be offline because there’s a transportation strike. Or some trickster might set off all the tornado warning alarms in Dallas — these are all actual Mercury retrograde happenings. But there’s much good that can be accomplished when the Messenger Planet appears to be retracing its steps.

Mercury—which in the language of astrology refers to mindset, travel and communication—will appear to move backward through the sky until August 19th. It’s not really moving backward, but that is how it looks from our perspective here on Spaceship Earth. Mercury goes retrograde 3-4 times each year, for a period of 22 days.

Contrary to popular belief, Mercury retrogrades are no reason to freak out. Mercury retrograde gets a bad rap because we are geared, in this crazy modern age, to always be thinking, doing, moving FORWARD. You know what that gets you? BURN OUT. We need our down times, and Mercury retrograde is a perfect time to give our minds a rest. Why else would your computer, phone and/or car choose THIS time to malfunction? Because you are supposed to be slowing down. And as you slow down, it is vitally important that you FOCUS.

When Mercury is retrograde, be prepared for travel delays, scheduling screw-ups, mechanical breakdowns, computer crashes, having to repeat what you’ve just said, misunderstandings, the past coming back for a second look, surprise reunions and having to repeat what you just said. Use your FOCUS and double check important details, like whether the restaurant you’ve chosen for a meet-up is still in business. Or whether it is booked for a commercial shoot or a private party — all of which has happened to me during Mercury retrogrades.

If you are looking for a job, Mercury retrogrades are a perfect time to reach out to people from your past. Mine your address book and trust that your contacts will be happy to hear from you. However, do not be frustrated if your target is away on vacation or keeps rescheduling meetings. Also, triple check your emails and resumes before you hit “send,” as there is a higher probability of typos and other sloppy snafus.

In your business, you’ll need to make sure all communications have been received and are clearly understood. Be mindful of the higher potential for communications equipment to go on the fritz. MAKE SURE YOUR FILES ARE BACKED UP. Also be aware of a higher than average probability for delays in shipping and travel arrangements. For this you will need an extra dose of patience.

You may also find it profitable to REview a project from the past. Maybe you shelved it then, but now is the time to REconsider. However, be advised that a spontaneously, “out-of-the-blue” idea for advancement may not be so sound when Mercury turns direct. This is why the conventional wisdom advises against finalizing and/or signing contracts on deals during Mercury retrograde. An exception might be supported if you are REnegotiating or RElocating. If you absolutely must close a deal, triple check everything. The key is not to RUSH.

This is a good time to schedule a corporate REtreat. Any activity that affords the opportunity to REview past performance is encouraged. REsearch on a new strategy is also favored.

Mercury retrogrades are not favored for launching a new website or a new communications systems. There is a higher than average probability of technical glitches and confusion. REvisions, however, are A-OK.

In general, adopt a playful attitude of flexibility to whatever twists you encounter. Avoid making major purchases (especially electronic ones). Don’t believe everything you hear or read in the papers. Rumors have a higher probability of spreading during Mercury retrogrades. Avoid losing patience — that’s a big one.

When in doubt, be silent!

Do plan on RElaxing, REviewing, REsearching, REorganizing, REgenerating, REconnecting and REcreating….and REviewing your life with your astrologer.

Thank you for reading this forecast — and thanks to Beth Owls Daughter for the fun banana Mercury mash-up:


Tuesday 7/24/2018: Sneak Peek at a Volatile Week; Full Moon/Eclipse; Mercury Retrograde; the Bottom Line

Today is driven by a righteously opinionated Sagittarius Moon. It went void at 4:22 AM ET and won’t enter the next sign — Capricorn — until 5:49 PM ET. Roll with any twists or flakes that may disrupt your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Consider how you may implement the rose-colored potential of this afternoon’s opposition between Venus (money, women, art, social expression) and Neptune (music, surrender, faith, vision) into your wandering.  Double check everything thrice. Why? Because any day with a strong Neptune increases the potential for confusion, not to mention the other patterns happening this week, as I outlined in the forecast last Friday:

