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Welcome to the Daily Forecast.

My daily forecasts offer guidance on what we all can expect from current planetary patterns — and also what we can expect to see in the headlines. When someone makes the news, something is going on in the horoscope! So if you’re curious to know the astro-logical patterns consistent with why George Clooney finally remarried...or why efforts to decriminalize marijuana over the next several years are likely to succeed, you will find it here. Use the SEARCH function to find your favorite public figure or world event; sign up here to receive the daily forecast by email.

If you’d like to know how planetary patterns are currently reflected in your own unique horoscope, please schedule a personal consultation. I guarantee you will find it helpful and enlightening.

Monday 2/19/2018: Happy Birthday, Pisces; Sneak Peek at Lovely Week & Other Good News

(written on Sunday; posted just before midnight on Monday)

Happy long weekend — for many of us in the U.S. Buy a mattress on sale, won’t you?

Happy Sun in Pisces (as of today at 12:18 PM ET) — and happy Mercury in Pisces (as of 11:28 PM ET yesterday), too.  Therefore,  happy birthday to your favorite fishies!

Pisces is a sensitive, intuitive energy that at its best expresses compassion and loving kindness for everyone and everything, in its understanding that we are all One.  Being such a sensitive soul is not always easy. Pisces has been known to wallow in suffering. It can go to extremes of surrender in order to escape life’s hard knocks, drowning its sorrows in the nearest rose-colored glass. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, a dreamy energy that can be challenging to integrate, but oh what sublime creative visions it can bring to life, when effectively channeled. Pisces appreciates that the individual and the collective are one and the same; that the illusion that we are separated from one another is just that: an illusion.

This Pisces truth is expressed in a book I stumbled across years ago. It’s called Happier Than God by Neale Donald Walsch. At the end of Chapter 15, Walsch talks about his quest to find the answer to these questions: 1) What does it take to make life work? and 2) Why does my life have to be such a continuing struggle? Walsch credits a conversation with God with this answer:

“Your life does not have to be such a continuing struggle. The problem is simple. You think your life is about you. Your life is not about you.”

“It isn’t?” I asked.

“No,” God answered.

“Well, then, who in the world is it about?”

Everyone in the world.”

The book then expounds on a simple, yet profound concept that “All Things are One Thing. There is only One Thing, and All Things are part of the One Thing That Is.”  Walsch makes the case that when you can apply this concept in day-to-day living, you will have mastered the key to success. Sounds pretty Piscean to me.

Pisces folk born 11-16 days into the sign should chat with Fish born a few days earlier about how spacey life seemed in the past two years. Lots of potential for creativity and soulful questing, though.  I’d say the same is true for  Geminis, Sagittarians and Virgos born in that range.  May be time to check in with your local astrologer…

Famous Pisces include Kurt Cobain, Drew Barrymore, George Harrison, Dr. Seuss and Albert Einstein. All sensitive, soulful and sublime, in their own magical way.

Mercury will be in Pisces until March 5th. It suggests a need for thinking that is intuitive, rather than rational.  On the upside, we might need a more compassionate take. On the downside, thinking that is based on empathy and compassion may not be the most practical in terms of execution.

Regardless of the Sun or Mercury in Pisces, the energy of today (Sunday) is driven by the Moon in me-me-me Aries. It seeks a way to fulfill its crusading agenda while getting ego recognition for its collective consciousness. An ambitious reach or buckets of rain on someone’s parade may weigh in around 7:15 PM ET, when the Moon is squared by stern Saturn. If the latter, Aries Moon doesn’t care. The best way to motivate an Aries is to tell them it can’t be done. Tomorrow is another day…and the Moon will still be in Aries, so there!

Note the potential for a power play on MONDAY, when the Aries Moon makes its weekly clash with Pluto around 8:47 PM ET. A meet-up with disruptive Uranus at 6:11 AM ET on TUESDAY gets the post-holiday work week off to an exciting start…even though it immediately goes void until 2:12 PM ET. There’s your excuse for sleeping in, flaking on a scheduled meeting or any other disruptive twist to your morning. Go with the flow; stick to routine and don’t turn a molehill into a mountain. Chill!

Tuesday and WEDNESDAY are driven by a Taurus Moon, seeking stability and comfort in the material world. A vision-inspired initiative for a more perfect and beautiful world may emerge, courtesy of the only two exact planetary patterns this week (other than to the Moon). First at 1:42 PM ET on WEDNESDAY, Venus (women, beauty, money, social expression) and Neptune meet up in Pisces. Idealism, empathy, peace and love — all in harmony with high-functioning energy to take that vision and make it real. At 3:23 PM ET. Mercury will harmonize with Saturn. Make your pitch and alert the media.

On THURSDAY, the Moon will be void between 6:46 AM ET and 7:07 PM ET. The work week ends with a buzz, courtesy of a pixie-chatterbox Gemini Moon. Oh what tangled webs we weave (we may wonder), as the Friday afternoon news dump approaches.

And now, the news…

…in which we’ll list stories reflecting the potential of Saturday’s square (tension) between Mars in boundary-pushing Sagittarius and dreamy Neptune. Mars = guns, machismo, anger, action. Neptune = scandal, fog, illusion, forgiveness, oil, drugs and more.

First up — and about darn time — 13 Russians were indicted on charges of tampering with the 2016 election. How? A troll farm planted fake news on social media, drumming up support for P45, Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders, i.e., whatever it would take to pull votes away from Hillary Clinton. Mars-Neptune suggests conspiracy. “A former Russian troll speaks: ‘It was like being in Orwell’s world,’” reports WaPo“Defiant and error-laden,” was P45’s typical noxious response.

One more story — and then enough about P45. Sharing this because it’s right on schedule, as Avid Readers will recall from last Monday’s forecast:

As he is the current occupant of White House, it is useful to look at P45’s horoscope for additional insight on how this eclipse may affect the nation. We see that it falls right on his Descendant, opposite his Mars. Immediately we think: relationship, aggression/assertion — brought to a close or otherwise interrupted, to make way for something new. Mars rules P45’s 9th House — which refers to messages to the masses, international  and legal affairs. Stormy weather during this cycle, perhaps?

In October 2016 it was reported that the National Enquirer paid Playboy model Karen McDougal $150K for the rights to her story about her 2006 affair with P45.  It was never published (don’t you wonder why?),  but someone else spilled the beans to reporter Ronan Farrow. On Friday the New Yorker published excerpts of Ms. McDougal’s handwritten account.

Way to go, Ronan Farrow! And what a hot horoscope Mr. Farrow has. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn and Uranus all in righteously opinionated Sagittarius.  Uranus together with the Sun and Mercury suggests they broke the mold when they made him. Did you know he graduated college at 15 and then went to law school at Yale? Genius!  With  Scorpio Mars and Pluto together in the 8th House, we can appreciate a talent for ruthless dirt digging. It is fascinating to see that his 12 Sag Moon and Midheaven have been under the influence of transiting Neptune’s fog for the past couple of years. And yet — all last year transiting Saturn hit the rest of his planets in Sag. What has he produced in that time? Ruthless “get real” exposes on a Neptune keyword:  scandal. First,  Harvey Weinstein — and now P45. Did I mention that Mr. Farrow’s Ascendant is 28 Aquarius — thus impacted by the Aug 21st and last week’s eclipses? It is fascinating to also note that transiting Uranus is about to square his natal Venus at 26 Capricorn for the third and final time in just over a year. This suggests social expression that may shock or otherwise disrupt.  Regardless, I foresee continued empowerment for him through 2018, as transiting Pluto squares his natal Jupiter.


