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“I can't thank you enough for the incredible adventure in astrology. You have that rare gift that certainly all who call themselves astrologers don't possess... you're the real deal!! It seriously blew me away that you were able to not only nail so much from my past (exact times/years certain events took place, along with situations with family, relationships and beyond) but you've already helped with my present! The answers you gave to the specific questions I asked pertaining to important career-related happenings this week have already proven true. I will look forward to an update in a year or so.”
– S.L.
New York, NY

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Monday 1/29/2018: Sneak Peek at an Eclipsed Week; Aziz Ansari’s Really Bad Date

…and off the races we go!

The Moon in Cancer drives the day with a need for emotional security, ideally focused on home/homeland and family concerns. A home-cooked meal with truly nourishing, easy-to-digest ingredients would be an apt start.

Note your dreams this AM, as the Moon is in harmony with Neptune at 10:20 AM ET. By the end of the business day, we’ll be  approaching the Moon’s weekly clash with disruptive Pluto and Uranus, exact at 9:34 PM ET and 5:46 AM ET on TUESDAY. If you must pitch today, pitch earlier rather than later.

Moon goes void TUESDAY on a face-off with Mercury at 11:40 AM ET. Possible theme: tension between those who prioritize sensitivity and security vs. those who say “it’s just business!” East Coasters can take a long Moon-void lunch; West Coasters may sleep in or flake on that morning meeting. At 1:53 PM ET Moon enters regal drama king Leo, an apt backdrop for a State of the Union speech starring P45.

But wait, there’s more. Emotions are building to a crest — released at 8:27 AM ET on WEDNESDAY on the Full Moon. This is the second Full Moon we’ve had this month, which makes it a Blue Moon.  It’s also a Supermoon, so the Moon will be looming large in the sky.  Not only that, it’s a total lunar eclipse, so color it red.  Most of the U.S. will be able to see it. Here’s a map that tells you what time and where.

Eclipses interrupt the regular flow of light and whatever other energy flows from the Sun or the Moon, like a river meeting a dam. This creates a bottleneck of energy that must eventually find a release, usually over the course of a few months’ time.

Eclipses often highlight an area of life where something needs to be brought to a close. Wherever the eclipse falls in your horoscope is where you may experience a bottleneck, followed by a release. That includes secrets. On the upside, this is an opportunity for positive change. Resistance is futile, especially if the karma cops are behind what is being shut down.

Look for 11 Leo (Moon)/11 Aquarius (Sun) in your chart and take note of the house which contains it, and planets or angles that are near it. FYI:  in P45’s horoscope, Pluto will be eclipsed. According to astrologer Celeste Teal, an eclipsed Pluto “brings potential for many changes with the domestic sphere.” Pluto sits in P45’s 12th House, affectionately known as the house of “self-undoing.” It rules the 4th House, which refers to home, family and real estate. Jot down October 13th as a potential trigger date for this eclipse.

Let the record show that the Big Fat Solar Eclipse of Aug 21st at 28 Leo was triggered last week when Mars was at 28 Scorpio. If you have a planet or point at 28 Leo, Taurus, Aquarius or Scorpio, there was likely some action in that area of your horoscope. FYI, we will have another solar eclipse on February 15. It will hit at 27 Aquarius — and will thus also trigger the eclipse on Aug 21st. 27 Aquarius is within one degree of P45’s  28 Aquarius Descendant, a significant relationship point.

To be continued.

As for patterns for the back half of this week, Mercury leaves Capricorn for Aquarius on WEDNESDAY at 8:40 AM ET. It harmonizes with Mars on SATURDAY at 10:58 AM ET. An easy flow between the planets of action and communication suggests an apt time to walk your talk. An exuberant or indulgent potential is added in the days leading up to SUNDAY, when Venus (money, women, art, social expression) and Jupiter (excess) will square. More sexual secrets coming out would be my take, given what happened last fall when Venus conjoined Jupiter.

Moon voids for the rest of the week: THURSDAY 5:58 AM ET until 2:13 PM ET. SATURDAY 2:07 AM ET until 4:47 PM ET. You know the Moon void drill: no impulse shopping; stick to routine; no making mountains out of molehills. Chill!

And now, the news.

I promised you stories of shocks to the system in aviation, hi-tech and gender-benders, suggested by today’s tension between Mercury and Uranus:

Let the record show that Aziz Ansari’s horoscope (unknown birth time) suggests he’s bound to shake things up, with his Pisces Sun in a square to rebel Uranus and expansive Jupiter. His Moon is in Cancer — at some point this year or next, it will be opposed by streamlining Saturn. Could be happening any minute now.

What’s interesting in Mr. Ansari’s horoscope is his Mars at 29 Pisces conjunct his Venus at 0 Aries.  This is the Aries Point, and Avid Readers know this suggests strong potential to become known for a yin-yang issue, likely prominently romantic or otherwise surreal. Why surreal? Because the Mars-Venus meet-up is square to nebulous Neptune — also at the Aries Point!! There is strong idealism suggested here, and a likelihood that what is presented is not as it seems…nor clearly understood.

Guess what the patterns were on September 25, 2017 — the night of the alleged date from hell? The Moon was in boundary-pushing Sagittarius, square to a Venus-Mars conjunction in hypercritical/perfection-seeking Virgo…which was in turn opposed by Neptune! How fascinating to see the patterns in Mr. Ansari’s horoscope echoed on this fateful date!

Below is a chart for the evening of the date — I’m using 7:30 PM ET — if anyone has an exact start time, I’ll adjust the chart. Remember, the Moon drives the bus in the horoscope. Where was the Moon headed on this date — and the morning after? A square to Neptune (confusion, fantasy, delusion)…followed by a square to Mars (anger, action)…followed by a meet-up with wet-blanket Saturn in the evening of the 26th (depression, rejection, reality check).

Not only that, but assuming the date started around 7:30 PM ET, the disruptive potential of this event is screamingly obvious by the presence of Uranus on the Ascendant and Pluto on the Midheaven. Venus and Mars — the two parties in this meet-up — are in an area of the horoscope better suited for slavery than romance.  If the date started around 8:30 PM ET, we lose the slavery angle, but the disruption potential remains. And even though the parties involved are moving together, neither is in great shape, so one questions why the two should even bother to try. File under: be careful what you wish for.

Fun fact: on January 15th, the day after this account of the date was published, transiting Saturn squared the Sun in the “Bad Date” chart. Major wet blanket/reality check/ambitious advance indeed.

Moral of the story: if you have a hot date, ask your astrologer to check out his/her horoscope for clues on what to expect. Are the two of you remotely compatible? If you’re planning to set a date for an important occasion, ask your local astrologer to help you choose a time when luck is more likely to be on your side.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

Stop Talking About the Planets — the Podcast!

Dear Avid Readers,

I’m delighted to share this link to a recent conversation with astrologer/artist Chris Flisher. Chris has been interviewing fellow astrologers for over a decade on his weekly internet show, “Turning of the Wheel.”

Gratitude to Chris for the kind invitation — it was fun!



Friday 1/26/2018 & the Weekend: Twist and Shout (Shake It Up, Baby)


Here’s what you missed from yesterday (Thursday). This post was scheduled to be sent out in the AM, but MailChimp did not deliver.

Steady as you go today, suggests the Moon in Taurus.  It’s driven by a need for material comfort and security: good food, wine and sensual delights.