  • On WEDNESDAY at 7:34 AM ET, we’ll have a  square between the Leo Sun (leaders, life force, willpower) and Uranus (disruption, technology, seismic activity, aviation, etc.). Already we are feeling the buzz.
  • On THURSDAY at 1:03 AM ET, Mercury goes retrograde at 23 Leo,  suggesting a review of how we need to think about play, showmanship, creative self-expression, regal pronouncements and entitlements. Watch the headlines over the next few weeks for stubborn and grandiose miscommunication. Don’t believe everything you hear! Mercury turns direct on August 19th at 11 Leo. If you have planets between 11 and 23 Leo — and especially on those exact degrees, you are especially affected by this  Mercury retrograde. Regardless of your own unique horoscope, everyone should BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS NOW! Other general guidelines for surviving Mercury retrogrades may be found here.
  • On FRIDAY, an especially assertive/courageous or simply combative opposition between Mars in rebel Aquarius and the regal Leo Sun, exact at 1:14 AM ET
  • On FRIDAY at 4:20 PM ET, a Full Moon/total lunar eclipse at 4 degrees of Aquarius — opposing the Leo Sun. How will we balance the eclectic needs of the collective vs. the birthright of the individual, hmm?
  • The next exact aspect after the eclipse is a harmony between Venus (money, women, art, social expression and value) and Pluto (power, resources) on FRIDAY at 9:22 PM ET. Venus is in Virgo; Pluto is in  Capricorn. These are Earth Signs — concerned with the material world. Virgo seeks discernment, perfection, cooperation, service, process; Capricorn seeks status, achievement, establishment. I zeroed in on this Venus-Pluto trine when reading Beth Owl’s Daughter’s always in sync Tarot Card of the Week. It challenges us to take serious stock of what we value and how we use it. With Uranus now in Taurus (material comfort and security), we see strong potential for disruption in matters we believed were rock solid. When will that start? I am not certain, but I suspect we will have taken notice by mid-2021, with a whiff of things to come around June 2019.

The Sabian Symbols for Thursday’s eclipse echo a need for focus on the material. For the Sun: “rock formations at the edge of a precipice.” Sabian Symbol Guru Blain Bovee notes that these “large, hard stones…may be teetering…on the brink of a deep fall.” For the Moon: “a council of ancestors called to guide.”  Bovee offers a curious interpretation: “Where do you go when you fall asleep? Into the arms of our ancestors.” Lynda Hill, another Sabian Symbol expert, notes the dichotomy here between the material (rocks) and the spiritual (wisdom of the ancestors/those who have gone before). Hmm. So in order to get out of this material predicament  — i.e., of teetering on the brink  — I reckon we need to tune in to the spiritual, which is exactly what is suggested by so many planets — especially Mars and now Mercury — being retrograde at this time.  This notion was reinforced this morning via the musings of another intuitive friend — sound healer Norma Gentile.   On the subject of abundance, she writes:

My guides have shared with me that we are many, many years away from the unity of consciousness that many people seek. They suggest that what we must first do is enter into the sacred versions of male and female within our polarized reality. Then we will take some time to understand the full spectrum of expressive energies that exist between them as well. The Divine Feminine has been awakening throughout our world for many centuries, and it is only now joined by a consciousness awakening of the Sacred Masculine. Spirit can now begin to flow through all aspects of our world that lie within polarity.

The first motion of this Spiritual flow is to reveal the non-sacred versions of masculine and feminine energies in our world to which we have become accustomed. Then as we sense and see the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine, we choose which to interact with. This choice is made by each of us as individuals, and our choices influence the percentage of sacred and non-sacred energies continue to express out into our shared world.

And, as we are learning, a simple majority does not make the choice go one way or the other. Only when a Golden Mean (3/5ths) of our world’s population chooses the sacred over the profane version of something can we as a planet move fully past that particular choice point. And so it seems we are in the process of endlessly taking a step forward, and then back. Repeating it over and over again until 3/5ths of all the souls within our world agree on that step forward. Then we begin to tackle the next step.