I wish we had a birth date for Emma Gonzalez. This inspiring young woman survived last week’s mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Did you catch her impassioned, charismatic call to action on Saturday? It too, reflected the potential of a Mars-Neptune square, combined with the fierce humanitarian idealism of another pattern exact that day: the Sun conjunct Mercury at the very end of Aquarius. The voice of the future — yet we’ve been here before. When was that, you might ask. In the aftermath of the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of 1966. Students rebelled against the draft and the Vietnam war. It should not be surprising that now — in the aftermath of the Uranus-Pluto square — we are seeing students rallying against another cause. A walk-out is being planned for March 14th, with more to come I’m sure.

It’s worth taking a few minutes to read the Wikipedia entry on Marjory Stoneman Douglas. A pioneering Aries with Moon in depth-seeking Scorpio, Ms. Douglas was also a journalist and fierce environmentalist who recognized that a call to “drain the swamp” of the Florida Everglades was total b.s. — and this was back in the mid-40s. We can see her potential revolutionary spirit in an opposition between rebel Uranus and her Aries Venus and Sun. Her Mars is at 11 Sagittarius, needing to push boundaries with righteous action. It is interesting to note that on February 14th, the day of the shooting, transiting Mars was exactly on her natal Mars. Translation: a new two-year cycle of action begins. I bet she’d be proud of Emma Gonzalez and her fellow students who are now speaking out. Heck, I bet she’d be marching with them. Birth data: April 7, 1890 in Minneapolis, MN. Died  on May 14, 1998 in Coconut Grove, FL. RIP.

In other news…

  • Before I had my first cup of coffee this morning, I confess I was puzzled over this item that WaPo included in its daily First Reads email: “How the Full-Beat Face Took Over the Internet.”   Turns out it’s about the latest craze in make-up. In other words, glamour, illusion, women — happy Mars and Venus with Neptune. Duh!
  • “Black Panther” lived up to the hype and has smashed box-office records.
  • The New York Times is well-aware that most of the news these days is bewildering and depressing. Thus it’s put together a fairly new weekly feature, “The Week in Good News.”  This week you can feel better reading about Chloe Kim, Mr. Rogers and a bison frise named Flynn.

I’m doing my part to bring you some positive, feel-good stories of real people making the best of these challenging times, too. Back in December a college chum starting blogging about her brand new life.  She is a college professor, like her mother. Recently her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and about this time last year, a decision was made for my chum to take a sabbatical, help her mother sell the family home — and move to Rome. I encouraged her to write about her experiences. Her blog was launched on the Winter Solstice — with the  Sagittarius Sun conjunct Saturn in Capricorn at the Aries Point. A serious work about aging (Saturn) that is destined for prominence? I hope you will enjoy the warmth and wisdom of Alexandra Miletta’s writing. Here is the blog — it’s called Roads to Rome — you can sign up to receive new posts by email.

Grazie mille for reading this forecast. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Pisces – the fishes, detail from the Horoscope from ‘The book of birth of Iskandar”




Thursday 2/15/2018: New Moon in Aquarius; Solar Eclipse; Mars-Neptune Scandals…

The New Moon in Aquarius begins at 4:05 PM ET, offering us an opportunity to re-set  intentions and goals for the next lunar cycle.

Aquarius is a airy (mental), fixed (organizing) energy. Where Leo, its opposing sign, is concerned with personal creative expression and recognition, Aquarius needs to focus on the expression needs of a particular group or group consciousness. Keywords for Aquarius include innovation, eccentricity, friendship, humanitarian, unconventional, rocket scientist and/or mad genius. If you were born with the Sun in Aquarius, you have the energy to innovate and intellectualize with others. If your Moon is in Aquarius, you need to be socially significant — and dare I say appreciated for it.

The chart for this New Moon set in Washington DC has Uranus right on the Midheaven and in a cooperative connection with the Aquarius Sun, Moon and Mercury. Here in the U.S., we see the suggestion of a visible disruption to the status quo. Those cooperative connections suggest innovation in thought and communication — perhaps in the way the message is dispersed to the masses. There’s another cooperative connection between Venus (women, money, art, social expression) and Saturn (structure, cuts, control, discipline), exact at 6:19 PM ET.

These harmonies may seem at odds with the potentially scandalous and bewildering square between Mars and Neptune, exact on SATURDAY at 6:21 AM ET.  Mars (action, war, anger) and Neptune (vision; fog) suggest spiritual warriors; fanatical or sublime vision; bewildering violence and prurience — just to name a few.  However, one apt manifestation of the sum of these patterns would be yesterday’s tweet from Bess Kalb (Venus)  a writer (Mercury) for  Jimmy Kimmel (comedy; ergo, Uranus). In the wake of the latest bewildering (Neptune) and horrible school (Mercury square Jupiter) shooting (Mars),  Ms. Kalb responded to the usual “thoughts and prayers” gobbledygook (Neptune) from Certain Politicians with an itemized list of exactly how much money each had received (Venus sextile Saturn — get real about cash, dudes) from the NRA (Mars). Scandalous, no?  And this all happened on social media (Mercury sextile Uranus). Coincidence or conspiracy?

If you have a planet around 13 degrees of Pisces, Virgo, Gemini or Sagittarius, your horoscope is affected by this weekend’s Mars-Neptune square.  You may find yourself a wee bit provoked or irritable, without fully understanding why.  This too shall pass. Don’t know where your planets are? Then why not order an Astro-Basics Report, so you can make this forecast even more meaningful.

But wait — there’s more. The New Moon is also a solar eclipse. This is an interruption of the normal flow of light and whatever else beams to Earth from the Sun. Picture a river meeting a dam. A bottleneck of energy is created,  that must eventually find a release, usually over the course of a few months.  Upside: the interruption of flow creates space for something new to be born. Downside: the rush of energy eventually expressed wipes something out. Wherever the eclipse falls in your horoscope,  that’s the area of life where something needs to get started or be brought to a close. If the eclipse falls on a planet or angle of your horoscope, you’ll feel it more.

Secrets are often revealed around an eclipse. Consider that when following the news.

Today’s eclipse is not a total solar eclipse, like the Great American Eclipse we had last August. It won’t be visible in the U.S. or much of anywhere else.  Still, it activates the August eclipse, and the horoscopes of anyone who has a planet or angle around 27 degrees of Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio or Taurus.  Therein lies its potency.

As he is the current occupant of White House, it is useful to look at P45’s horoscope for additional insight on how this eclipse may affect the nation. We see that it falls right on his Descendant, opposite his Mars. Immediately we think: relationship, aggression/assertion — brought to a close or otherwise interrupted, to make way for something new. Mars rules P45’s 9th House — which refers to messages to the masses, international  and legal affairs. Stormy weather during this cycle, perhaps?

The Sabian Symbol for this eclipse is “a tree felled and sawed.” Sabian Symbol Blain Bovee wants us to know that “to be ‘felled’ is to be struck down…an archaic sense of ‘fell’ means cruel, deadly, as in a ‘fell potion,’ and from which the term ‘felon’ is derived.” I didn’t know that…did you? We are advised to be in a planning mode — stockpiling or renewing resources for future leaner times. Here’s more from Bovee on this challenging Sabian Symbol. Will someone please alert Scott Pruitt and Ryan Zinke,  whose championship (Mars)  of oil, chemicals and gas (Neptune) was one of the hot talking points in this week of Mars square Neptune?

What’s going on in your horoscope? How is it being affected by these eclipses? What opportunities are likely to come up for you this year? Wouldn’t it be wise to plan ahead?  Here is the 411 on reports and consultations.