Yesterday and today are apt for digging up dirt and making persuasive proposals, suggested by Mercury (how we need to think) meeting up with ruthless Pluto (this afternoon) and harmonizing with expansive Jupiter tomorrow morning. Just do it. I know I did.

Moon goes void tonight at 10:17 PM ET — keep on trucking through the work day. You can sleep in tomorrow (FRIDAY) without consequence, as the Moon will be void until 12:40 PM ET. Chill!

This is the last full day of Mars in Scorpio. If you were born on the last day of Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo or Taurus…or you have a planet or angle at 29 degrees of those signs, you may be feeling especially fired up — or provoked — or perhaps even attacked — as we roll into the weekend. Same goes if you were born on the first few days of Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius.  Exhibit A: the revelation that P45, whose Leo Ascendant was just squared by transiting Mars, tried to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller back in June. Exhibit B: the First Lady, who last experienced transiting Mars opposing her natal Venus at 28 Taurus in August of 2016. That was the week the NY Post published nude photos taken in 1995. On this Mars-Venus opposition, Mrs. Trump cancelled plans to travel with her husband to Davos. It’s their 13th wedding anniversary, btw.  Might l’affaire Stormy have something to do with it? Not officially. Still,  Mrs. Trump flew to Florida earlier today.  An op-ed in the NYT marvels at  Mrs. T’s “quiet radicalism.” Just wait and see how quiet she stays when transiting Uranus conjoins her Taurus Sun next year. Exhibit C: the revelation that the P45s asked to borrow a Van Gogh from the Guggenheim. Request denied — but look what was offered instead.  Note that Mars at 28 Scorpio triggers the Big Fat Solar Eclipse we had on Aug 21st at 28 Leo…something was bound to come out.

Now for today — FRIDAY —

Mars enters Sagittarius at 7:57 AM ET. Think righteous action pushing boundaries. Tripping over its feet while aiming for the stars. Until March 18th. Meanwhile, the Moon stops drifting in Taurus and gets focused in Gemini at 12:40 PM ET.  Twelve minutes later it makes a provocative face-off with fiery Mars. Yowza!  Is anyone newsworthy giving a speech? We’ll hear about it, for sure.

No Moon void on SATURDAY means you are free to shop without worrying if your impulse purchase will prove to be disappointing. There’s a buzz buzz buzz in the air, suggested by mental Mercury in a charged connection with rebel technogeek Uranus. Great. You can read about serious high-flyers in the NYT Sunday magazine. “Selling Airborne Opulence to the Upper Upper Upper Class.” Oh New York Times, you are so in sync with planetary patterns…and you don’t even know it!

On SUNDAY, Moon will be void from 5:39 AM ET until 1:57 PM ET. Chill out and take care of routine concerns until the Moon enters Cancer. Then you can focus on creating emotional security in the comfort of your home. No sleeping in on MONDAY. The Moon will not be void. It will be waxing full to a Supermoon (in Leo) and a Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday at 8:27 AM ET. More drama-rama, release and illumination.

And now, the news.

One last story reflecting last week’s Sun-Venus-Uranus square (themes of women, freedom and flight): “Serial Stowaway: How does a 66-year-old woman keep sneaking on to flights?”.

Mercury + Pluto + Jupiter = ruthless investigation; brutal communication:

Add the disruptive tech potential of Mercury squared by Uranus, and you’ve got a persuasive spot from Burger King, which explains what net neutrality is and why it should be reinstated. Brilliant.

UPDATE: Elsewhere, from NPR: ” Sen. Tammy Duckworth’s Pregnancy Set To Be Another First For The Illinois Democrat” . Yes, another first. Sen. Duckworth is the first Asian-American woman to be elected to Congress from Illinois, and the first disabled woman to win election from any state. You should already have a clue as to what we’ll find in her horoscope. An Obvious Something that reflects a need to be a pioneer. Oh…what could it be? Any guesses?  Born on March 12, 1968 in Bangkok (birth time unknown), she may be a compassionate Pisces with Moon in regal Leo, but she has two powerful planets in me-me-me-first Aries: Saturn and Mars. And her Mars is hot right now —  at 18 Aries (just like Bill Browder from Monday’s forecast), and currently being supercharged by Pluto well into  2018.

What’s going on in your horoscope? When are you going to be feeling the urge to act with persuasive effort? Do you have that inclination naturally — or would you only be fired up in certain supercharged time frames? Here’s the 411 on personal consultations. We will have an excellent discussion together.

Thank you for reading this forecast.



Monday 1/22/2018: Sneak Peek at the Week; Mercury Pulls Focus; Sun-Venus-Uranus in the News

Happy birthday to Aquarius! The Sun entered this airy (mental), fixed (organizing) sign on Friday at 10:10 PM ET.  Keywords for Aquarius include innovation, eccentricity, friendship, humanitarian, unconventional, rocket scientist and/or mad genius. If you were born with the Sun in Aquarius, you have the energy to innovate and intellectualize with others. If your Moon is in Aquarius, you need to be socially significant — and dare I say appreciated for it. You probably need to be unusual, too — and somewhat stubborn in your strategy. Friendships are essential, even if your motto might be “I love you, but don’t take it personally.” If you were born around January 19th – 21st, you’re about to embark on a dynamic period of development. How will you declare your independence — and never mind the disruption of the status quo? Book a consult with your favorite astrologer and make a plan for 2018. These marching orders apply to those born around the 19th -21st of April, August and October, too.

The Moon has been in Pisces since Friday at 3:26 PM ET, needing to go with the flow, possibly in sync with a shimmering ideal. Empathy and compassion reflect Pisces at its finest; escapism — perhaps not so much — especially when the escape route involves alcohol and drugs. FYI, the planetary ruler of Pisces is Neptune, which has been traveling through Pisces non-stop since 2012.  It’s about to hit the halfway point of its journey — and perhaps then we will see some action taken on the awareness built over the past six years, e.g., the plethora of stories involving drugs, addiction and people eating Tide pods.

The Pisces Moon goes void with a sigh at 8:13 PM ET tonight (Sunday). Chill and get ready for the Moon to enter Aries at 1:27 AM ET on MONDAY, looking to fire things up. No sleeping in!

The first challenge to the work week kicks in at 8:41 AM ET, when the me-me-me Aries Moon is challenged by patriarchal Saturn in Capricorn. Rise to the occasion and try to put a humanitarian spin on the situation. The rest of the day has an easy flow; can’t say the same about TUESDAY, when the Aries Moon suggests a clash of thought around 10:29 AM ET, followed by a power play around 1:47 PM ET, when the Moon makes its weekly collision with Pluto. A disruption to the status quo is likely around 11:16 PM ET, when the Moon meets up with rebel Uranus (and then goes void until 8:39 AM ET on WEDNESDAY).

Mercury — the way we need to think and communicate — is pulling focus this week. It meets up with Pluto on Wednesday at 3:47 PM ET, an apt time to turn a pen into a sword. Or a word into a machete. Robin Williams was born with Mercury conjunct Pluto, and he was known for his razor-sharp wit. In the news, we can expect headlines involving sharp words, power plays and investigations revealing major dirt. Said dirt may involve publishing, academia and legal eagles, reflected by Mercury harmonizing with expansive Jupiter at 6:28 AM ET on THURSDAY.  On SUNDAY, what is revealed may be even more shocking, as Mercury is challenged by rebel Uranus. Look for themes involving gender benders, technology, astrology and aviation, too.