I have the coolest friends.

Other Moon voids this week: THURSDAY 9:41 AM ET until FRIDAY 6:41 AM ET. Well, that’ll make for an interesting first day of Mercury being retrograde.

And now, the news.

UPDATE: Stormy Daniels was served with divorce papers with transiting Mars exactly squaring her 4 Scorpio Moon. Her Moon co-rules her 7th house of partnership and will be affected by this week’s lunar eclipse. We can see the potential for a change in domestic/relationship status. Here is her horoscope.

UPDATE: Geologists are now saying that lava will likely continue to flow from the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii “for months to years.” File that under “I told you so,” based on patterns in Hawaii’s horoscope.

RANDOM FUN FACT: in May and June, the NYT and WaPo quoted twice as many Republicans compared to Democrats. Surprised? Perhaps this explains why Democrats are faulted for not having a clear message.

RANDOM USEFUL ANALYSIS: James Hohmann of WaPo’s Daily 202 breaks down the facts about Carter Page and the recently released FISA warrant.

OBLIGATORY CLOSE ON A POSITIVE, LIFE-AFFIRMING TOPIC: “You Should Actually Send That Thank-You Note You’ve Been Meaning to Write,” says the NYT, reflecting the perfect Miss Manners’ potential of today’s Venus in Virgo opposition to blissful Neptune.  The reason people do not follow through on the impulse to express gratitude, says the article, is that “they undervalue  the positive impact they can have on others for a tiny investment of time.”

Thank you for reading this forecast. To find out what all these retrogrades and eclipses mean to you personally, here’s the 411 on scheduling a consultation. To support my tireless efforts to report on the astonishing synchronicity of daily news and planetary patterns, here is the link to my Cosmic Tip Jar. With gratitude.

Which reminds me: Won’t You Be My Neighbor?  is a must-see film — and a beautiful reflection of the potential in Mister Rogers’ horoscope — discussed on Friday. Hope you make time to see it.


Friday 7/20/2018 & the Weekend: Sweet


The Moon entered Scorpio last night at 9:13 PM ET, driving today and SATURDAY with a need for emotional depth and control. If you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, you can blame a cranky connection between  the Moon and Mars at 8:12 AM ET. Evening prospects are sweeter, given harmonious aspects between Venus and cosmic sugar daddy Jupiter, at 7:40 PM ET and 10:29 PM ET. Sounds like a great night for a date with Mr. Rogers (Won’t You Be My Neighbor?) or the sequel to Mamma Mia! Maybe even a double feature…

Aspects to the Moon on SATURDAY are also fairly smooth. There’s no Moon void to derail shopping adventures. Maybe a stubborn impasse around 4 PM ET, as Mercury in Leo squares that Scorpio Moon….

SUNDAY starts with a one-hour Moon void and that sweet harmony between Venus and Jupiter, exact at 5:21 AM ET.  Moon enters Sagittarius at 6:12 AM ET, driving the day with a need to push boundaries. Get outside; engage in a righteous debate; lighten up. Another shift happens at 5:01 PM ET, when the Sun enter regal Leo, ramping up the heat for the next few weeks. If you’re a Leo born between July 22 and July 30th, tell me how this slow burn of a summer is going for you…

No sleeping in on MONDAY. The Sag Moon continues to give us something to talk about — e.g., a scandal or a dreamy ideal. Those options will be reflecting a face-off between a perfection-seeking Venus in Virgo and wallowing Neptune in Pisces, exact on TUESDAY. By then we’ll be feeling even more of the buzz of WEDNESDAY’s square between the Sun (leaders) and Uranus (disruption); Mercury retrograde on THURSDAY (BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS NOW); the biggest, fattest total lunar eclipse we will see this whole century on FRIDAY, featuring a feisty Sun-Mars face-off and more consolidation of power, suggested by a harmony between Venus and Pluto.

And now, the news.

