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Friday 12/28/2018 & the Weekend: Courage, Action and Fog (Mars and Neptune)


The Virgo Moon is void as of 11:27 AM ET. Focus on routine organizing concerns and roll with the twists and flakes that may disrupt your efforts to move forward in a straight line. From my experience, Moon voids are excellent times for writing, including writing these forecasts. Go figure.

At 3:23 PM ET, Moon enters Libra, shifting the day’s need to one of people-pleasing, fairness and diplomacy. A harmony between Venus (money, aesthetics, women) and Pluto (power, resources) at 4:27 PM ET might reflect a bit of balance that may be back in markets. For now.

SATURDAY begins with the Third Quarter Moon at 4:34 AM ET. Whatever illumination received from last week’s Full Moon gets a push or a shove. At 10:41 AM ET, squares Saturn, suggesting an authoritarian advance or wet blanket. Spirits may be lifted minutes later by a harmony with expansive Jupiter at 11 AM ET.

SUNDAY morning is notable for Moon’s weekly clash with Pluto at 3:23 AM ET. Power play or emotional catharsis? Watch the headlines. Moon’s weekly clash with Uranus occurs at 5:53 PM ET, suggesting a disruption of the status quo. Moon then goes void until 5:53 PM ET, when it plunges into the emotional depths of Scorpio.

The Scorpio need for depth, substance and control continues through MONDAY. If you are working today, your quest for world domination is supported by an easy flow among the Moon and Sun-Saturn (will power; authority/structure), exact between 2:46 PM and 5:09 PM ET. New Year’s Eve may be magical enough, with Moon in harmony with Neptune at 10:11 PM ET. However, the potential for action and assertion — for better or worse — can’t be discounted, as warrior Mars leaves Pisces for Aries at 9:20 PM ET. Action involving power and resources (think: megabucks) would be one potential, as Mars will be in touch with a midpoint between Jupiter and Pluto. Action with unintended consequences (think: shipwreck) would be another potential, as Mars is also in touch with the fixed star Scheat (affectionately known as sh*t). Judging from the previous link, Harvey Weinstein, Rudy Giuliani and Julian Assange should be making news any minute now.

The rest of the first week of 2019 is action-packed: New Moon (with an eclipse), the annual Sun-Saturn conjunction — and more! Stay tuned to this channel for continuing updates.

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And now, the news.

Mostly a lot of Mars (action, aggression) demanding prominence at the Aries Point, and especially in the “it’s the end of the world as we know it” sign of Pisces.

In other news…

UPDATE: on Michelle Obama, who is now the most admired woman in the U.S., replacing Hillary Clinton. Not surprising at all, given what’s going on in her horoscope. File this under “told ya so” back in 2016.

UPDATE: on Kevin Spacey, whose name truly reflects planetary patterns in his horoscope (birth time unconfirmed). How so? An exact square between his Leo Sun and spacey Neptune, that’s how so. Things are not as they seem. The structures of Mr. Spacey’s reality are dissolving, suggested by 1) an eclipse to his Leo Sun at the end of July; and 2) his natal Saturn (reality) under the dissolving influence of Neptune (exact on January 13th). On Monday, the Boston Globe reported that he was to be arraigned on charges of felony sexual assault. The arraignment is scheduled to happen at 11 AM on  January 7th, in Nantucket, MA. Neptune (surreal, film, delusion) is all over this case, as apparently there is video evidence. Not only that, but Mr. Spacey’s surreal response to the charges was to post a video of himself as Frank Underwood, his killed-off character from “House of Cards.” And this was after saying nothing on social media for over a years. Ready? All together now: “Weeeeeeeeeiiiiiiird!” Astro students, guess what’s on the ascendant of the chart for the arraignment? Neptune. Weird!

Also under the influence of Neptune: Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed al-Maktoum, the Emirati princess whose effort to escape Dubai failed under a Sun-Neptune meet-up on March 4th. She was “seized on a yacht off the coast of India”, never to be heard from again. Then a British documentary about her escape aired in the UK earlier this month– on a Sun-Neptune square (see a pattern here?). This week, photos were published of the princess having a casual meal with Mary Robinson, the former UN high commissioner on human rights and president of Ireland. Not everyone is buying the “everything’s fine” story line.