Also of note this week: Mars, planet of action and aggression leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius on FRIDAY at 7:27 AM ET.  In Sagittarius, Mars suggests a need for high-flying and righteously opinionated action, pushing boundaries as it goes. Mars will be in Sagittarius until March 18th. The last time Mars entered Sag was in early March 2016. What will return to the headlines that was initiated back then? Stay tuned.

Other Moon voids this week: Thursday 10:17 PM ET until Friday 12:40 PM; Sunday 5:39 AM ET until 1:57 PM ET. No impulse shopping during those times.

And now, the news.

The Patriots won again — heading for another Superbowl.  Quarterback Tom Brady’s horoscope continues to be hot.


Look, Ma! No government! It’s shut down. Just like that, reflecting the potential for a structural collapse noted here last Wednesday (here is an actual physical reflection of that potential: “Watching A Ridge Slide in Slow Motion, A Town Braces for Disaster”). As I type, “moderates are racing to close a deal” before the start of the work week. And perhaps they will, given the harmony between the flexible Pisces Moon and the ruthlessly effective Scorpio Mars, exact tonight at 8:13 PM ET. I just wonder about that authoritarian advance/wet blanket likely to make headlines in the early morning. Meanwhile, it should surprise no one that the horoscope for the start of the shutdown (12:01 AM on Jan 20th  in Washington DC), had rebel Uranus in a tense aspect with the Midheaven. The shutdown took some media attention away from the hundreds of thousands of women who marched over the weekend, though without any hard aspects among the planets on either day, I have not seen any news of marchers being arrested and/or otherwise harassed.

Here is the official Womens’ March website. Next critical date: November 6th. Are you registered to vote? Do it right here right NOW. Because if you don’t vote, someone else will — and then you will be sorry.

Last week’s exciting and disruptive squares between Uranus to the Sun and Venus were certainly reflected in the story about P45 paying hush money to porn actress/writer/director Stormy Daniels. Surprise — but really, who is shocked?  I read with interest the detailed interview Ms. Daniels gave to In Touch magazine back in 2011. She comes across as friendly, open-minded — detached-yet-curious about the human condition, in a scientific way. “Hmmm,” I thought. “I bet she has Venus in Aquarius — or the Moon and Venus in touch with Uranus.” Guess what? All of the above! Ms. Daniels was born on March 17, 1979 in Baton Rouge, LA. Venus in Aquarius — square to Uranus and probably her Scorpio Moon, too. Her steamy Mars in Pisces is trine to Uranus. Astrology is amazing. Patterns in her horoscope suggest a potential windfall this year…and oh — look — she’s just gone on tour

In other news, have you seen the Google Arts & Culture app — the one that created such a buzz under those Uranus-Sun-Venus patterns? Take a selfie – and let Google match it with a work of art. Does it look like you? Me, neither:

Mrs. Robert Harrison 1886  by John Singer Sargent

Shocking, isn’t it? But here’s what I love about this story:

Though Google introduced the feature last December, it exploded over the weekend, as Twitter and Instagram users shared screen grabs of their best—and often worst—pairings.

Meanwhile, another compelling recent read: Red Notice: A True Story of High Finance, Murder and One Man’s Fight For Justice by Bill Browder.  He was the driving force behind the Magnitsky Act — perhaps you have heard of it? Sergei Magnitsky was a Russian lawyer/auditor who worked for Mr. Browder.  He is the victim in  the murder part of Browder’s book. A former hedge fund manager, Mr. Browder is now a “full-time human rights activist.” Born on April 23, 1964 in Chicago, he is a Taurus with Moon in either late Virgo or early Libra. He has Mars at 19 Aries, suggesting a need to be a crusading pioneer. Of course he’d be the first Westerner to invest in Russia when the opportunity arose.  A strong Aries statement needs to be fearless and courageous, often on the side of the underdog.

Mr. Browder’s  Mars-in-Aries was triggered by Uranus in 2015, right when Red Notice was published. Uranus with Mars suggests risky action — and one might argue that going on a book tour and matter-of-factly declaring yourself  Vladimir Putin’s #1 enemy carries a bit of risk. Last year and continuing through 2018, Mr. Browder’s Mars will be supercharged by transiting Pluto, suggesting a greater need for persuasive effort. Here he is on C-Span last December, after testifying before Congress. He’s currently working on a movie adaptation of his memoir, so more people will know what happened to Sergei Magnitsky.  Is there anything in the horoscope that would reflect why Mr. Browder is so focused on humanitarian action in Mr. Magnitsky’s name? Sure. Sergei Magnitsky was born on April 8, 1972 in Odessa. His Sun is at 18 Aries, right on Mr. Browder’s Mars.

What connection does your horoscope have with the horoscope of a significant other, child, friend or colleague? Astrology is a powerful tool for understanding the attraction — and how the two of you can function effectively together. Here’s the 411 on consultations designed to help improve relationships.

Hmm…the Moon is void, and still no deal to settle the shutdown…and it seems they have now tabled it until noon tomorrow. But this just ran across my newsfeed, and it’s apt for the ruthless dirt-digging potential of this week’s meet-up of Mercury and Pluto. From Politico“The 270 People Connected to the Russia Probes,”  — one for every electoral college vote needed to win the U.S presidency…

Thank you for reading this forecast.

Wednesday 1/17/2017: New Moon in Capricorn; Late Sneak Peek at the Week; Uranus Upsets

Get it off your desk today and tomorrow, motivated by the enterprising energy of yesterday’s New Moon in Capricorn. More on that in a sec.

As of 3:32 AM ET, Moon is in Aquarius, seeking to be of social significance, appreciated for its uniqueness. Arise, go forth and talk all that up among your network of besties. At 8:44 PM ET, Venus leaves social-climbing Capricorn and enters Aquarius, sign of “I love you, but don’t take it personally.” It’s smooth sailing through Wednesday, when the only bump to the Moon will be a square to Jupiter, expanding whatever effort you are expending.

Moon goes void on FRIDAY at 6:52 AM ET, on a cantankerous tension with Mars (action, aggression). Some may be grumbling about a perceiving attack or outburst all through the void, which lasts until 3:26 PM ET. This is not the time to shop or make a mountain out of a molehill. Chill! A dreamy escape or vision may come to pass around 8:08 PM ET on Friday, suggested by a harmony between Mercury (mindset) and Neptune (vision). Great for happy hour or a musical interlude, too. Overall, we’re seeing a brief break in planetary action, which to me suggests that the kind of action we may be experiencing between now and early next week is similar to what we experience when a massive piece of an ice shelf suddenly — for no apparent reason — collapses into the sea. Sort of like a big ginormous exhale…

OK. About this New Moon. It happened yesterday (TUESDAY) at 9:17 PM ET at 26 degrees of Capricorn. Wherever that degree falls in your horoscope is where you’ll experience a push to make things happen over the next few weeks. Do so with innovative flair. Release the ties that bind. If you are the horoscope of the inauguration of P45, this New Moon fell on your Midheaven, activating your public status. If you are Steve Bannon, it fell on your North Node, activating your need for new associations with others to perhaps be made public. And your need for new associations would likely have an impact on the public status of the P45 administration. “Bannon has agreed to answer Mueller’s questions,” says WaPo. Coincidence or conspiracy?