Going back to my metaphor anticipating that this week’s events would be like watching an ice shelf suddenly collapse into the sea, here is a clip of Dan Coats (Director of National Intelligence) hearing that the White House has announced that Vladimir Putin  will be coming to the White House this fall. Congressman William Hurd (R-TX) is a former undercover CIA agent who penned an op-ed arguing that P45 is being “manipulated by Putin.”   The silence from other members of his party is deafening…but let’s see what happens next week, with its assertive patterns.

Oh, lookie…Robert Mueller has just subpoenaed the “Manhattan Madam”.  She sounds nice…

Ooh…and WaPo’s Jennifer Rubin is back from vacay. Here she is, writing about “a tipping point.”

Meanwhile, like other movements seeking to contain “People Who Are Not Like Us” making waves around the world, the Israeli Knesset passed a “nation-state bill” described by the Los Angeles Times as:

formaliz(ing) in Israeli law the superior rights and privileges that Jewish citizens of the state enjoy over its indigenous Palestinian minority, who comprise roughly 20% of the population. It demotes Arabic from one of two official languages to a mere “special” status, deepens racial segregation by directing the government to “encourage and promote” Jewish settlement, and declares that the right to self-determination in Israel is “exclusive” to the Jewish people, denying the history and ancient Palestinian roots in this land. It also prioritizes the Jewishness of the state over its democratic character, omitting any reference to “democracy” or “equality.”

Israel’s horoscope was hit hard by the Big Fat Solar Eclipse of 2017, with its “get away with murder” Mars at 28 degrees of Leo totally eclipsed. We see the potential for an uptick in assertion and aggression. As I type, a new war in Gaza is escalating, something that one really ought to avoid during a Mars retrograde. Next week, the Big Fat Lunar Eclipse of 2018 will totally eclipse Israel’s regal Leo Moon.  This suggests a big change of public status for its people, with extra provocation added by contact from transiting Uranus and Mars.

Yes, I am really looking forward to seeing the Mr. Rogers documentary, Won’t You Be My Neighbor?   With transiting Jupiter on his 15 Scorpio cusp of his 7th House, it makes sense that Mr. Rogers would be back in the public eye at this time. He even got his own stamp! Of course, with a 29 degree Pisces Sun at the Aries Point, naturally he would be famous for embodying the belief that We Are One.  Oh, but he’d do it with his own quirky style, with his Sun conjunct Uranus in me-me-me Aries. A Mercury-Venus conjunction in Pisces adds to his need for idealism, along with a soulful Pisces Moon. His Taurus Ascendant needs to project an aura of material comfort and security — and don’t you think he does?  Here is his horoscope, which lives forever, doncha know.

I wrote about Mr. Rogers back in 2013:

It is fascinating to see a meme circulating on Facebook last night, featuring a quote by Fred Rogers, who had a TV show that was comforting and beloved by children everywhere (Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood): “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’”

Your mission this weekend is to arise, go forth and be a helper, inspired by the sweet sextile between the benefics, Venus and Jupiter.

Thank you for reading this forecast — with extra special gratitude to Avid Readers Karen and Martha for contributing to my Cosmic Tip Jar.

You made my day.

Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.


Wednesday-Thursday 7/18-19/2018: Gaslighting with the Gipper

Allll-righty then!

The energy of the day is brought to you by the Moon in Libra, seeking to be popular, fair and balanced. It will cruise without interference until a few hours before 2:43 AM ET on THURSDAY, when it will be challenged by ruthless Pluto. Power play or catharsis? Then more relatively smooth sailing until the First Quarter Moon at 3:52 PM ET.

My advice: work with the energy of the late night Moon-Pluto square and use that emotional depth to facilitate harmony in relationships. With Mars now retrograde since June 26th, an urge to grumble at significant others is understandable. But is it really about them? Consider how your inner demons may be at play. Also consider this aptly-timed article: a bad marriage is seriously bad for your health.