And now, the news.

On Monday I promised you gender-benders, big ideas, technology and fantasy. I should have added “leaders,” with quirky Uranus in a harmony with the Sun (leadership). This post took over internet this week. What do you think?

Here’s the link to the full post. You can download your own gender-bending app by googling “Face App.” It’s free. Enjoy!


No shortage of Mars-Neptune scandals to report, starting at the top:

Mars rules the head. Neptune refers to blood, Thus, “Concussions Can Be Detected with New Blood Test, Approved by the FDA.” 

Mars with Neptune suggests a heroic (Mars) fantasy film (Neptune). Is is any wonder that “Black Panther,” a superhero fantasy film, has such big buzz for its opening this weekend? Meanwhile, in Germany, female actors are being encouraged to ditch the glamour and heels and wear something comfortable to a Berlin film festival. Shades of Venus-Saturn in that one. Women and aesthetics get real.

Let’s end with a link to a photograph (Neptune) that boldly pushes boundaries (Mars in Sagittarius): it’s a photo of a single atom — yes, a photograph — of something you may never have thought you could ever see with the naked eye. Wow!

Thank you for reading this forecast.  And thanks to the Avid Readers who tuned in to Cosmic Tuesdays, hosted by Anthony Picco. We had so much fun answering listener-submitted questions. about Krakatoa and such. I’ll be back on the show on Monday, March 19th — at 9:30 PM ET/6:30 PM PT. Will post a link beforehand.



Monday 2/12/2018: Sneak Peek at Another Eclipsed Week

Allll- righty then! Late post today — I’ve been on the road. Happy to be back in New York!

How did you manage this day with Moon in Capricorn and its need for enterprising action? How did you make it work?

Did you note the potential for intensified emotions, resulting in a power play or catharsis around 2:21 PM ET? That’s when the Moon made its weekly clash with Pluto. A upset to the status quo is suggested as we approach 1:46 AM ET on TUESDAY, when the Moon is challenged by rebel Uranus. It promptly goes void until 10:11 AM ET. There’s your excuse for sleeping in on Tuesday morning — or for whatever twist or flake disrupts your efforts to move forward in a straight line.

Meanwhile, the expansive energies of Jupiter continue to influence the week. In the wake of Jupiter’s square to the Sun on Saturday, it moves on to challenge Mercury at 5:39 PM ET on Tuesday night. Big ideas, big talk, big gobs of information, especially if you have a planet or a significant point around 22 degrees of Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus or Leo. Add in a harmony between the Aquarius Sun and rebel Uranus in Leo, and said big ideas hitting the headlines are likely to involve aviation, gender-benders and technology.

But wait — there’s more! We are in last few days of the lunar cycle. The New Moon in Aquarius happens on THURSDAY at 4:05 PM ET — and it’s also an eclipse. Briefly, this eclipse at 27 Aquarius falls almost exactly opposite the so-called Great American Eclipse that happened on Aug 21st at 28 Leo. So if your horoscope was impacted by the August eclipse, it’s impacted by this one, too. Will write more about this Thursday’s event as that day approaches. Until then, bear in mind that in this “dead Moon” period, it is not unusual to feel listless or restless, sensing that something new is just around the corner, but we don’t know what.

Some of what comes out by the weekend may have a particular spectacular or scandalous spin, brought to you by Mars (action!) needing to pushing boundaries in Sagittarius…but squared by nebulous Neptune in Pisces. Neptune keywords include viruses, flu, oil, water and spirits of all kinds. That potentially wiggy aspect happens on SATURDAY at 6:21 AM ET. Here are a few headlines from a prior Mars-Neptune square.

Enjoy these last days of Mercury and Sun in Aquarius. Both move into Pisces on SATURDAY and SUNDAY, respectively.

Your other Moon voids this week — times to stick with routine concerns and not make a mountain out of molehill: THURSDAY 4:05 PM ET – 9:42 PM ET; SATURDAY 5:13 PM ET – SUNDAY 7:05 AM ET.

The news will be back in the next forecast. Stay tuned…or tune in to “Cosmic Tuesdays” tonight at 9:30 PM ET. Anthony S. Picco is the gracious host, and I am his honored guest. Here is the 411:


Friday 2/9/2018 & the Weekend: Big Again; Jupiter Square Sun

Huzzah for today’s Moon in Sagittarius — huzzah! As of 8:53 AM ET yesterday (THURSDAY), count on Sag Moon to drive the day with a need to push boundaries, fueled by righteous opinion. Over the next few days, take a walk in the woods; catch a foreign film — or the opening ceremonies of the 697th Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea (with North Korea and South Korea marching under one flag — RAH!).  With Venus at the very last degree of Aquarius, you know there will be a place for everyone, the more unconventional the better. With Saturday’s exact square between Jupiter and the Aquarius Sun, you also know it’s gonna be big!

On FRIDAY, note the potential for a focused outburst of energy/assertion around 1:40 AM ET, as the Sag Moon meets up with Mars.  Cue Rand Paul shutting down the government now, please. A budget deal was eventually passed at 5:30 AM ET, with Pluto exactly on the Ascendant. That’s an image of force and necessary compulsion, as in “resistance is futile.”  The government is now open. So they say.)

Around 11:05 AM ET, note the potential for a bewildering flurry of events as the Moon is squared by Neptune. Who knows how far the markets will fall?

On SATURDAY, Moon will be void between 11:38 AM ET and 9:21 PM ET, suggested whatever crisis that crops up may be much ado about nothing. No impulse shopping during the void. Moon enters Capricorn at 9:21 PM ET, marching forward on a mission of making things happen. If you have an enterprising project to accomplish around the house, SUNDAY would be a day to do it, aided by a focused meet-up of the Moon and Saturn at 9:17 AM ET.

No sleeping in on MONDAY.

Housekeeping note: the glitch with my contact form has now been fixed. Now is the time to book a consultation for your favorite Valentine. Aren’t you dying to know how the ties that bind you together are reflected in your respective horoscopes?

And now, the news.

Talk about BIG! Here’s to Space X founder Elon Musk, for his company’s successful launch of Falcon Heavy, the world’s most powerful rocket. OMG did you see this on tape? You must! Lift off happened at 3:45 PM ET in Cape Canaveral, FL — powered by Pluto on the Descendant and expansive Jupiter trine to the Ascendant. Yippee! And OMG — check out the Starman in the red Roadster. What an apt image for the far-out potential of Uranus in pioneering Aries aligned with Venus in space cadet Aquarius.

Also big — and in a rare spirit of reaching across the aisles, suggested by aforementioned harmony between Venus and Uranus: Senate leaders reached an agreement on a “far-reaching budget deal.” Did it raise the debt ceiling and increase spending? Heck, YES! Meanwhile, in Germany, “Angela Merkel Strikes New Deal With Old Partners, At High Cost.”  Coincidence or conspiracy? Walgreens is reaching across the aisles, too — with the announcement of its new “transgender inclusion bathroom policy.”  Wait, not so fast, says Bermuda — which today repealed laws legalizing same-sex marriage, replacing it with some form of separate but equal status.

In other news, the expansive potential of Jupiter is clearly seen in Nancy Pelosi’s horoscope, as Jupiter met up with her Moon, trined her Mercury (how she needs to think and communicate), and opposed her Venus, Mars and Uranus.  A need for gravitas and focus is suggested by transiting Saturn squaring her Aries Sun. Together, it adds up to this: “Nancy Pelosi Breaks Record with 8-Hour Speech” yesterday on the floor of the House. More upsets to come from Ms. Pelosi in a few months, as transiting Uranus shakes up her hard-working Saturn-Pluto square. I wish we had an exact birth time for her horoscope.