You probably heard that yesterday’s New Moon has 17 planets in Capricorn. An exaggeration, yes — but the abundance of Earth in this New Moon chart is not. Things have to MATTER (which is what Earth is/does). Get down to business. Build your empire. How can we make this work? What is the best use for this person/place/thing/vision in my life? What is the strategy here? There’s an innovative and disruptive buzz suggested in this New Moon, given that the Sun and Moon are in a tense square with Uranus.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is “a mountain pilgrimage.” Well, where else would a New Moon with 17 planets in Capricorn be but heading for the top of a mountain? But there is a spiritual component to this mountaintop, as this journey is a pilgrimage. Sabian Symbol Guru Blain Bovee advise us to be mindful of a need for “heightened awareness…deep inner meaning, scales of difference…a sense that something is brewing;” getting up off the couch and taking action for no apparent reason. Just like that.

All of the planets are moving forward from now until March 9th, when Jupiter — planet of expansion — turns retrograde. Get up off that couch and put your plan into action mode now.

And now, the news. Oy.

Uranus in a tense aspect with the Sun and Venus over the weekend suggested seismic upsets and other shocks to the system.

  • Hawaii understandably freaks out over false “incoming missile” alert; another one just happened in Japan. Would it surprise you to know that the chart for the Hawaii snafu at 8:07 AM ET on Saturday  had Mars (action! war!) with Jupiter (HUGE!) at the top of the chart? And that the top of the chart was 19 degrees of Scorpio, affectionately known as the cursed degree of the cursed sign?
  • Uranus refers to earthquakes. Upsurge in big earthquakes predicted for 2018 as Earth rotation slows  Uranus will be at the end of Aries for much of 2018; a planet at the last degree of a sign intensifies in action. California, as I’ve already noted, has Uranus and Pluto at 29 Aries. This is likely a year of disruption for California — for better or for worse.
  • Uranus refers to uranium, of course. Uranium Miners Pushed Hard for a Comeback. They Got Their Wish.    Explains why our beloved national monuments in Utah were reduced by 85%.
  • Uranus refers to astrology — and oh look what a buzz we’re seeing in the headlines! “Why Are Millennials So Into Astrology?”  asks The Atlantic? I haven’t read this piece yet — after all, there’s no mention of this forecast in it (insert snarky winking emoji here) — but I’ll tell you why astrology is “suddenly” so hot. It is hot again, as it was in the mid-60s and the early 70s, reflected by the Uranus-Pluto conjunctions of 1965-66. We just had a slew of Uranus-Pluto squares; we are in the aftermath; the pattern repeats itself; ergo, once again, astrology is hot. Clear? You can quote me on that. Alert the media.
  • Saturn is opposing Venus in the U.S. horoscope, suggesting stories that are lean and mean, likely involving women. Plus, that Uranus-Venus square in general. Why does it cost $32,093 to give birth in America, asks The Guardian. And why is the mortality rate for women in or just after childbirth the highest in the so-called developed world? Reality check, here courtesy of Samantha Bee (video). Did you hear what happened to Serena Williams? While in labor back in September, with transiting Saturn squaring her Moon, she darn well nearly died — because doctors were not listening. With transiting Saturn now squaring her Libra Sun, she’s profiled in Vogue, sharing her sobering story.

What’s going on in your horoscope? Now is the time to call your astrologer for your annual check up. Don’t let a potent transit turn into the equivalent of an abscessed tooth demanding a root canal. Check in with your astrologer as you would with any other health care professional. Get the 411 on upcoming planetary patterns and plan accordingly. Here’s the 411 on consultations.

Thank you for reading this forecast — and sharing it with your friends.

Friday 1/12/2018 & the Weekend: Big Surge; Big Shake-Ups; Mercury at the Aries Point

TGIF — almost!

What a week — what a rush of energy, as anticipated. Astrology is amazing.

Intense, deep, stubborn, controlling and wet — those are a few keywords for the Moon when it is in Scorpio, where it’s been since Tuesday afternoon. As of 9:53 AM ET today, it’s also void of course — i.e., traveling without focused direction until it enters the next sign — Sagittarius — with a huge sigh of relief. That shift happens at 2:04 AM ET on FRIDAY.  Until then, roll with the flakes and twists. Stick to routine. Crises which crop up during voids are often much ado about nothing.  If you are new to this forecast (welcome!) and not familiar with Moon voids,  here’s the 411.

Once the Moon enters Sagittarius, everyone is sure to have an opinion — the more boundary-pushing, the better. Get out of your rut; expand your mind; connect with nature; catch a foreign film; think positively; avoid putting your foot in your mouth and/or tripping over the furniture. There are no exact aspects during the workday on Friday. However, with Mercury now in Capricorn and moving to a meet-up with sober Saturn, plans for advance may be outlined. Grab a pen and paper and write down the bones.

On SATURDAY, Mercury and Saturn meet up at 2:03 AM ET. Practical plans have a visionary spin, as the high-flying Sag Moon is challenged by Neptune at 2:39 AM ET. While there is no Moon void to argue against impulse purchases, be advised that what you find attractive may elevate your status, but may also break your norm. Credit Venus (women, money, social expression, art) in a challenge with disruptive rebel Uranus, exact at 2:07 PM ET.

You’re more affected by the volatile buzz of the Venus-Uranus square if you have a planet or point around 24 degrees of Aries, Capricorn, Cancer and Libra — and yes, the buzz is being felt now. Exhibit A: “P45 Alarms Lawmakers with Disparaging Words About Haiti and Africa,” is a mild way of stating what just happened.  (On the bright side, he seems to be implying that since wonderful people come from Norway, we should be like Norway. Women running the government! Awesome child care! Superb healthcare and education for all! A compassionate and effective criminal justice system! I can’t wait for him to pitch these legislative initiatives to Congress. This concludes the op-ed portion of this forecast).

Exhibit B: Julian Assange becomes citizen of Ecuador with transiting Uranus squaring his Mercury. But wait, there’s more!

The Sag Moon goes void on SUNDAY until 2:42 PM ET. No yard sales for you! Save your status-conscious binge until after the void, when the Moon will be in enterprising Capricorn. Impulses may run high, given that the Sun will be in a square with Uranus. Here are a few disruptive, seismic, break-out headlines from a year ago — scroll to the end of the forecast.

On Sunday at 8:49 PM ET, the Cap Moon meets up with Saturn, suggesting an ambitious reach or a wet blanket. If you are working on Monday — Martin Luther King, Jr. Day — know that there shall be no sleeping in. The Cap Moon will need an outlet for its enterprising ambition, and Jupiter (expansion, reward) and Pluto (power, resources) are happily aligning at 10:46 PM ET — reflecting an easy cooperation among the Powers That Be.

There’s a New Moon in Capricorn on TUESDAY. It’ll be right at the top of the horoscope for last year’s inauguration. More on that in the next forecast.

And now, the news.

A surge of energy is all over California — for better and for worse. After devastating fires last fall, now mudslides. Back in October it was observed that California’s horoscope has Uranus and Pluto conjunct in Aries — at the last degree of the sign.  That potent pair was activated by transiting Jupiter and Mars. This year transiting Uranus will trigger California’s natal Uranus and Pluto multiple times. We can expect more headlines of independence, rebellion, innovation and disruption, such as “California in Revolt” — well into 2019. Because then transiting Uranus will move on to other points in California’s horoscope.

Meanwhile, Mercury (mindset, communication) is at the Aries Point, suggesting exceptional prominence in these affairs. Add in the disruptive/innovative potential of the Sun-Venus-Uranus buzz, and this headline might fly across your screen: “Facebook Overhauls Newsfeed to Focus on What Friends and Family Share.”   With his Moon seeking depth in Scorpio, it makes sense that Mark Zuckerberg says he wants Facebook to provide more meaningful interaction (so long as its under his control?). Here’s another one: How robo-callers outwitted the government and completely wrecked the Do Not Call list“.    Or “House Extends Surveillance Law; Rejects Limits on Warrantless Spying.”  Or: “Social Media Is Making Us Dumber — Here’s Exhibit A”.