And now, a word from our sponsor: to schedule a personal consultation, here’s how to contact me.  To those who’ve asked if I teach,  yes I do.  I’d also be pleased to give a talk to your group — in person or via the amazing internet — on Astrology 101. I did one of those on Monday at a Pilates studio, with the following feedback:

“Your talk was probably one of the best that I’ve been to in a long time. Clear, informative and engaging, it was wonderful! I am excited to plan the next one!”

And now, the news. File this all under “I told you the newsmfeed this week would be like watching an ice shelf in Antarctica suddenly collapse into the sea, changing the topography forever.”

Of course you all remember P45’s horoscope for July 16th, yes? Here it is again.   Monday’s Putin-P45 summit began at 1:12 PM in Helsinki. Looking at the chart for that moment for a meet-up, we see the two parties represented by 1) a detail-oriented, hypercritical, effective Venus in Virgo, buoyed by a harmony with expansive Jupiter and 2) an imbecilic self-immolating renegade Mars in Aquarius — wandering without focus, retrograde and about to self-destruct on the South Node. Now. You tell me — which planet represented which party?

Right. And then this happened: “At Summit With Russia, Trump Betrays His Country in Plain Sight”.  Because what U.S. president wouldn’t announce to the world that when it comes to espionage and efforts to sabotage our country, he’ll take the word of a Russian president over the facts presented by multiple U.S. intelligence agencies any day? And that was just one of many jaw-dropping statements. Here’s the full video of the Putin-P45 press conference, in case you missed it. And here’s a written excerpt, with flat-out falsehoods noted by the NYT. 

The answer to the question is simple and clear, if one takes the words of Maya Angelou to heart, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

  • “In terms of high-end product influx into the US, Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets. Say, in Dubai, and certainly with our project in SoHo, and anywhere in New York. We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.” (P45 Jr., 2008)
  • “We have all the funding we need out of Russia.” (#2 Son Eric, 2014)
  • P45 has “no intention” of releasing his tax returns (Steven Mnuchin, 2017)
  • “P45’s Russian Laundromat” — an in-depth piece published last year in The New Republic

Meanwhile in Washington, over the past few days, 29 year-old Maria Butina was arrested and indicted on “charges of being a covert Russian agent,” as you will read in this WaPo piece: “‘She was like a novelty’: How alleged Russian agent Maria Butina gained access to elite conservative circles,” Note the connections between Ms. Butina and the NRA. But what was she doing at the National Prayer Breakfast?

Getting back to P45’s Helsinki sinkhole…yesterday, during the much ado about nothing Moon void in Virgo, P45 tried to make things right by saying he “misspoke,” earning him a place — according to Stephen Colbert — “in the Lying Hall of Fame.”  Watch this video and watch him lie about Queen Elizabeth. Then notice that that three minutes into the clip, P45 states, “I have a full faith in our intelligence agencies,” and as he says those words, the lights in the Oval Office go out. Coincidence or conspiracy?

After researching possible causes for the sudden power outage, I warmed to a theory suggested in this piece from the NYT: “Supernatural Cleaning Methods,” (written for owners of haunted houses), arguing that lights going on and off without apparent cause might actually be reflecting the influence of an otherworldly presence.

Hmmm…but who might haunt the Oval Office? A former occupant who is no longer among the living? How about….Ronald Reagan?  Of course I looked at his horoscope to assess its potential for action yesterday around 12 PM ET in Washington DC. If any Avid Reader has an exact time for when those lights went out, please let me know. The lamestream media is hopeless when it comes to timing.

So….let’s see here…

  • transiting Jupiter (ruler of Reagan’s Sagittarius Ascendant) is almost exactly conjunct his natal Jupiter and opposing his Taurus Moon (co-ruler of the 7th — the public).
  • Transiting Moon almost exactly squaring his Ascendant and Pluto.
  • Transiting Pluto is close to a conjunction to his natal Mercury and square his Libra Midheaven, suggesting a need for empowered and persuasive communication.
  • Transiting Pluto is also exactly opposed his natal Neptune, ruler of his 3rd House (of mindset and communication). Hard transits between Pluto and Neptune are a reliable reflection of metaphysical/paranormal experiences.
  • Transiting Sun is exactly opposing his natal Uranus — well, that’s a potential buzz…and transiting Uranus is conjunct his natal Saturn (another potential shake-up).
  • with natal Mercury conjunct Uranus in his horoscope, we see Reagan’s need for a quirky and provocative sense of humor.
  • Finally, transiting Saturn is almost exactly conjunct his Mars — we can appreciate the potential for frustration.