Jupiter refers to publishing. Here’s a big story: Billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong reaches deal to buy L.A. Times and San Diego Union-Tribune.

Jupiter refers to judicial opinions. This one is big:  SCOTUS Justice Samuel Alito denied a stay on a lower court ruling requiring Pennsylvania to re-draw its districts.  Seriously, have you seen how the current Pennsylvania districts have been drawn?


In other big news, Big trouble: all of Japan’s sumo wrestlers to be questioned as sport lurches into crisis

Meanwhile, there is the Rob Porter scandal. He is Senator Orrin Hatch’s former chief of staff — and now former staff secretary at the White House. He resigned this week after his abusive behavior was revealed by two of his ex-wives and a former girlfriend.  Not only is Rob Porter an apparent wife beater, he also was unable to obtain a full security clearance for his highly sensitive White House gig. He’s not the only one at the White House who hasn’t been fully cleared. Oh — and none of this is news to certain legal staffers at the White House; they’ve known about these abuse allegations and security challenges for over a year. Hmm. Astro Fun Facts: Porter’s Saturn at 28 Leo was eclipsed on Aug 21st by the Big Fat Total Solar Eclipse, triggered last month by transiting Mars at 28 Scorpio.  Transiting Uranus is now at 25 Aries, just one degree away from its third hit to the Midheaven (public status) of the 2017 P45 Inaugural Chart. We see the suggestion of a shake-up around March 7th. Perhaps there is more to come. Stay tuned.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

Monday 2/5/2018: Sneak Peek at the Week; Catching Up on the (Big) News

Alll-righty then!

Writing this during a Monday afternoon Moon void. The Libra Moon made contact with rebel Uranus at 1:46 PM ET, suggesting an upset to the status quo that might snowball out of control.  It won’t enter the next sign — Scorpio — until 10:56 PM ET. Focus on routine concerns and roll with any twists and flakes. If a crisis crops up, it is likely much ado about nothing, so — chill!  The other Moon voids this week are THURSDAY 2:16 AM ET – 8:53 AM ET; SATURDAY 11:38 AM ET – 9:21 PM ET. Do your weekend shopping on Sunday, when the Moon will not be void.

Once Moon shifts into Scorpio tonight, it drives the ensuing days with a need for depth, substance and control. We can all heave a sigh of relief when the Moon enters Sagittarius at 8:53 AM ET on THURSDAY.  Meanwhile, there’s not much action among the planets this week, other than to the Moon. Once again this brings to mind the image of a massive ice shelf falling spectacularly into the sea for no apparent reason. The only exact patterns this week are — first of all —  a harmony between Venus and Uranus, exact at 8:36 PM ET on TUESDAY. What an apt pattern for hanging with your besties — the more unconventional, the better. Or doing something that involves technology and social expression.

The second pattern of note is a square between the Sun and Jupiter, exact on SATURDAY at 6:21 PM ET. Sun-Jupiter contacts suggest expansion, for better for worse — and this includes a big fall as well as a big rise. Here are some past Jupiter square Sun headlines — urrrp!

And now, the news.

Hooray for the Iggles — Super Bowl champs! I wish I’d had my computer with me when I was watching the game. I noted the time of every scoring point and checked them out against the chart for the start of the game. Every single score happened on a planetary hit to that chart — as any sensible astrologer would expect. Astrology is amazing.

Also amazing — the Eagles quarterback Nick Foles. Born Jan 20 1989 in Austin, TX — birth time unknown — Mr. Foles is having his first Saturn return. Welcome to the official start of your adulthood, Mr. Foles! As you’d expect in the horoscope of an athlete, we see an exact square between his Aquarius Sun and his natal Mars. A trine between Mars and his natal Uranus suggests an innovative spin on the way he needs to act. His Sun-Mars square will be supercharged by transiting Uranus throughout 2018, suggesting this is likely be a breakout year. Ya think?

Mr. Foles has ambitions beyond football. He plans to become a pastor after he hangs up his helmet. His humanitarian Aquarius Sun is driven by a Cancer Moon. We can appreciate his need to build emotional and family security. Plus, his natal Venus is conjunct Neptune in Capricorn, suggesting a need for idealism seeking a potentially spiritual outlet.

In other news…let’s see…what else happened?

There was a State of the Union speech the day before last week’s total lunar eclipse. The morning after, P45 tweeted that it had the largest audience in history. His speech — not the eclipse, mind you.  Total lie — and duly noted as such on Fox News.  If you missed the speech, you can catch the highlights via Stephen Colbert. A train wreck might come to mind. The speech, not Stephen Colbert…

…which makes it all the more astonishing to note that a train wreck did happen on the day after the speech! A chartered Amtrak train carrying Republican members of Congress to their annual retreat at the Greenbriar in West Virginia collided with….a garbage truck. You are not allowed to laugh. One person died in that crash and several were seriously injured. Looking at the chart for the time of the crash, it is no surprise to see Uranus squaring the angles (1/31/18 at 11:20 AM ET in Crozet, VA).

On Friday,  the Dow dropped 666 points, the sixth worst one-day drop ever.  Hmmm….a train wreck involving the current party in power? 666? A superstitious sort might take it to be a sign (cue Dr. Evil laugh now, please). Yesterday there was another fatal train Cayce, South Carolina. Cayce, hmm? Edgar Cayce? Is that also a sign? I don’t know, but in the chart for that train wreck (2:35 AM on 2/4/18), we see Neptune on one angle (confusion) and Mars on another (outburst of energy, consistent with an accident). We also see the Moon squared by Saturn, suggesting a potential brick wall.

Here’s a sign. Last weekend’s wretched excess of a square between Venus and Jupiter coincided with more details on the corruption scandal involving Fat Leonard and the U.S. Navy. (of course we’re hearing about FAT Leonard on a Venus-Jupiter transit).  How easy was it to tempt a bunch of U.S. naval officers and their wives? As easy as you can say prostitutes, champagne and designer handbags. Which makes me wonder…if a bunch of fine upstanding naval officers can be so easily corrupted by one Malaysian businessman, how easy would it be for other fine upstanding persons to be corrupted…?

Other intriguing signs: U.S. Treasury “quietly” releases report that it will borrow a trillion dollars in 2018, a whole lot more than it did last year. Even with all of that borrowing, the U.S. will hit its debt ceiling “earlier than expected” — in early March, courtesy of that Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius tax bill that was cut and pasted together back in December.

UPDATE: Friday’s 666 point drop was the seventh worst ever. Maybe. It’s hard to tell, because every time I read an article about today’s drop, I find a new stat about it. Thanks, Moon void! For instance, I read today’s the biggest one-day drop happened today: 1175 points. Yet another piece says today’s Dow drop was the biggest since 2011. OK, whatever — so long as it’s Sun-square-Jupiter BIG.

I’m not sure about the global markets, but as Avid Readers may recall, back in November we noted that the U.S. was due for significant belt-tightening, as transiting Saturn opposes the U.S. Venus and Jupiter. In other words, we see the potential for a streamlining squeeze on the two planets which refer to nourishment, abundance and expansion.  These planets are in Cancer, as sign acutely concerned with emotional, family and home(land) security. Leaner and meaner — that’s on the calendar for the U.S. in 2018. Right now, Saturn is at 5 Capricorn, opposing the U.S. Jupiter at 5 Cancer. The U.S. Venus is 2 Cancer. Here’s a streamlining story about food (Venus) that hit the wires a few weeks ago, when Saturn was at 2 Capricorn. It’s still a hot topic — this story hit a few hours ago.