Speaking of a surge of energy and prominent information, Dianne Feinstein has done it again, right on schedule. Haven’t written about her since 2014, when she released another boatload of info (you’ll find a link to her horoscope there, too). With her Moon and Mars at 22 Gemini and 22 Virgo, you can imagine the squeeze she was feeling all last year, with transiting Saturn at 22 Sag putting limits and controls on her need to be the smartest kid in the room. This week she unilaterally released 10 hours of testimony  from Glenn Simpson, CEO of Fusion GPS — filled with far more compelling anecdotes than anything you’ll read in Fire & Fury.  Her Sun is at 0 Cancer, so it’s just been given gravitas and verbosity by transiting Saturn and Mercury at 0 Capricorn. Transiting Saturn is almost at the top of her horoscope, suggesting she’s at the top of her game….and in March she will have her Uranus return. This suggests liberation on many fronts, and especially in not having any effs left to give.

Want more? New York City plans to divest itself of its investments in the oil industry. There’s a Sun-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn square Uranus for you. It could spark a “global shift.” And you heard that the P45 people have exempted Florida from a new federal plan to drill for oil in U.S. coastal waters? Other states are now asking for the same protections. Sun-Pluto refers to power; Uranus is the disruptor. In North Carolina, the state has been ordered to redraw its congressional maps before the 2018 elections. If this sticks, it may set a huge precedent for change.

In other news, “I Want Change to Come from This,” says a Louisiana teacher who was thrown to the ground and handcuffed after voicing her objection at a school board meeting to a proposed pay increase for administative personnel already making six figures vs. no raise for actual teachers making a fraction of that amount. Shocking, no? Also shocking: Steve Bannon, whose feud with P45 was followed by his departure from Breitbart. Just like that. Now he’s lawyering up and will be testifying before Congress. From what I can tell in the horoscope,  he may well be about to embark on a new seven-year cycle of development.

I bet this link will be the favorite: for women of a certain age, “Facial Exercises May Make You Look Three Years Younger.”  We’ll see how it compares to this one — my Cosmic Tip Jar — through which you are invited to express appreciation for any value my astrological musings provide, with much gratitude. The more support I have for this free forecast, the more time I am able to spend writing it. It’ll be nine years in April. Where does the time go, Avid Reader Kristal? Happy Moon in Scorpio Day to you!

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Monday 1/8/2018: Sneak Peek at the Week; Women in Black

The week begins with a quest for fairness and balance in relationship, driven by the Moon in Libra. Take advantage of the easy flow we’ve got up until around 5 PM ET. At 5:25 PM ET we’ll see the 3rd Quarter Moon clashing with the Capricorn Sun, suggesting a supercharged advance or obstacle requiring reconciliation. That’s quickly followed by the Moon’s weekly clash with potent Pluto, suggesting a power play or catharsis.

On TUESDAY, the Moon makes its weekly clash with rebel Uranus, suggesting an upset or surprising revelation around 4:45 AM ET, likely involving big time power and resources. Moon goes void Tuesday at 11:12 AM ET and enters moody bastard Scorpio, seeking to establish power and control. Again with the power this week? Yes. But East Coasters can take a long lunch…and West Coasters can sleep in during the Moon void.

Other voids this week: THURSDAY 9:53 AM ET until 2:04 AM ET on FRIDAY. Ship it before Thursday if you can, as actions initiated during voids have an odd way of being of little or no consequence. Avoid impulse shopping. Remember that crises which crop up during voids are often much ado about nothing. Stick to routine, chill and go with the flow. We’ll have another long void on SUNDAY between 3:48 AM ET and 2:42 PM ET.

A truckload of shifts and major planetary patterns this week include:

MONDAY: Sun and Venus in Capricorn in harmony with Jupiter in Scorpio; Mars in harmony with Pluto. Action. Power. Purges. Women. Money. Expansion.

TUESDAY: Sun, Venus and Pluto all together in Capricorn. You’re more personally affected if you have a planet or other point around 19 degrees of Capricorn, Cancer, Libra or Aries. The color of Capricorn is black, which is a color of power and potential. Of course all of the women (except three)  at the Golden Globes would be wearing black  — it’s a perfect reflection of planetary patterns. Here’s a write-up of the Sun’s annual meet-up with Pluto from last year, including a forecast for the 115th Congress.  Here are past posts about Venus in Capricorn.

WEDNESDAY: (or late TUESDAY for West Coasters) Sun in harmony with Mars at 12:37AM ET. Get thee to the nearest gym. Work it out.

THURSDAY: Mercury leaves sloppy Sagittarius and finally enters Capricorn. Here’s a post about that from 2014, under similar patterns among Venus, Pluto and…Uranus.

SATURDAY: Venus with Uranus? Yes. The two will square, creating tension and action. That happens at 2:07 PM ET, suggesting headlines about unconventional attractions, gender-benders and maybe an astrologer or two. The Sun will square Uranus on SUNDAY, suggesting tech breakthroughs and shake-ups, especially involving heads of state. The other pattern of note happens 12 hours earlier: the last of three in a series of meet-ups between Mercury and Saturn, likely offering a reality check on or consolidation of whatever heavy/sloppy idea was hot around November 28 and December 6th.

And now, the news.

Gender equality. Fairness. Empowerment. Last night’s Golden Globes reflected it all, from sharp jabs about the 23% pay gap between men and women actors and how there hasn’t been a Best Director award given to a woman since the mid-80s (to the one and only Barbra Streisand). Oprah rocked. Natalie Portman and Barbra jabbed. Frances McDormand dazzled by refraining from indulging in any pixie-dust whatsoever.  Her Cancer Sun is at the Aries Point, given added prominence and gravitas by transiting Saturn. Her Venus at 20 Cancer is opposed by the Sun-Venus-Pluto pile-up in Capricorn, adding persuasion and empowerment. Her Moon is in earthy Taurus — no-nonsense, no frills and no make-up — and she’s still a winner.

Meanwhile, I wasn’t surprised by Laura Dern’s win. Had a feeling her horoscope was hot, after seeing her in The Last Jedi and Downsizing (what an apt title for Saturn moving into Capricorn). Her Sun in Aquarius suggests the essense of humanitarianism — albeit quirky and unconventional. Her character in The Last Jedi was absolutely kick-ass, even with soft lavender curls and flowing long gown.  In Downsizing she stole the show covered in bubbles and dripping in diamonds. Ms. Dern’s horoscope has Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Ascendant all in Pisces, and transiting Neptune is on her Ascendant as I type.  That can be dreamy, romantic and magical. Current patterns suggesting she is at the top of her game in whatever pond she swims in would be transiting Saturn at the top of her horoscope, squaring her natal Saturn.

UPDATE:  for the latest on how events in Laura Dern’s life experience are in sync with patterns in her horoscope, check out the AUG/SEP 2019 issue of Mountain Astrologer. My commentary (“Charts in the News”) can be found in the student section.


Have you ever heard of Patricia Douglas? I hadn’t. But a story in the NYT reminds us that:

…when Hollywood’s biggest stars wear black on the Golden Globes red carpet this weekend in solidarity with sexual assault victims, they will do so in part because, many decades ago, Douglas blazed a trail for the uprising we’re seeing today.