Dear Avid Readers, I believe we have found our culprit. The horoscope lives forever, doncha’ know. The Gipper ain’t buying the gaslighting. And really, I don’t see why he would. Nor should you. Case closed. 

 Are we having fun yet?

UPDATE: it appears the White House really is haunted


Signs Jupiter (expansion) might have just turned direct in Scorpio:

As we approach Sunday’s harmonious sextile (an aspect suggesting cooperation and generosity), let’s close with one of the most uplifting stories I’ve read in a while: “An Alabama man walked almost 20 miles to his new job. When his boss found out, he gave him a car.”  Not only did the aptly-named Walter Carr —  literally go the extra mile(s) in his eight-hour trek in the middle of the night, but a police officer who questioned the 20 year-old African-American en route did not try to arrest him. Instead, he bought Mr. Carr breakfast and engaged the help of another officer, who gave him a lift six hours into the journey. But wait, there’s more! After arriving at his destination and doing a stellar job moving furniture from one household to another, the satisfied customer started a GoFundMe campaign on his behalf, which as of this morning had generated $37,000. A few days later, Carr’s boss gave him the car.

Wouldn’t it be fun to see Walter Carr’s horoscope? I suspect we’d see it activated by last week’s two Grand Trines.  I love that everyone in this story chose to be a hero, supporting and rewarding Carr’s noble cause. With today’s Libra Moon traveling free and clear, you, too can be a hero by appreciating and noticing the efforts of people in your life who are going the extra mile.

Thank you for reading this forecast.








Monday 7/16/2018: Sneak Peek at the Week; Anything Goes

Good Morning!

The work week begins on note of optimism, suggested by a perfection-seeking Virgo Moon in harmony with expansive Jupiter at 11:34 AM ET. Grab that to-do list and make things right. As we get closer to 4:25 PM ET, double check the details and make sure communication channels are clear. Moon is opposed by nebulous Neptune, potentially fogging up the windshield. Dig deep for clarity around 10:29 PM ET, as the Moon harmonizes with ruthless Pluto.

The Moon will be void on TUESDAY between 6:49 AM ET and 3:42 PM ET. If you must work, tend to  routine concerns, and don’t get carried away by crises that may crop up. Chances are that after the void is over, that crisis will be revealed to be much ado about nothing. Chill! If you are free to wander during the void, then do so — and roll with the twists and flakes.

Other Moon voids for the week: THURSDAY 3:52 PM ET until 9:13 PM ET — and that’s it.

Guess what kind of week this is? A week with no exact aspects among the planets except to the Moon. Not until SUNDAY morning will we have an exact aspect among any other planet — a harmony between Venus and Jupiter, which may be experienced as sweet or otherwise indulgent. But still…I’ve found that these apparent lulls are often deceptive. Like I said last week, it’s like looking at a giant ice shelf on the most sparkling sunny day ever…and then, for no apparent reason, half the shelf crumbles into the ocean. So if an “other shoe” drops in the headlines, I will not be surprised, and neither should you.  We do have a First Quarter Moon at 3:52 PM ET on THURSDAY at 27 Libra, activating the 2017 inauguration chart. On verra, as they say in France. Way to go, World Cup champs!

Looking ahead to next week, please note that Mercury will turn retrograde NEXT THURSDAY at 1:03 AM ET. BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS NOW! With a super-duper Full Moon and looonnnng lunar eclipse NEXT FRIDAY, which involve a release of tension among the Sun (will), Mars (action, assertion) and Uranus (rebels, aviation, accidents, technology), you will need to be especially FOCUSED during that time. Focus and PATIENCE are excellent coping strategies for Mercury retrogrades.