Meanwhile, eclipses have an odd way of coinciding with secrets coming to light.

Exhibit A: Transiting Saturn is putting a squeeze on Robert Wagner’s horoscope as it barrels down on his Moon at 7 Cancer. He’s just been declared a “person of interest” in the drowning death of his wife, Natalie Wood. His Mercury (ruler of his MC/public status) is about to be disrupted for the last time on February 12th, and then Saturn will hit his Moon and conjoin his natal Saturn. Yes, a third Saturn return for Mr. Wagner, suggesting a potential karmic reckoning, perhaps? As you can imagine, Natalie Wood’s horoscope is currently hot, with disruptive Uranus about to impact her Cancer Sun, Mars, Pluto and Taurus Moon starting on March 29th. What a temper she must have had, despite an essential need for comfort and security…

Exhibit B: “Huge Mayan city with pyramids found hidden under jungle.” Exhibit C: we now know what was in that mysterious Tiffany gift box.

Here’s a good water cooler story for you — speaking of BIG. The woman who won last month’s Powerball jackpot of $560 million can’t collect it unless she is willing to release her name to the public. So far, she has refused to do so.

Finally, you might be wondering what’s going on in the horoscope of Paul Simon. The 76-year-old music legend announced his planned retirement after a final “Homeward Bound” tour this year. Transiting Mars is squaring his Ascendant and that suggests action. Transiting Pluto is beginning the last of a series of challenges to his Libra Sun, suggesting an apt time for empowerment and a transformation of self-identity. His horoscope has been ever so hot over the past few years. A new phase is definitely in order.

When are you due for a new phase in your life? Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Thank you for reading this forecast.





Friday 2/2/2018 & the Weekend: Indulge, Indulge — and P.S. — Astrology is Amazing


The Virgo Moon is in major clean-up mode, sorting and analyzing the details in the wake of Wednesday’s lunar eclipse. Communication may be a bit foggy around 11:30 AM ET, when the Moon is opposed by dreamy Neptune. Cue release of bewildering and misleading memo now, please.  An empowering perspective kicks in toward evening, as the Moon harmonizes with depth-seeking Pluto.

Feel feel to sleep in on SATURDAY, as the Moon will be void between 2:07 AM ET and 4:47 PM ET. You wanna shop impulsively? I can see why, given that Venus (money, women, art) and Jupiter (expansion) are in a tense and wretchedly excessive pattern, exact SUNDAY at 1:07 AM ET.  But purchases made during voids are rarely of use — at least in the way that you imagined. Buy your trinkets after the void — and enjoy!

Meanwhile, putting your thoughts in motion is favored now and up until 10:58 AM ET SATURDAY, when Mercury (thoughts) and Mars (motion) will be in harmony. This applies to Friday, too.

No Moon void on SUNDAY suggests less chance of upsets favoring the underdog (I have no idea who the underdog is in the eaglely-awaited Super Bowl). The Libra Moon and its need for balance, fairness and people-pleasing is well-supported throughout the day. However, on MONDAY the Moon makes its weekly clash with disruptive Pluto and Uranus, at 4:22 AM ET and 1:46 PM ET, respectively. Should be an interesting morning — no sleeping in.

More news than I can shake a stick at needs to be addressed — so please stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I received some lovely feedback from a couple of clients — worth sharing.

First, via text:

I gotta tell ya, the planetary dates you flag for various personal hooha never disappoints. Yikes.

And second, via email:

After your wonderful reading last year for my son,  I told him that I wanted him to write stories for me. I didn’t make a big deal about it just told him how much I would like to have stories from him. It took him until  last week to ask me for pencils and a notebook. Which he got yesterday. so this morning I got 9 texts messages from him each one was a page with what he thinks are stories. Basically just 2/3 sentences per page.
This such a major thing for him to do. It’s taken a while for him to figure it all out but I bet that he gets better and it will be interesting to see how far he goes with it. I’m so thrilled this is so exciting and wonderful. It’s making him think.
Thank you.
That one sent me over the moon. This Avid Reader’s  son is autistic. But his horoscope clearly suggests how he needs to think, how he needs to act…and when such action would be likely to occur. It also suggests what he needs in order to feel fulfilled — at whatever level he happens to be at in his life.  My sense was that he might respond positively to a request for a story.  With Mars retrograde in his horoscope, it makes sense that it would take this young man a good long while before acting on the invitation. And it’s no surprise at all that the trigger would be transiting Mars on his natal Mars…soon to be followed by Jupiter on his natal Sun and Jupiter, too. We see the potential for expansion in the area of creative self-expression all year long. Astrology is amazing. Gratitude to the Avid Reader who gave me permission to share this story with you. It is an honor to be of service.
I always encourage parents to get to know their children through their horoscopes. I encourage adult children to get to know their parents’ horoscopes, too. This is especially true for people who have challenging relationships with parents, children, siblings, etc.  You may not be able to improve an especially difficult relationship, but often times you can. And if you can’t, at least you will understand why it is the way it is.  And this can give you peace. And that’s today’s Moon trine Pluto empowering perspective, as predicted.
Thank you for reading this forecast.  To be continued.  Here’s the 411 on consultations.


Monday 1/29/2018: Sneak Peek at an Eclipsed Week; Aziz Ansari’s Really Bad Date

…and off the races we go!

The Moon in Cancer drives the day with a need for emotional security, ideally focused on home/homeland and family concerns. A home-cooked meal with truly nourishing, easy-to-digest ingredients would be an apt start.

Note your dreams this AM, as the Moon is in harmony with Neptune at 10:20 AM ET. By the end of the business day, we’ll be  approaching the Moon’s weekly clash with disruptive Pluto and Uranus, exact at 9:34 PM ET and 5:46 AM ET on TUESDAY. If you must pitch today, pitch earlier rather than later.

Moon goes void TUESDAY on a face-off with Mercury at 11:40 AM ET. Possible theme: tension between those who prioritize sensitivity and security vs. those who say “it’s just business!” East Coasters can take a long Moon-void lunch; West Coasters may sleep in or flake on that morning meeting. At 1:53 PM ET Moon enters regal drama king Leo, an apt backdrop for a State of the Union speech starring P45.

But wait, there’s more. Emotions are building to a crest — released at 8:27 AM ET on WEDNESDAY on the Full Moon. This is the second Full Moon we’ve had this month, which makes it a Blue Moon.  It’s also a Supermoon, so the Moon will be looming large in the sky.  Not only that, it’s a total lunar eclipse, so color it red.  Most of the U.S. will be able to see it. Here’s a map that tells you what time and where.

Eclipses interrupt the regular flow of light and whatever other energy flows from the Sun or the Moon, like a river meeting a dam. This creates a bottleneck of energy that must eventually find a release, usually over the course of a few months’ time.

Eclipses often highlight an area of life where something needs to be brought to a close. Wherever the eclipse falls in your horoscope is where you may experience a bottleneck, followed by a release. That includes secrets. On the upside, this is an opportunity for positive change. Resistance is futile, especially if the karma cops are behind what is being shut down.

Look for 11 Leo (Moon)/11 Aquarius (Sun) in your chart and take note of the house which contains it, and planets or angles that are near it. FYI:  in P45’s horoscope, Pluto will be eclipsed. According to astrologer Celeste Teal, an eclipsed Pluto “brings potential for many changes with the domestic sphere.” Pluto sits in P45’s 12th House, affectionately known as the house of “self-undoing.” It rules the 4th House, which refers to home, family and real estate. Jot down October 13th as a potential trigger date for this eclipse.