Sheikha Latifa was born in Dubai on December 6th, 1985 — no birth time available. She’s a Sagittarius, driven by a perfection-seeking Virgo Moon. Skydiving is one of her passions, and we see that need for risk and excitement in the Sun-Uranus conjunction in her horoscope (and possibly a Moon-Uranus square, too).  Her Neptune is at the Aries Point, suggesting vision, scandal, idealism and other Neptune themes are likely to be prominent. Depression would be something to watch out for, with Mercury (mindset) and Venus (affection) in a tight meet-up with controlling Saturn.

In the documentary it was revealed that the princess began planning her escape seven years ago. That’s when transiting Pluto in Capricorn met up with her natal Neptune in 2010, supercharging a dream (of escape?). Then transiting Uranus grabbed the torch and carried it into 2012.  Meanwhile, transiting Neptune squared her Mercury, Venus and Saturn in the first half of the 2010s.  More magical thinking, along with a potential meltdown of her reality (compare this with Kevin Spacey’s current Neptune-Saturn meltdown). The princess launched her disappearing act as transiting Neptune squared her boundary-pushing Sagittarius Sun all through 2017 and early 2018. With Neptune now moving away from her Sun, the fog has lifted — sort of — with those photos of Mrs. Robinson (!??!) as evidence of her presence in the material world. I suspect she has a big change in store in 2019, given patterns in her horoscope. Wish we had a birth time.

Here are a few happier Neptune-themed stories, i.e., without potentially victimized fairytale princesses. They reflect Monday’s square between Mercury (mindset) and Neptune (make-believe):

What’s Neptune doing in your horoscope? Setting you up for a new creative passion or dream? Neptune is one of the most challenging energies to manage in the material world. That’s why it’s good to know when it’s pulling focus in your life.

Thank you for reading this forecast.




Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 2/16/2016: Sneak Peek at a Short Week; Justice Scalia, RIP; Venus in Aquarius

Good Morning!

We’re off to the start of a four-day work week, one with no major aspects (trines, sextiles, oppositions, squares or conjunctions) among the planets, except for planets making contact with the Moon. Does a week of relatively quiet activity suggest nothing dramatic will happen? I used to think that was a logical expectation, but now I think of these planetary lulls as giant shelves of ice in the Antarctic. They’re there — all solid and stable. And then a big chunk just falls into the sea, with no visible alert. We shall see.

The Moon is still  in Gemini, buzzing around, sharing information.  It is challenged by an opposition from taskmaster Saturn at 12:10PM ET.  A downer or an ambitious reach, maybe a combination of both.  Innovative connections and communications are favored in the afternoon, courtesy of an easy connection between Moon and Uranus at 4:30PM ET. Information overload may set in as the Moon squares Jupiter at 10:02PM ET.

At 11:17PM ET, Venus leaves status-conscious Capricorn for the much more egalitarian sign of Aquarius. Huzzah for you if you happen to be an Aquarius, as your dance card may be fuller between now and March 12th, when Venus enters Pisces. “I love you, but don’t take it personally” is immediately understood by people with many planets in Aquarius, an airy, mental sign which so deeply understands and values friendship. Who’s yer buddy? Venus is Aquarius is happy to help.

On Wednesday, Moon goes void at 11:37AM ET and enters Cancer at 2:24PM ET. On Thursday evening the Moon makes its weekly clash with Pluto and Uranus at 8:34PM ET and 10:42PM ET, respectively. Upsets, power plays and other excitement that may disrupt and/or empower our need for emotional and/or home security — or at least make headlines.

Sun leaves Aquarius for Pisces at 12:34AM ET on FRIDAY. Moon goes void at 9:36AM for the whole business day. Stick to routine. Party time begins at 9:17PM ET, when the Moon enters drama queen Leo. TGIF! That’s the lay of the astrological land this week — march forward with your plans for world domination.

And now the news.

We’re sure to be yakking about Monday night’s Grammys, given the Moon’s challenge to Neptune (music and glamour) at 1:15AM ET Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the story dominating headlines — at least in the US — was the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. Justice Scalia was found dead — presumably of natural causes in his sleep — at a luxury resort in Texas, where he had been invited to join a private hunting party. We should all be so lucky to spend our last day on Earth doing what we love.

Weird, because in the draft of my last forecast, I mentioned Justice Scalia — then edited it out. I first wrote about his horoscope in 2011, when he rear-ended another car on his way to work. I thought for sure I’d noted in 2013/4 how empowered and daring his need for assertive action would likely become in 2014 & 2015, with transiting Uranus and Pluto supercharging his natal Mars at 14 Aries.  Can’t find the post to link, alas. Question is might there have been any other astrological measurements that might suggest a potential health concern? Plenty of books  have been written about astrology and health. They are fascinating to read.