And now, the news.

First, you may remember last week’s off-the-top-of-my-head examples of a few famous people whose horoscopes were affected by the solar eclipse.

Add Sacha Baron Cohen to the list of the eclipsed. His 19 Libra Sun is already being hit by the empowering potential of transiting Pluto. He spent the past year traveling in disguise to interview truckloads of Americans, including many unsuspecting politicians and other power (!) players. Coming on the heels of last week’s  Sun-Pluto opposition, his new show (Who Is America?) is filled with “news from underground,” and more than one of his interview subjects is howling with indignation by what has been revealed. This segment — in which past and present members of Congress vouch support for a program to teach toddlers about guns — is as dazzling and provocative as Cohen’s horoscope suggests. “The pheromone Blink-182?” They thought that was for real?

Cohen is a Libra, driven by a drama king Moon in Leo. His Sun is conjunct Uranus; of course he needs to be a quirky rebel. With Jupiter and Neptune conjunct in Sagittarius, we need how he would need to push boundaries…but things may not be what they seem! With natal Pluto at the Aries Point, we can see why people of power would be prominent in his life.  Birth time unknown — here’s what we do know about his horoscope.

More news from underground: “How Israel, In the Dark of Night, Torched Its Way to Iran’s Nuclear Secrets.”

Reflecting the material self-sufficiency of the weekend’s lovely Grand Trine among Venus (women, art, social expression, money), Saturn (old guard) and Uranus (avant garde) — all in Earth Signs:

Obituaries often reflect the symbolism of planetary patterns. Here’s one for that enduring Earth Grand Trine: “Nancy Barbato Sinatra, Steadfast First Wife of Frank Sinatra, Dies at 101.” Indeed.

What’s going on in your horoscope? How will this summer’s Mars and Mercury retrogrades be reflected in your own personal world? And what about these three eclipses? And OMG — Venus will be going retrograde on October 10th — in Scorpio. How will that period of REview manifest for you? Book a consultation and together we will plan a strategy to maximize opportunities. Here’s how to contact me.

Thank you for reading this forecast.


Friday 7/14/2018 & the Weekend: Rock Steady

On Friday, the Moon was void in Cancer until 1:31 PM ET. After that it enters Leo for most of the weekend, looking for a reason to play, shine or otherwise take the stage. We may see a few bumps around happy hour, as the Moon is challenged by disruptive Uranus at 5:10 PM ET. Six hours later, the Moon is opposed by Mars, suggesting a potential clash or exertion of will or other outburst of energy. Meanwhile, a harmony between Venus (women, money, art, social expression) and Saturn (authority, patriarchy, ambition, control) seeks stability within the established order, exact at 2:44 AM ET on SATURDAY.

Moon goes void at 7:12 PM ET on Saturday, suggesting you are free to shop before then without worrying if your impulse purchase will live up to expectations.  Indulgence and/or grandiosity may alter your mood and hit the headlines around 10:44 AM ET, as the Moon is challenged by exuberant Jupiter. Party on loquaciously during the evening void, as the Moon and mental Mercury meet up…then sleep in and/or chill on SUNDAY. The Moon enters Virgo to tidy things up at 1:31 PM ET. Sunday evening suggests  your analysis can easily incorporate a blend of the avant garde with the “old guard.”

No sleeping in on Monday.

And now, the news.

Classical astrologers argue that a Moon void in Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius and Pisces is able to “somewhat perform,” suggesting that events that are initiated in these voids may have some consequences. I’m thinking about that now, as Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has announced the indictment of 12 Russian intelligence officers for allegedly hacking DNC emails — just as  P45 was about to sit down for tea with Queen Elizabeth. Happy post-Sun-Pluto opposition, suggesting we’d be hearing some serious news from underground.

And that’s as far as I got with my efforts to post a forecast on Friday.