Let the record show that the Big Fat Solar Eclipse of Aug 21st at 28 Leo was triggered last week when Mars was at 28 Scorpio. If you have a planet or point at 28 Leo, Taurus, Aquarius or Scorpio, there was likely some action in that area of your horoscope. FYI, we will have another solar eclipse on February 15. It will hit at 27 Aquarius — and will thus also trigger the eclipse on Aug 21st. 27 Aquarius is within one degree of P45’s  28 Aquarius Descendant, a significant relationship point.

To be continued.

As for patterns for the back half of this week, Mercury leaves Capricorn for Aquarius on WEDNESDAY at 8:40 AM ET. It harmonizes with Mars on SATURDAY at 10:58 AM ET. An easy flow between the planets of action and communication suggests an apt time to walk your talk. An exuberant or indulgent potential is added in the days leading up to SUNDAY, when Venus (money, women, art, social expression) and Jupiter (excess) will square. More sexual secrets coming out would be my take, given what happened last fall when Venus conjoined Jupiter.

Moon voids for the rest of the week: THURSDAY 5:58 AM ET until 2:13 PM ET. SATURDAY 2:07 AM ET until 4:47 PM ET. You know the Moon void drill: no impulse shopping; stick to routine; no making mountains out of molehills. Chill!

And now, the news.

I promised you stories of shocks to the system in aviation, hi-tech and gender-benders, suggested by today’s tension between Mercury and Uranus:

Let the record show that Aziz Ansari’s horoscope (unknown birth time) suggests he’s bound to shake things up, with his Pisces Sun in a square to rebel Uranus and expansive Jupiter. His Moon is in Cancer — at some point this year or next, it will be opposed by streamlining Saturn. Could be happening any minute now.

What’s interesting in Mr. Ansari’s horoscope is his Mars at 29 Pisces conjunct his Venus at 0 Aries.  This is the Aries Point, and Avid Readers know this suggests strong potential to become known for a yin-yang issue, likely prominently romantic or otherwise surreal. Why surreal? Because the Mars-Venus meet-up is square to nebulous Neptune — also at the Aries Point!! There is strong idealism suggested here, and a likelihood that what is presented is not as it seems…nor clearly understood.

Guess what the patterns were on September 25, 2017 — the night of the alleged date from hell? The Moon was in boundary-pushing Sagittarius, square to a Venus-Mars conjunction in hypercritical/perfection-seeking Virgo…which was in turn opposed by Neptune! How fascinating to see the patterns in Mr. Ansari’s horoscope echoed on this fateful date!

Below is a chart for the evening of the date — I’m using 7:30 PM ET — if anyone has an exact start time, I’ll adjust the chart. Remember, the Moon drives the bus in the horoscope. Where was the Moon headed on this date — and the morning after? A square to Neptune (confusion, fantasy, delusion)…followed by a square to Mars (anger, action)…followed by a meet-up with wet-blanket Saturn in the evening of the 26th (depression, rejection, reality check).

Not only that, but assuming the date started around 7:30 PM ET, the disruptive potential of this event is screamingly obvious by the presence of Uranus on the Ascendant and Pluto on the Midheaven. Venus and Mars — the two parties in this meet-up — are in an area of the horoscope better suited for slavery than romance.  If the date started around 8:30 PM ET, we lose the slavery angle, but the disruption potential remains. And even though the parties involved are moving together, neither is in great shape, so one questions why the two should even bother to try. File under: be careful what you wish for.

Fun fact: on January 15th, the day after this account of the date was published, transiting Saturn squared the Sun in the “Bad Date” chart. Major wet blanket/reality check/ambitious advance indeed.

Moral of the story: if you have a hot date, ask your astrologer to check out his/her horoscope for clues on what to expect. Are the two of you remotely compatible? If you’re planning to set a date for an important occasion, ask your local astrologer to help you choose a time when luck is more likely to be on your side.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

Friday 1/26/2018 & the Weekend: Twist and Shout (Shake It Up, Baby)


Here’s what you missed from yesterday (Thursday). This post was scheduled to be sent out in the AM, but MailChimp did not deliver.

Steady as you go today, suggests the Moon in Taurus.  It’s driven by a need for material comfort and security: good food, wine and sensual delights.

Yesterday and today are apt for digging up dirt and making persuasive proposals, suggested by Mercury (how we need to think) meeting up with ruthless Pluto (this afternoon) and harmonizing with expansive Jupiter tomorrow morning. Just do it. I know I did.

Moon goes void tonight at 10:17 PM ET — keep on trucking through the work day. You can sleep in tomorrow (FRIDAY) without consequence, as the Moon will be void until 12:40 PM ET. Chill!

This is the last full day of Mars in Scorpio. If you were born on the last day of Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo or Taurus…or you have a planet or angle at 29 degrees of those signs, you may be feeling especially fired up — or provoked — or perhaps even attacked — as we roll into the weekend. Same goes if you were born on the first few days of Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius.  Exhibit A: the revelation that P45, whose Leo Ascendant was just squared by transiting Mars, tried to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller back in June. Exhibit B: the First Lady, who last experienced transiting Mars opposing her natal Venus at 28 Taurus in August of 2016. That was the week the NY Post published nude photos taken in 1995. On this Mars-Venus opposition, Mrs. Trump cancelled plans to travel with her husband to Davos. It’s their 13th wedding anniversary, btw.  Might l’affaire Stormy have something to do with it? Not officially. Still,  Mrs. Trump flew to Florida earlier today.  An op-ed in the NYT marvels at  Mrs. T’s “quiet radicalism.” Just wait and see how quiet she stays when transiting Uranus squares her Taurus Sun next year. Exhibit C: the revelation that the P45s asked to borrow a Van Gogh from the Guggenheim. Request denied — but look what was offered instead.  Note that Mars at 28 Scorpio triggers the Big Fat Solar Eclipse we had on Aug 21st at 28 Leo…something was bound to come out.

Now for today — FRIDAY —

Mars enters Sagittarius at 7:57 AM ET. Think righteous action pushing boundaries. Tripping over its feet while aiming for the stars. Until March 18th. Meanwhile, the Moon stops drifting in Taurus and gets focused in Gemini at 12:40 PM ET.  Twelve minutes later it makes a provocative face-off with fiery Mars. Yowza!  Is anyone newsworthy giving a speech? We’ll hear about it, for sure.

No Moon void on SATURDAY means you are free to shop without worrying if your impulse purchase will prove to be disappointing. There’s a buzz buzz buzz in the air, suggested by mental Mercury in a charged connection with rebel technogeek Uranus. Great. You can read about serious high-flyers in the NYT Sunday magazine. “Selling Airborne Opulence to the Upper Upper Upper Class.” Oh New York Times, you are so in sync with planetary patterns…and you don’t even know it!

On SUNDAY, Moon will be void from 5:39 AM ET until 1:57 PM ET. Chill out and take care of routine concerns until the Moon enters Cancer. Then you can focus on creating emotional security in the comfort of your home. No sleeping in on MONDAY. The Moon will not be void. It will be waxing full to a Supermoon (in Leo) and a Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday at 8:27 AM ET. More drama-rama, release and illumination.

And now, the news.

One last story reflecting last week’s Sun-Venus-Uranus square (themes of women, freedom and flight): “Serial Stowaway: How does a 66-year-old woman keep sneaking on to flights?”.