Ms. Douglas was raped in 1937 at a stag party hosted by MGM. As a pioneering Aries, she went where no woman had gone before — to court. The studio ultimately prevailed, but it is interesting to note that patterns that were hot in her horoscope back in 1937 were hot in 2003 (when her story was told in Vanity Fair)  — and are hot again now. A movie about her story — Girl 27 — was released in 2007 under Pluto transits to her Venus, Mercury, Mars and Sun — suggesting empowerment. Right now her horoscope (Mar 27 1917 in Missouri)  is experiencing a rare measurement between the Sun and Venus, suggesting she’s due for a bit of appreciation. Ms. Douglas passed away in 2003, but the horoscope lives forever, doncha know.

In other news…

BBC News Editor Quits Her Post to Protest Gender Pay Gap.

In astrology, Jupiter refers to the liver. Mars refers to the head. Pluto refers to regeneration. WaPo ran a story about a daughter donating part of her liver to save her dad, a OB who brought her into the world. The NYT ran a story about new technology behind face transplants.

Avid Readers may recall a post some months ago about the Uranus-Neptune semi-square. This suggests plenty of headlines to come about the potential downside of the urge to merge with technological wonders during the Uranus-Neptune conjunction in the early 90s. Exhibit A: “With Facial Recognition, China Tightens Grip on Society.”  Today there is no Exhibit B, only these assorted random op-ed thoughts, because with all the fire and fury of the past few days, you might have missed them:

  1. While the U.S. is enjoying sub-zero temperatures and  iguanas falling off of trees in Florida, it’s 117 degrees in Sydney.
  2. The P45 administration plans to kick 200,000 refugees from El Salvador out of the country, many of whom have enjoyed protected status for up to a decade.  How does this flow with Speaker Paul Ryan’s recent pronouncment that the solution to America’s problems is for us to have more children? And if we need more children in the country, why not create a path to citizenship for the El Salvadorans who are already here? I bet they have a few children. Insert your own snarky response here. Meanwhile, the push to purge the US of “undesirables” may be seen as a power play in sync with planetary patterns. It may also be seen as the bewildering meltdown of Neptune — currently hot in the U.S. horoscope.
  3. Last week P45’s bogus voter fraud commission headed by Kris Kobach was dissolved. The party line was “states weren’t handing over voter data and the adminstration thought it more important to pay for golf outings that run up legal bills at taxpayer expense.” However, let the record show that Matthew Dunlap — a member of the commission — had been kept out of the loop by the commission and successfully sued in court, demanding that documents and other commission communications be released to him. The commission refused. And now that the commission has been dissolved, the party line is that Mr. Dunlap is not entitled to the documents, because the commission no longer exists. Neptune much? What are they hiding? Here is the latest op-ed by Mr. Dunlap.

Finally — two essential items. First, reflecting the potential of Saturn in Capricorn at the Aries Point, suggesting prominence in Saturn/Capricorn concerns, one of which is depression: “Is Everything You Think You Know About Depression Wrong?”  I appreciate its empowering and transformational (Pluto) perspective. Second, Tarot Diva Beth Owls Daughter’s Card for 2018 is finally posted — brava!

What’s going on in your horoscope? Make a plan for the year in a personal consultation. If your kids  are driving you nuts, dare to understand their needs with greater clarity. You can do that by understanding their horoscope, thus improving your relationships. Here’s the 411 on consultations. 

Thank you for reading this forecast.


Friday 1/5/2018 & the Weekend: Bomb Cyclones and Other Bombshells


With the Moon now in Virgo, it’s time to clean up and/or sort things out in excruciating detail. Think innovation; think expansion; think power surge; think ruthlessness in social expression and values (including money). Think bomb cyclone!

Tonight you can think about wearing rose-colored glasses, carried away in dreams and possible scandal, courtesy of a face-off between Neptune (fog) and the Virgo Moon at 11:37 PM ET.

Earlier posts informed you about the energy surge we’re in now — with two exact aspects happening tomorrow night between Mercury and Uranus; Mars and Jupiter. Do something productive with that physical potential.  You are more affected by the surge if you have a planet or angle around 17 degrees of any sign — or if you were born halfway through any sign, but especially Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius, Leo, Capricorn, Aries, Libra, Cancer.

Moon goes void Saturday night — chill until 7:14 AM ET on SUNDAY, when the Moon enters Libra, seeking fairness and balance. Deal with the wet blanket or other authoritarian advance that hits at 11:09 AM ET, then continue on your productive streak.

Absolutely no sleeping in on MONDAY. It’s power and resources to the max — have you looked at the stock markets lately? Record highs — with the Dow hitting 25,000.   Here are the potent patterns: Sun and Venus in harmony with Jupiter; conjunct Pluto. Mars in harmony with Venus, Sun and Pluto. The symbols of desire, action, power, ego and expansion all in focus and flow. Wow!

Meanwhile, two planets in the U.S. horoscope — Venus and Jupiter — will soon be feeling a streamlining focus, as transiting Saturn in early Capricorn opposes them next week and next month, respectively.  Next year, Saturn will oppose our Cancer Sun and square the U.S. Saturn. Maybe the markets won’t feel the squeeze initially, but a more miserly approach in spending is likely to make headlines, along with a diminishing reach.

And now, the news.

First, from Fox: the average monthly jobs gain in 2017 was 171,000. This is the lowest it’s been since 2010, as you can see from the stats here.  So much for those bogus claims by Certain People of last year’s awesome growth. Gratitude to current planetary patterns reflecting the need to get real.

Second, the “bomb cyclone” of planetary patterns was reflected in record blizzards and freezing temperatures up and down the East Coast. “In Florida, Iguanas are Freezing and Falling Out of Trees,” says USA Today. Meanwhile, Michael Wolff’s bombshell of a book — The Fire and the Fury — was rushed into stores four days ahead of schedule.  Mr. Wolff says he has much of the material on tape — but even today (on Today in fact), he admits to one strategy of bending the truth in order to achieve an objective (a potential noted in the last forecast). Still…for this book to be published at this time, one would think there would be consequences, beyond headlines proclaiming, “Everyone in Trumpworld Knows He’s an Idiot.”  Well?

UPDATE: on P45. When Uranus turned direct on Monday, it impacted his Venus (social expression, money, values, women) and Saturn (ambition, fear, control). This suggests, to quote astrologer Noel Tyl, “tension in relationship; jealousies; split-off affairs; arguments; possible separation.” Cue big split with Steve Bannon, now. Wow! Fun fact: Mercury is still in Sagittarius, and you know what that suggests: on the downside, sloppy thinking. Mercury just made contact with P45’s opinionated Sagittarius Moon. Result: a new nickname for Mr. Bannon — “Sloppy Steve.” Well, Mr. Bannon is a Sagittarius. If the shoe fits…

The New Moon on January 16th will again activate the potential for relationship tensions and breaks noted above. Dates to watch for action and intense emotion are the 15th, 21st and 25th — give or take a day.  On February  15th, we will have a solar eclipse that activates whatever was brought up in the aftermath of the Great American Eclipse last August. This happens at 27 Aquarius, opposing his Leo Mars and Ascendant. Marking February 24th-ish for notable action.