Picking up the writing on Saturday (today)…

“Warning Lights Are Blinking Red,” says top U.S. intelligence officer re: the threat of continued Russian cyberattacks. Yes, and with Mars retrograde soon to square technogeek Uranus in early August, we are sure to hear more on that story.

Friday’s indictment noted that the accused’s first hack attempt occurred on July 27, 2016, the same day P45 infamously said,  “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 (Clinton) emails that are missing. I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.”  P45 would have needed to push the boundaries of righteous opinion on that day, with transiting Jupiter (expansion) squaring his blabbermouth Sagittarius. Right. Nothing to look at here.


It’s a bewildering time for FBI agent Peter Strzok, suggested by patterns in his horoscope. He has transiting Neptune sitting right on top of his Pisces Sun. Birth date: March 7, 1970– no time or place available. On Thursday,  Mr. Strzok spent ten hours answering questions from members of Congress, some of whom accused him of having a personal bias against P45 that had somehow corrupted his investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 election. Here is Stephen Colbert’s recap of those grueling ten hours, and thank goodness for comedy as a coping strategy in these interesting times.

Ten hours is a long time to be in the hot seat, and fortunately for Agent Strzok, he was born with Mars and Saturn conjunct in Taurus, opposed by Jupiter in Scorpio. A Mars-Saturn conjunction has exceptional potential for hard-nosed discipline, and in Taurus — which needs stability and security — it suggests endurance. Lucille Ball — one of the most enduring Hollywood icons, has a Mars-Saturn conjunction in Taurus squaring her Leo Sun. Mitch McConnell also has a Mars-Saturn conjunction in Taurus, with innovative/rebellious potential courtesy of rebel Uranus joining that meet-up. He’s been in Congress since forever. His natal Venus-Pluto opposition will continued to be activated by transiting Mars into early fall. This potential for emotional overkill will also be triggered by the lunar eclipse on July 27th.

Fun fact: two of Strzok’s most dramatic accusers — Trey Gowdy (R-SC) and Louis Gohmert (R-TX) are late-degree drama king Leos, with their Suns conjunct P45’s Leo Mars and Ascendant. Gowdy is not running for re-election this year (perhaps reflecting the eclipse of his 29 Leo Sun last August and this February), but we can see how his regal Leo essence could border on bombast, given a square between his Leo Sun and Jupiter at the fixed star Algol (which might also involve his Aquarius Moon). We don’t have a birth time for Gowdy, but next year he is likely to  be feeling streamlined when transiting Saturn opposes his Venus (social expression) and Mars (assertion).  Gohmert’s Leo Sun is in touch with expansive Jupiter. It’s also conjunct Pluto, adding no small need for power and potential ruthlessness. Gohmert’s horoscope will be challenged late next year by transiting Pluto to his natal Saturn, Neptune and Uranus. This suggests a disruption of his personal status quo in the face of potential loss. We shall see.

In other news…

Reflecting the material self=sufficiency of this week’s Grand Trine among Venus (women, money, arts), Saturn (business, authority, control) and Uranus (freedom, disruption):

Reflecting additional “news from underground,” suggested by Thursday’s Sun-Pluto opposition combined with the eclipse:

Next week, with no exact aspects among the planets, except from the Moon, I was expecting a story about a big chunk of ice. This one showed up on today’s stabilizing Venus-Saturn trine. The iceberg is currently stuck, but still poses a threat to a small town in Greenland. Check out the photo. 

Elsewhere,  one of my favorite stories reflecting the optimistic focus suggested by Jupiter turning direct on the 10th, the day this story hit the wires:


Meanwhile, if you happen to be in the New York City area — or better yet, Long Island —  at 7 PM on Monday, July 16th, I will be presenting a talk, “The Astrology of Summer 2018: Mars/Mercury Retrogrades, Eclipses and What It All Means for You.” It will be a small group, and we will use horoscopes of attendees as examples. Send me an email and I will send you the details.

To schedule a personal consultation or order a report, here’s the 411.

Thank you for reading this forecast.