Mercury + Pluto + Jupiter = ruthless investigation; brutal communication:

Add the disruptive tech potential of Mercury squared by Uranus, and you’ve got a persuasive spot from Burger King, which explains what net neutrality is and why it should be reinstated. Brilliant.

UPDATE: Elsewhere, from NPR: ” Sen. Tammy Duckworth’s Pregnancy Set To Be Another First For The Illinois Democrat” . Yes, another first. Sen. Duckworth is the first Asian-American woman to be elected to Congress from Illinois, and the first disabled woman to win election from any state. You should already have a clue as to what we’ll find in her horoscope. An Obvious Something that reflects a need to be a pioneer. Oh…what could it be? Any guesses?  Born on March 12, 1968 in Bangkok (birth time unknown), she may be a compassionate Pisces with Moon in regal Leo, but she has two powerful planets in me-me-me-first Aries: Saturn and Mars. And her Mars is hot right now —  at 18 Aries (just like Bill Browder from Monday’s forecast), and currently being supercharged by Pluto well into  2018.

What’s going on in your horoscope? When are you going to be feeling the urge to act with persuasive effort? Do you have that inclination naturally — or would you only be fired up in certain supercharged time frames? Here’s the 411 on personal consultations. We will have an excellent discussion together.

Thank you for reading this forecast.



Monday 1/22/2018: Sneak Peek at the Week; Mercury Pulls Focus; Sun-Venus-Uranus in the News

Happy birthday to Aquarius! The Sun entered this airy (mental), fixed (organizing) sign on Friday at 10:10 PM ET.  Keywords for Aquarius include innovation, eccentricity, friendship, humanitarian, unconventional, rocket scientist and/or mad genius. If you were born with the Sun in Aquarius, you have the energy to innovate and intellectualize with others. If your Moon is in Aquarius, you need to be socially significant — and dare I say appreciated for it. You probably need to be unusual, too — and somewhat stubborn in your strategy. Friendships are essential, even if your motto might be “I love you, but don’t take it personally.” If you were born around January 19th – 21st, you’re about to embark on a dynamic period of development. How will you declare your independence — and never mind the disruption of the status quo? Book a consult with your favorite astrologer and make a plan for 2018. These marching orders apply to those born around the 19th -21st of April, August and October, too.

The Moon has been in Pisces since Friday at 3:26 PM ET, needing to go with the flow, possibly in sync with a shimmering ideal. Empathy and compassion reflect Pisces at its finest; escapism — perhaps not so much — especially when the escape route involves alcohol and drugs. FYI, the planetary ruler of Pisces is Neptune, which has been traveling through Pisces non-stop since 2012.  It’s about to hit the halfway point of its journey — and perhaps then we will see some action taken on the awareness built over the past six years, e.g., the plethora of stories involving drugs, addiction and people eating Tide pods.

The Pisces Moon goes void with a sigh at 8:13 PM ET tonight (Sunday). Chill and get ready for the Moon to enter Aries at 1:27 AM ET on MONDAY, looking to fire things up. No sleeping in!

The first challenge to the work week kicks in at 8:41 AM ET, when the me-me-me Aries Moon is challenged by patriarchal Saturn in Capricorn. Rise to the occasion and try to put a humanitarian spin on the situation. The rest of the day has an easy flow; can’t say the same about TUESDAY, when the Aries Moon suggests a clash of thought around 10:29 AM ET, followed by a power play around 1:47 PM ET, when the Moon makes its weekly collision with Pluto. A disruption to the status quo is likely around 11:16 PM ET, when the Moon meets up with rebel Uranus (and then goes void until 8:39 AM ET on WEDNESDAY).

Mercury — the way we need to think and communicate — is pulling focus this week. It meets up with Pluto on Wednesday at 3:47 PM ET, an apt time to turn a pen into a sword. Or a word into a machete. Robin Williams was born with Mercury conjunct Pluto, and he was known for his razor-sharp wit. In the news, we can expect headlines involving sharp words, power plays and investigations revealing major dirt. Said dirt may involve publishing, academia and legal eagles, reflected by Mercury harmonizing with expansive Jupiter at 6:28 AM ET on THURSDAY.  On SUNDAY, what is revealed may be even more shocking, as Mercury is challenged by rebel Uranus. Look for themes involving gender benders, technology, astrology and aviation, too.

Also of note this week: Mars, planet of action and aggression leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius on FRIDAY at 7:27 AM ET.  In Sagittarius, Mars suggests a need for high-flying and righteously opinionated action, pushing boundaries as it goes. Mars will be in Sagittarius until March 18th. The last time Mars entered Sag was in early March 2016. What will return to the headlines that was initiated back then? Stay tuned.

Other Moon voids this week: Thursday 10:17 PM ET until Friday 12:40 PM; Sunday 5:39 AM ET until 1:57 PM ET. No impulse shopping during those times.

And now, the news.

The Patriots won again — heading for another Superbowl.  Quarterback Tom Brady’s horoscope continues to be hot.


Look, Ma! No government! It’s shut down. Just like that, reflecting the potential for a structural collapse noted here last Wednesday (here is an actual physical reflection of that potential: “Watching A Ridge Slide in Slow Motion, A Town Braces for Disaster”). As I type, “moderates are racing to close a deal” before the start of the work week. And perhaps they will, given the harmony between the flexible Pisces Moon and the ruthlessly effective Scorpio Mars, exact tonight at 8:13 PM ET. I just wonder about that authoritarian advance/wet blanket likely to make headlines in the early morning. Meanwhile, it should surprise no one that the horoscope for the start of the shutdown (12:01 AM on Jan 20th  in Washington DC), had rebel Uranus in a tense aspect with the Midheaven. The shutdown took some media attention away from the hundreds of thousands of women who marched over the weekend, though without any hard aspects among the planets on either day, I have not seen any news of marchers being arrested and/or otherwise harassed.

Here is the official Womens’ March website. Next critical date: November 6th. Are you registered to vote? Do it right here right NOW. Because if you don’t vote, someone else will — and then you will be sorry.

Last week’s exciting and disruptive squares between Uranus to the Sun and Venus were certainly reflected in the story about P45 paying hush money to porn actress/writer/director Stormy Daniels. Surprise — but really, who is shocked?  I read with interest the detailed interview Ms. Daniels gave to In Touch magazine back in 2011. She comes across as friendly, open-minded — detached-yet-curious about the human condition, in a scientific way. “Hmmm,” I thought. “I bet she has Venus in Aquarius — or the Moon and Venus in touch with Uranus.” Guess what? All of the above! Ms. Daniels was born on March 17, 1979 in Baton Rouge, LA. Venus in Aquarius — square to Uranus and probably her Scorpio Moon, too. Her steamy Mars in Pisces is trine to Uranus. Astrology is amazing. Patterns in her horoscope suggest a potential windfall this year…and oh — look — she’s just gone on tour

In other news, have you seen the Google Arts & Culture app — the one that created such a buzz under those Uranus-Sun-Venus patterns? Take a selfie – and let Google match it with a work of art. Does it look like you? Me, neither:

Mrs. Robert Harrison 1886  by John Singer Sargent

Shocking, isn’t it? But here’s what I love about this story:

Though Google introduced the feature last December, it exploded over the weekend, as Twitter and Instagram users shared screen grabs of their best—and often worst—pairings.