A need for heavy thoughts kicks in by mid-March through May, courtesy of transiting Saturn (control) opposing P45’s Mercury. That can feel isolating/depressing, and it returns for a final hit at the end of the year. Humming along in tandem with the heavy thoughts is a tense pattern between transiting Saturn (ambition, fear, control) and his Neptune (vision, deception, fog). This can be bewildering. Building to a peak in June we see a need for risk and excitement —  for better or for worse. From his perspective, it will likely feel exuberant and indulgent, given corroborating patterns exact on his birthday.  Save for a measurement suggesting a mental buzz in August, the horoscope is free of exact major patterns for the rest of the summer into mid-October, which is….curious.

May this outline of activity and potential in P45’s horoscope serve as a useful perspective for whatever comes across the wires. To be continued.


UPDATE: VP Mike Pence — birth time unknown; here’s what we do know. Born in 1959, he will have his second Saturn return this year. Time to take stock of achievements and ambition over the past 29 years and let go of what no longer serves. Hmm. Here’s the latest from CNN: “Top Pence Aides Quietly Depart in New Year.” There may be a push to take on greater responsibility and authority; a new lease on life. His success will depend on the integrity of what he accomplished in the past three decades. Also signficant: transiting Neptune challenging his Gemini Sun. This suggests a need for vision, for better or for worse. He may be called upon to be an inspiration or a victim —  and the experience may be bewildering. Fascinating to have this transit activated during a Saturn return. The latter demands getting real.

UPDATE: Jeff Sessions. Prior posts have noted how strong Neptune is in his horoscope, even without an exact birth time. His Capricorn Sun and Mars are in a tense square to the planet of “things not being as they seem,” and it is possibly that his Capricorn Moon is, too. Neptune, as you know, refers to drugs, spirits, fantasy, scandal, vision, oil. Right now his Capricorn Sun and Mars are feeling the weight of transiting Saturn upon them. On the upside (for him, anyway) we see the potential for an ambitious advance — and this week, this need was seen in a reversal of an Obama-era policy in which federal prosecutors took a hands-off approach in states that legalized marijuana. Pot is not legal under federal law. On the downside (for him), we see legislators demanding he resign; not being invited to sit at the Cool Kids Table —  and talk of Scott Pruitt taking his place. 

UPDATE: Scott Pruitt. His horoscope suggests a fresh start in career matters, as speculated months ago in at least one mainstream publication.  We also see the potential for expansion and extraordinary effort, for better or for worse.

UPDATE: NYT columnist Gail Collins. Her horoscope was under the heavy transit of Saturn on her Mercury all last year (and noted here). Her usually cheerful op-eds were often stripped of buoyancy — and who could blame her. But now that Saturn has moved past her Mercury at 22 Sag, she is back to her cheerful self, as you can see in this week’s zippy piece: “My Button’s Bigger Than Yours.”

UPDATE: David Letterman, whose horoscope we’ve been following since 2014. He’s back with a new show premiering next week, and the timing is perfect. Pluto is sitting right at the top of his Capricorn MC, squaring his Aries Sun. He’s ready for an empowering change of perspective in public status. And power is the theme of the new show, entitled My Next Guest Needs No Introduction. His first guest is President Barack Obama, whose horoscope is scheduled for expansive outreach to the public.  Did you catch his interview with Prince Harry?

Other news —  another bomb cyclone, frankly — combined with the technological disruptions of Uranus turning direct:

On Wednesday, a group of security experts revealed two security flawsthat affect nearly all microprocessors, the digital brains of the world’s computers. These flaws, called Meltdown and Spectre, could allow hackers to lift passwords, photos, documents and other data from smartphones, PCs and the cloud computing services that many businesses rely on.

Here’s the full piece from the NYT, including what you need to do about it.

What’s going on in your horoscope? Astrologers are like dentists, doncha’ know. Check in with us every six months to a year — and whenever you have a burning question. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Have a great weekend — and thank you for reading this forecast.





Wednesday & Thursday 1/3-4/2018: Assorted Updates; Reading Between the Lines

Allll righty then!

The Moon is promenading through regal Leo, where it has been since 2:22 AM ET. A Leo Moon needs constant love love love — as anyone who has ever been involved with someone with a Leo Moon knows. From now until the end of the day on THURSDAY, find ways to help others shine, even if it’s a simple compliment.  Note the potential for pageantry and royal edicts. Indulge in a creative project — something fun and festive.

There are no exact aspects to the Moon today, but tomorrow morning starts off on an expansive and assertive streak, for better or for worse. Note the headlines in the hours just before and after 4:34 AM ET and 6:34 AM ET, when the Leo Moon will clash with aggressive Mars and bigly Jupiter, respectively. Thursday afternoon has an easier flow, faciliting innovation in thought and communication. Chill after 6:10 PM ET, when the Moon goes void…not to enter Virgo until 3:12 AM ET on FRIDAY.

Two patterns that may make things feel larger than life this week are 1) the aftermath of Monday’s Big Ginormous Supermoon in Cancer; and 2) the meet-up of Mars (action) in big big Jupiter on SATURDAY 7:39 PM ET. Next week has still more potency, suggested by banner patterns on the 8th, all suggesting a rare spirit of cooperation and communication. The next day brings the Sun’s annual meet-up with “power and resources” Pluto, joined this year by Venus (money, women, art, social expression).  Take note of initiatives launched over the next several days, including the bigly “Bomb Cyclone,” heading for the East Coast as I type.

And now, the news.

Uranus turned direct yesterday. We could expect headlines involving jolts, shocks, aviation and astrology. Exhibit A:  P45’s stunning Tweet in which he takes credit for yet another year of zero deaths on commercial airlines.  Exhibit B: immigration computers at U.S. airports crashed.  Exhibit C: for the third time in recent weeks, the NYT publishes a story about astrology: “How Astrology Took Over the Internet” .  Congratulations, NYT for once again being in synch with planetary patterns, even if your reporter comes across as a bit of a skeptic.

UPDATE:  Orrin Hatch (R-UT), whose horoscope hit a high point for honor and status in August, as discussed here.  It seems it’s been all downhill from there. A potential streamlining and/or gravitas occurred in December, courtesy of transiting Saturn on his Sun and Moon — on the prominent Aries Point. Of course he’s going to be making headlines now.  Next up: the third hit of his Uranus return and transiting Uranus square his 26 Cancer Ascendant, suggesting potential liberation — and likely a change of status, as suggested in that not-so flattering editorial in his local newspaper (and reported here last week).  Mr. Hatch announced he will not seek re-election to the Senate this year. But don’t worry, with transiting Pluto squaring his Jupiter all year, he’ll still have access to plenty of power and resources.

UPDATE: Mitt Romney, whose horoscope has been a frequent topic over the years. Is 2018 the year for him to run for Hatch’s seat? Well, gosh golly gee, his horoscope looks like he’s due for a windfall opportunity, significant recognition and an intense manifestation of his Moon in Scorpio need for power and control; depth and substance.  And the measurements suggesting that potential are above and beyond transiting Jupiter meeting up with his natal Moon and Jupiter on October 28th. It’s interesting to note that the last time he tossed his hat into the ring, visionary/foggy Neptune was in a challenging pattern to his Gemini Ascendant, and it made itself known in the news. If he goes for it this year, Neptune will be on Mercury, his Ascendant ruler. This suggests a need for vision in communication and thoughts, for better or for worse. Hmmm.

Neptune is hot this week, in harmony with the Sun and Venus. Paint it rosy, peaceful and artsy. That would be the upside, as in “77-Year-Old Ballerina Inspires Others to Pursue Their Dreams” — it’s a BBC video. Love it! Add in the shock of Uranus turning direct, and keep your fingers crossed at this peaceful initiative: “North Korea Calls South Korea Hotline in Diplomatic Breakthrough.”  Here’s another one: “The Pianist of the Resistance Captures a Surprise Award” . Or this: “China’s Saxophone Capital Transfixed by Kenny G.”  Kenny G? Sure, why not?