Perhaps you recall in my last post — about Michael Moore’s sudden bout with the flu — that Mr. Moore had transiting Mars in Scorpio making a stressful aspect with his Leo Ascendant. This can suggest an outburst of energy that results in a health event. The Ascendant refers to one of the health markers in a horoscope. Justice Scalia had a similar pattern — between his directed Ascendant and his natal Mars — and this has been in effect for months, not just a few days.  Mars in is Justice Scalia’s sixth house and rules it, too. The sixth is another reference to health in a horoscope, among others. Caveat: Mars-Ascendant aspects can also suggest a more productive release of energy, such as beginning a new exercise regime.

Interesting to note that on Friday, February 12th, Justice Scalia had the second hit of transiting Jupiter in Virgo opposing his natal 21 Pisces Sun. In recent days he had transiting Jupiter square his natal Jupiter at 23 Sagittarius. Jupiter refers to expansion — for better or for worse. The Sun refers to the heart and vitality. Back in December and early January, you may recall that Jupiter was at a virtual standstill at 23 Virgo, preparing to turn retrograde. We could imagine him being overextended, and in conflict with another measurement (Saturn square Saturn), suggesting a need for limits and control.

Interesting to note the Moon was in Aries on the 12th, traveling through his Sixth House. It would have crossed his Descendant and squared Pluto during the night. I can’t remember which one of my teachers opined that the Ascendant represents the point where the soul enters the body; the Descendant is where the soul exits. Interesting thought. There are other measurements I could note in Justice Scalia’s horoscope which add to the suggestion of a health concern, but you get the idea.  And “suggestion” and “potential” are the operative words.  Modern medicine, with its miracle drugs and technology, has a funny way of helping people survive health crises that would have been fatal in years past — a good thing, don’t you think?

Did you know that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Justice Scalia were the best of friends? An odd coupling, and on opposite sides of the political spectrum, but there you have it. Something to think about with Venus entering Aquarius later tonight. Here is Justice Ginsberg’s tribute to Scalia. How interesting that they were both born with the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Scorpio.

Meanwhile, in Barack Obama’s horoscope, we see transiting Mars about to challenge Uranus, the ruler of his Ascendant this week…and then it will make the first of three conjunctions to his Midheaven (status, career) on March 2…with the rest on May 30th and July 30th. Rest assured he will take action. Last week’s New Moon at 20 Aquarius conjoined his Ascendant; Mars exactly squared it. The battle is on — and I’d argue the surreal meltdown potential of it all is related to transiting Neptune squaring the U.S. Ascendant, as I’ve noted many times before. Neptune-Ascendant phases can be surreal, disorienting, bewildering. Here are some thoughts…and here are some others.

UPDATE: on those nifty gravitational waves from last week. Avid Reader Katya sent me this cool BBC link with more info, (if you’re still not clear what the fuss is all about) and these deep thoughts:

I would love to hear some of these astronomers muse open-mindedly about the subtle physical waves/effects of planets in our system…I’d think the gravity ripples “unchanged” throughout space, would lead one to reconsider the typical divide between astrology & physics …

I would like to hear musings about subtle physical waves and astrology, too. There is so much we do not know. Until then, I see astrology as a symbolic language which conveys information about time and space. No idea why it works with such accuracy. But it does.

UPDATE: George W. Bush, whose horoscope we expected would become more empowered in 2016, as transiting Pluto moves on to square his 16 Libra Moon, did in fact hit the campaign trail on behalf of his brother, Jeb!

NEW TOPIC: Thanks to Avid Reader Nick, who thoughtfully sent in this item reflecting the diet-consciousness of Jupiter’s sojourn through Virgo: a supermarket offering healthy food at affordable prices. Meanwhile, did you see that last week France made it illegal for supermarkets to throw out unsold food? Now it must be donated. Tres bien fait!