Meanwhile, another compelling recent read: Red Notice: A True Story of High Finance, Murder and One Man’s Fight For Justice by Bill Browder.  He was the driving force behind the Magnitsky Act — perhaps you have heard of it? Sergei Magnitsky was a Russian lawyer/auditor who worked for Mr. Browder.  He is the victim in  the murder part of Browder’s book. A former hedge fund manager, Mr. Browder is now a “full-time human rights activist.” Born on April 23, 1964 in Chicago, he is a Taurus with Moon in either late Virgo or early Libra. He has Mars at 19 Aries, suggesting a need to be a crusading pioneer. Of course he’d be the first Westerner to invest in Russia when the opportunity arose.  A strong Aries statement needs to be fearless and courageous, often on the side of the underdog.

Mr. Browder’s  Mars-in-Aries was triggered by Uranus in 2015, right when Red Notice was published. Uranus with Mars suggests risky action — and one might argue that going on a book tour and matter-of-factly declaring yourself  Vladimir Putin’s #1 enemy carries a bit of risk. Last year and continuing through 2018, Mr. Browder’s Mars will be supercharged by transiting Pluto, suggesting a greater need for persuasive effort. Here he is on C-Span last December, after testifying before Congress. He’s currently working on a movie adaptation of his memoir, so more people will know what happened to Sergei Magnitsky.  Is there anything in the horoscope that would reflect why Mr. Browder is so focused on humanitarian action in Mr. Magnitsky’s name? Sure. Sergei Magnitsky was born on April 8, 1972 in Odessa. His Sun is at 18 Aries, right on Mr. Browder’s Mars.

What connection does your horoscope have with the horoscope of a significant other, child, friend or colleague? Astrology is a powerful tool for understanding the attraction — and how the two of you can function effectively together. Here’s the 411 on consultations designed to help improve relationships.

Hmm…the Moon is void, and still no deal to settle the shutdown…and it seems they have now tabled it until noon tomorrow. But this just ran across my newsfeed, and it’s apt for the ruthless dirt-digging potential of this week’s meet-up of Mercury and Pluto. From Politico“The 270 People Connected to the Russia Probes,”  — one for every electoral college vote needed to win the U.S presidency…

Thank you for reading this forecast.

Wednesday 1/17/2017: New Moon in Capricorn; Late Sneak Peek at the Week; Uranus Upsets

Get it off your desk today and tomorrow, motivated by the enterprising energy of yesterday’s New Moon in Capricorn. More on that in a sec.

As of 3:32 AM ET, Moon is in Aquarius, seeking to be of social significance, appreciated for its uniqueness. Arise, go forth and talk all that up among your network of besties. At 8:44 PM ET, Venus leaves social-climbing Capricorn and enters Aquarius, sign of “I love you, but don’t take it personally.” It’s smooth sailing through Wednesday, when the only bump to the Moon will be a square to Jupiter, expanding whatever effort you are expending.

Moon goes void on FRIDAY at 6:52 AM ET, on a cantankerous tension with Mars (action, aggression). Some may be grumbling about a perceiving attack or outburst all through the void, which lasts until 3:26 PM ET. This is not the time to shop or make a mountain out of a molehill. Chill! A dreamy escape or vision may come to pass around 8:08 PM ET on Friday, suggested by a harmony between Mercury (mindset) and Neptune (vision). Great for happy hour or a musical interlude, too. Overall, we’re seeing a brief break in planetary action, which to me suggests that the kind of action we may be experiencing between now and early next week is similar to what we experience when a massive piece of an ice shelf suddenly — for no apparent reason — collapses into the sea. Sort of like a big ginormous exhale…

OK. About this New Moon. It happened yesterday (TUESDAY) at 9:17 PM ET at 26 degrees of Capricorn. Wherever that degree falls in your horoscope is where you’ll experience a push to make things happen over the next few weeks. Do so with innovative flair. Release the ties that bind. If you are the horoscope of the inauguration of P45, this New Moon fell on your Midheaven, activating your public status. If you are Steve Bannon, it fell on your North Node, activating your need for new associations with others to perhaps be made public. And your need for new associations would likely have an impact on the public status of the P45 administration. “Bannon has agreed to answer Mueller’s questions,” says WaPo. Coincidence or conspiracy?

You probably heard that yesterday’s New Moon has 17 planets in Capricorn. An exaggeration, yes — but the abundance of Earth in this New Moon chart is not. Things have to MATTER (which is what Earth is/does). Get down to business. Build your empire. How can we make this work? What is the best use for this person/place/thing/vision in my life? What is the strategy here? There’s an innovative and disruptive buzz suggested in this New Moon, given that the Sun and Moon are in a tense square with Uranus.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is “a mountain pilgrimage.” Well, where else would a New Moon with 17 planets in Capricorn be but heading for the top of a mountain? But there is a spiritual component to this mountaintop, as this journey is a pilgrimage. Sabian Symbol Guru Blain Bovee advise us to be mindful of a need for “heightened awareness…deep inner meaning, scales of difference…a sense that something is brewing;” getting up off the couch and taking action for no apparent reason. Just like that.

All of the planets are moving forward from now until March 9th, when Jupiter — planet of expansion — turns retrograde. Get up off that couch and put your plan into action mode now.

And now, the news. Oy.

Uranus in a tense aspect with the Sun and Venus over the weekend suggested seismic upsets and other shocks to the system.

  • Hawaii understandably freaks out over false “incoming missile” alert; another one just happened in Japan. Would it surprise you to know that the chart for the Hawaii snafu at 8:07 AM ET on Saturday  had Mars (action! war!) with Jupiter (HUGE!) at the top of the chart? And that the top of the chart was 19 degrees of Scorpio, affectionately known as the cursed degree of the cursed sign?
  • Uranus refers to earthquakes. Upsurge in big earthquakes predicted for 2018 as Earth rotation slows  Uranus will be at the end of Aries for much of 2018; a planet at the last degree of a sign intensifies in action. California, as I’ve already noted, has Uranus and Pluto at 29 Aries. This is likely a year of disruption for California — for better or for worse.
  • Uranus refers to uranium, of course. Uranium Miners Pushed Hard for a Comeback. They Got Their Wish.    Explains why our beloved national monuments in Utah were reduced by 85%.
  • Uranus refers to astrology — and oh look what a buzz we’re seeing in the headlines! “Why Are Millennials So Into Astrology?”  asks The Atlantic? I haven’t read this piece yet — after all, there’s no mention of this forecast in it (insert snarky winking emoji here) — but I’ll tell you why astrology is “suddenly” so hot. It is hot again, as it was in the mid-60s and the early 70s, reflected by the Uranus-Pluto conjunctions of 1965-66. We just had a slew of Uranus-Pluto squares; we are in the aftermath; the pattern repeats itself; ergo, once again, astrology is hot. Clear? You can quote me on that. Alert the media.
  • Saturn is opposing Venus in the U.S. horoscope, suggesting stories that are lean and mean, likely involving women. Plus, that Uranus-Venus square in general. Why does it cost $32,093 to give birth in America, asks The Guardian. And why is the mortality rate for women in or just after childbirth the highest in the so-called developed world? Reality check, here courtesy of Samantha Bee (video). Did you hear what happened to Serena Williams? While in labor back in September, with transiting Saturn squaring her Moon, she darn well nearly died — because doctors were not listening. With transiting Saturn now squaring her Libra Sun, she’s profiled in Vogue, sharing her sobering story.

What’s going on in your horoscope? Now is the time to call your astrologer for your annual check up. Don’t let a potent transit turn into the equivalent of an abscessed tooth demanding a root canal. Check in with your astrologer as you would with any other health care professional. Get the 411 on upcoming planetary patterns and plan accordingly. Here’s the 411 on consultations.

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