Also reflecting Neptune, but in a broader sense — and specifically, Neptune in Pisces: pot is now legal in California. As anticipated back in 2012, when Neptune first entered Pisces, drugs are becoming more accepted and also more problematic (opioid crisis; pharma prices through the roof). Here’s a post from 2012 about what went down the last time Neptune was in Pisces, starting in 1847.

UPDATE: Steve Bannon. Boy did he make headlines today. In a new book by Michael Wolff called Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White HouseBannon reportedly called P45 Jr.’s infamous meeting with the Russians “treasonous.” Clearly there is something provocative going on in Mr. Bannon’s horoscope, right? Of course there is. If it’s not in the horoscope, it’s not in the headlines. Exact today, transiting Mars (action! aggression!) is sitting right on top of his Mercury in  Scorpio. Yeah, that’s potentially provocative. He could also be attacked. Astrology is amazing.

The White House issued a response to Mr. Bannon’s quoted remarks, directly “from the President of the United States,” which began:

When he was fired, he not only lost his job, he lost his mind…

…which, as always,  immediately made me think of a textbook definition of psychological projection:

1) An unconscious self-defence mechanism characterised by a person unconsciously attributing their own issues onto someone or something else as a form of delusion and denial…

But Wolff’s book is so provocative, WaPo wonders if we should believe it:

A provocateur and media polemicist, Wolff has a penchant for stirring up an argument and pushing the facts as far as they’ll go, and sometimes further than they can tolerate, according to his critics. He has been accused of not just re-creating scenes in his books and columns, but of creating them wholesale.

Do we see that potential in Wolff’s horoscope (born Aug 27, 1953 — time unknown — somewhere in New Jersey)?

Just look at the dark blue triangle linking planets at the top of this chart (not a fully-calculated horoscope, mind you — just the lay out of the planets on that day). The apex of the dark blue triangle is Mercury and Pluto exactly conjunct — suggesting a persuasive and incisive mindset. They are in Leo — we anticipate drama! The two are in an easy flow with expansive Jupiter in blahblahblah Gemini (on the right), and in another easy flow with Saturn (real) and Neptune (unreal) on the left. Hmm.

If Mercury (how one needs to think) were in a hard pattern with Neptune (vision, deception, fog), it would suggest a mindset that would be more likely to have issues separating fact from fiction (P45 has a hard aspect between Mercury and Neptune — and it is the only aspect to Mercury in the horoscope). For Mr. Wolff, the provocative, blunt, take-no-prisoners conjunction between Mercury and Pluto is softened by its contact with Neptune, suggesting sensitivity, idealism and potentially a bit of poetic license — but what a page-turner.

What does your horoscope suggest about how you need to think and communicate? How is it different from the way your partner needs to think…or your children? Do any of you have the potential to write the Great American Novel? If so, when? These and other compelling concerns can all be addressed in a personal astrological consultation. Here’s how to contact me.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

Monday 1/1/2018: Happy New Year! Sneak Peek at the Week

…and a very Happy New Year to you!

2018 begins with a surge of energy focused on home/emotional security needs. The Moon is waxing full in Cancer, exact at 9:24 PM ET. It is a Supermoon — closer to Earth and bigger than usual. Look up — you can’t miss it. The Full Moon happens at 11 degrees of Cancer — close to the 13 Cancer Sun in the U.S. horoscope.

The Full Moon isn’t the only planetary pattern suggesting a big energetic release. As I type, rebel Uranus is at a standstill — about to turn direct on TUESDAY at 9:11 AM ET.  What does that mean? When a planet is retrograde, the energy it represents is best expressed by turning inward, instead of outward. With Uranus, it suggests a need to be free from limits that are self-imposed.

When direct, Uranus suggests a rebellion against the status quo set by others.  Time to take to the streets? This is what is happening now in Iran. Watch for bigger-than-usual news regarding independence, rebellion, originality and revelations. Seismic shocks, technological breakthroughs, accidents and aviation are also potentials. Right now I’m reading about two deadly plane crashes: one in Sydney, Australia; another in Costa Rica. Each one claimed the lives of a family of five — among others.  Here’s one reflecting a sudden break for freedom: Nigerian Army Says 700 Captives Have Escaped, 

You are more likely to feel this buzz of Uranus changing direction if you have a planet or angle around 24 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. Consult your local astrologer for details.

But wait, there’s more. Here’s are this week’s highlights:

TUESDAY 1/2: Sun is in harmony with Neptune, facilitating a need for a vision and ease of action in matters referring to drugs, fantasy, oil, healing, dreams — the usual Neptune keywords.  Here’s a healing one: The Wall of Love Outside a Jail. At 8:43 AM ET, the Cancer Moon is opposed by Pluto, suggesting a power play or cathasis. Moon clashes with Uranus at 5:46 PM ET, suggesting an upset or outburst. Moon goes void at 5:46 PM ET — chill, chill, chill.

WEDNESDAY 1/3: Moon enters regal Leo at 2:22 AM ET, looking for love and recognition. The only exact aspect is a lovely flow between Venus (women, money, social expression, art) and Neptune (ideals, vision), exact at 12:39 AM ET. This suggests potential to make beautiful music together — and an apt aspect to have in a formal launch of this: Powerful Hollywood Women Unveil Anti-Harassment Action Plan.  These next two aspects are apt, too:

SATURDAY 1/6:  Action — big, bold, physical, sexual and expansive — is a potential humming in the background all week, suggested by an exact meet-up between Mars (action!) and Jupiter (expansion!) in ruthlessly efficient Scorpio. An innovative — likely humanitarian and/or technological — approach is faciliated by a harmony between Mercury (mindset) and Uranus.

Next week we’ll have still more planetary patterns suggesting bold initiatives, ruthlessly executed. Do you have a project you’re launching within the next couple of weeks? Go for it. The only thing that’s missing from this intense flow is the element of Air. Who has time to talk about issues when’s there’s so much that needs to be done? Air refers to intellect and debate. With no planets in Air Signs until after January 18th, watch for people acting as if  they’ve actually done their homework.

A couple of decades from now it will be interesting to see how the children born this month are acting on their extraordinary potential to make things happen. If I knew anyone who is  due to give birth this month, I’d gift her with a consultation about her newborn’s horoscope.

Stay tuned to this channel for more news and observations about planetary patterns . I will be doing a lengthy post about what we can expect in 2018 — a year of significant planetary shifts.  I planned to do it today until I read Beth Owl’s Daughter’s wonderfully wise New Year’s post and thought, “Well. Allllllrighty then!”

For insights on what 2018 suggests for you in your own personal world, now is the time to schedule that personal consultation. Astrologers are like dentists, doncha’ know —  annual check ups are a very good thing.

I leave you with two more gems. At the end of every year, the NYT publishes “The Lives They Lived” — a tribute to a dozen or so extraordinary people who passed away that year. I always find these stories inspiring. Also inspiring: the latest annual installment of a series begun a few years ago — Want to Be Happy? Think Like an Old Person. Every year the reporter checks in on several New Yorkers who are over 85 (the fastest-growing group in America). With Saturn in Capricorn for the next few years, we’ll be paying more attention to this demographic. Enjoy.

Thank you for reading this forecast.