PSA of the Day:  if you’ve been following this forecast for several months, you know I’ve mentioned The China Study  a number of times.  In October I decided to switch to a mostly all-plant diet. Consider it my Jupiter in Virgo new & improved diet experiment. Protocols: no meat and fish. Maybe an egg a few times a month — good to have a source of vitamin B-12. Goat cheese on occasion. Won’t give up half & half in my coffee/tea, wine, plain yogurt or chocolate. More important, no oils — including olive oil and olives. Result: I now weigh what I weighed in high school. Don’t feel deprived at all. Stunned to see how much flavor food has when it is not cooked in oil or butter! Now I saute in vegetable broth — it’s delish! Clean-up is so much easier without the grease. I know this regime may not be for everyone, but if you have questions, feel free to email me…

…and please reach out if you are dying to know what’s going on in your horoscope! We will have such an excellent discussion together.  Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.  If we have not spoken in over a year, you’re due for a check-up. Yes, astrologers are like dentists. Book your six-month and yearly cleanings, count on us to be there for you when you are going through a cosmic root canal. Oh — and if you just love this forecast and would like to let me know how much you appreciate its value, donations are always welcome, with much, much gratitude.

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Thank you for reading this forecast.

jupiter nasa travel poster



Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 12/2/2014: Thoughts on Saturn in Scorpio & Sagittarius

Alllll-righty, then!

Unless there’s a challenging pattern happening in your own unique horoscope, I can’t think of a single reason not to feel inspired and ready to take on the world this morning. The Moon in Aries is certainly up for a fresh initiative, supported by warm and easy connections from Venus and Jupiter, which are generally considered to be fortunate when so positively aligned. Up and at ’em…..with the caveat being that as we get closer to 9:42PM ET, tensions may build to a fleeting release or spat, as the me-me-me Aries Moon is challenged by action hero Mars in Establishment Capricorn. That’s also when the Moon goes void with a sigh, suggesting you not make a mountain out of a molehill, if that’s what you stumble across. It’ll settle down once the Moon enters Taurus at 12:15AM ET on Wednesday, looking to build something solid out of the inspiration that hit you earlier in the week.

Other notes for the week, which I neglected to mention yesterday: Full Moon in Gemini early Saturday, at 7:27AM ET. That’ll shed light on whatever you launched two weeks ago. Also, be advised that Jupiter, planet of expansion — and sometimes excess — is slowing to a stop and will turn retrograde on the afternoon of Dec 8th (Monday). If you’ve got a planet or angle around 22 degrees of Leo, Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius, I’ll wager themes of expansion, abundance and/or excess are up for you all month — how lucky for you. If you don’t know what degrees your planets are at, consider ordering the Really Useful Astro-Basics Report, which I’ll send to you along with a photo-quality rendition of your horoscope against a deep blue background of bright stars. That would make a nice holiday gift, too — as would a hand-crafted gift certificate for a personal astro-logical consultation.

And now, the news.

Just a couple of observations on a few stories that have made headlines as Saturn makes its way through the last degrees of Scorpio. You may remember Saturn started this journey just over two years ago. At that time I anticipated we’d see stories about the nitty-gritty consequences of sexual energy, death and money (debt) capturing our attention in often awful detail. And sure enough, for two years we’ve seen more than the usual share of stories of rape and other forms of sexual assault and harassment, along with abortion, contraception, crushing debt, death penalty fiascoes, assisted suicide, etc.

Once Saturn made its way halfway through Scorpio, which it did this summer, we could expect to see some changing attitudes about these issues, as we collectively integrated the harsh reality check Saturn implies. Now Saturn is at 27 degrees of Scorpio. How have things changed since Saturn started this journey? Yesterday it was reported that two male Princeton students were removed from their officer posts at an exclusive social club after circulating emails containing derogatory (a mild way of putting it) material about women.  Elsewhere, University of Virginia took action after Rolling Stone published an investigative story about rapes on campus. In Pennsylvania, the president of Lincoln University was ousted after making certain comments about sexual assault in a convocation address to women students. In Los Angeles, an ex-boyfriend is going to jail for posting nude pictures of his former girlfriend online in a case of “revenge porn”. And allegations of rape against Bill Cosby aren’t going away any time soon, with consequences. As of yesterday, Mr. Cosby is no longer on the Board of Trustees at Temple University (with more consequences to follow in 2015, planetary patterns would suggest).

These are just a few examples of Saturn in Scorpio concerns, and we clearly have a long way to go. But these stories do reflect a shift, and it’s a start. Saturn will enter Sagittarius on December 23rd. It will move back into Scorpio June 15th and stay until September 18th, so we’ll see more of these kinds of headlines then.  What can we expect from Saturn in Sagittarius? Briefly, a reality check on collective belief systems, foreigners, travel, education, religion, broadcasting and the law, to mention a few possibilities.

To be continued…